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"The boss needs to know a lot of things, the operation of the enterprise includes all aspects, such as your home is to do electrical appliances, an air conditioning accessories is good or bad, what material should be used for the electrical shell, ABS?"? HIPS? How about the daily increase of material rice? Is the price reported reasonable? Should it be approved? Product positioning is low-end or middle-end, high-end, facing what kind of crowd? Is the salary adjustment plan reported by the personnel department reasonable? How about the income and expenditure of the financial statement and how to look at the statement? Huang Qifeng is said by him the head is big: "These give the person below to look not to get." Teng Chong played him again: "That's right. These things are made by the employees at the bottom. You may not know how to make plans and statements, but you have to understand how to look at them. Also, you are the boss. You can delegate some rights, but it is impossible to delegate all rights. Otherwise, what do you do when you are the boss?"? It is better to hire a professional manager with a high salary to manage the company. Whether it is good or bad, you are always idle. If the enterprise is closed down by a professional manager, you don't have to worry about it. Huang Qi Feng rubbed and scratched the door, curled his lips and said, "Well, I know Teacher Teng, can you change the way of corporal punishment?" Teng Chong stretched out his hand, and Huang Qifeng thought he was going to be shot in the forehead again. He closed his eyes and faced death unflinchingly, which made Teng Chong laugh. "Look at the picture. If you learn well, the teacher will be rewarded." As soon as Curly heard this,horse weight tape, he cheered up, looked at the plan attentively, and followed Mr. Teng to learn. Every time Teng Chong reviewed a document, he explained to him in detail the interests involved. As the documents were reviewed one by one, the time ticked to one o'clock in the morning. The eyes of the little curly hair stared round from the beginning to half closed, and finally there was only one seam left. So, I don't usually give documents like this. In the middle of Teng Chong's words,Wheel tape measure, a golden plush head rested on his shoulder, and the little curly hair was so sleepy that he couldn't open his eyes. Huang Chiffon. Teng Chong called twice and did not respond. He had no choice but to carry him on his back and put him on the bed in the lounge. He pinched his face with envy and jealousy and said, "You really eat well and sleep well." Then he went back to deal with the rest of the documents, lifted the quilt and just lay down, a warm body came over, washed hair with a soft and refreshing smell, big head buried in Teng Chong's arms, around Teng Chong's waist, and took his hand on his back to make a hug gesture. Teng Chong closed his eyes, raised his lips, tightened his curly hair, rubbed his chin on the curly hair, and fell asleep with peace of mind. In his dream, he seemed to dream that the yellow chiffon had turned into a big curly golden retriever. The wet innocent dog looked at him, wagging his big tail, Surveyors tape measure ,Horse weight lbs, and licked him as soon as he saw him. But the golden curly dog was a little heavy, which made him breathless. …… "Well.." Teng Chong opened his eyes in a daze and found that his lips and tongue were blocked and he could only breathe hard through his nose. Huang Chiffon separated his lips and kissed them down. Teng Chong said, "Well." With a cry, he pushed his head away and shouted, "Chiffon!" Little Curly looked at him with grievance and rubbed his leg somewhere. He said with grievance, "Chong Chong, I seem to be sick. Although I used to be like this in the morning, I have been like this every day since I met you. Will I die?" Not to mention the little curly hair, Teng Chong was also suffering at the moment. Something that was easy to stand at attention in the morning was rising even more. Reason and desire were fighting in Teng Chong's mind. He said in a hoarse voice, "You go down first." Small curly hair does not follow, continue to kiss him, hot lips and tongues swept in, Teng Chong sighed silently in his mind, holding him turned over, fierce kiss back, just, this time eat small curly hair back. When Teng Chong came back to consciousness and found himself lying on the bed under pressure, he turned around and shouted in disbelief: "Huang Chiffon!" Holding a can of face cream, Huang Chiffon asked him curiously, "This should be OK, right?"? Is this the way to do it? Like you taught me last time? Once again, Teng Chong, who had been eaten dry and wiped clean, lay feebly on the pillow and gasped for breath. The reason behind the worm's head came back. Teng Chong regretted how he could not control that thing! Little Curly took him to the bathroom to wash, while helping him clean up while kissing and touching, and soon the situation was out of control. From then on, Huang Qifeng would return to China for a few days every month, euphemistically calling it learning business knowledge from Teng Chong, but actually eating all Teng's tofu. Like an ordinary young couple, they went shopping, watched movies, dated and loved each other. When they returned to the company to discuss the operation of the company, their feelings gradually warmed up. Teng Chong felt as if he had burned out his brain, as if he had returned to the days when he was in love when he was more than ten years old. He wished he could spend 48 hours a day with Huang Qifeng. In the secretarial office of Teng Huang Group, several secretaries are quietly discussing: "Mr. Teng has been exercising very frequently recently. He didn't go to the gym once in ten days and a half months before. Last month, he suddenly asked me to get him a fitness card." "Yes, the previous interviews were usually held at 7 P. M. to take clients to dinner, but now they have to step back because Teng always wants to work out." "Exaggeratively, a few days ago, several Canadian guests made an appointment. Mr. Teng asked me to meet directly in the gym. The Canadian guests even thought Mr. Teng was interesting and signed the contract directly!" When Teng Chong passed by, the corner of his eye twitched and he coughed: "Cough!" The people in the secretarial office were frightened. All the things to be examined and approved are brought in, and I'm going out in the afternoon. Teng Chong said lightly and walked into the office, closed the door, he put away his indifferent expression, grimaced and pinched his arm, how can muscles be so difficult to practice ah! Did you eat less protein powder? Buckle-There were two knocks on the door. Come in The secretary came in with the classified documents,Pi tape measure, "Mr. Teng, these are the documents that need to be examined and approved. In addition, there is one more thing to report." "Say." Teng Chong took out his glasses from the drawer and put them on. tapemeasure.net

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