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Reviews play a huge role for businesses. It helps businesses gain more customers and helps them work on their model and make any changes if needed. A rational customer always reads the reviews and gathers all the information about the product and brand before making any purchase. Even in this digital world, word of mouth plays a vital role for businesses. People share their reviews online by using different platforms, and the most used platforms are google reviews.

Companies consider Google reviews and showcase them on their website by using the Google review widget on their website. 

Google reviews allow the business to prove them to their potential customers. The past customers and people voice their opinions about the product and business through Google; one of the major reasons people use Google reviews is because it does not require any app. 

Businesses rely heavily on reviews for their reputation in the market. The reviews have more impact on the business compared to any costly advertising. A new customer always shows trust in the user-generated reviews rather than any advertising campaign. 

Now you have a basic idea about Google review and its impact. Now let us have a look at some importance of Google reviews for the business.

Why is Important to Google Reviews? 

Google reviews have great importance for the business. As mentioned before, the customer always looks for reviews and gathers information before buying any product or service, the google reviews provide the customers a good idea about the business and also about their product or service. It provides a great opportunity for the business to gain customer’s trust and boost their sales.


Many businesses are using tools that allow them to showcase the reviews on the website. Google Review widget is an amazing tool and is very popular amongst marketers. The google review widget collects all the reviews and displays them on your website. It makes your website more engaging as the user gets to read about the reviews on the website itself; they don’t have to switch to a new window to read the reviews.

The Google reviews also provide a little brief about the product and business. Also, the reviews give a brief about the reputation of the brand and the product in the market. Embedding the Google review widget on your website can also bring some charm to your website. The reviews often motivate a customer to buy the product, and Google review widgets also attract the customer’s attention.

A positive review helps to win the potential customers’ trust and enchases your brand reputation and boosts brand awareness. Even if reviews are not accordingly, it helps the business work on their flaws and rethink their business model and work on their strategy. 

A google review widget is a social media aggregator tool; it costs way less than a huge advertising campaign, as widgets are readily available in the market and content is most posted by the users. 

If you are still not convinced with the Google Reviews, here are some benefits of Google reviews.

Most Amazing Benefits of Google Reviews on Website:

1. Increase Brand Trust

Reviews affect the customers buying decisions. In this modern era, online reviews and online reputation play an important role; as everything is online, people also tend to post their reviews and experience online. According to a study, around 97% of people use the online medium to research the product.

According to the same study, around 93% of the customers accept that online reviews and posts influence their purchase decision for any product or service. These figures are enough to persuade how reviews have an impact on people and on their buying decisions.

Google reviews provide a great insight into the business and, hence, increase brand trust in the market. 

2. Customer spends more time on the website

A customer always tends to read and research more on a product or business before buying anything. He wants to spend more time knowing about the product and business to establish his buying decision. 

The google reviews provide ample information and review about the product to the customer. The more reviews, the more customers know about the product and business. And as there are more reviews the there more relevance to your business. With the help of the Google review widget, you can display these reviews on your website. Customers tend to read as much about the product before buying them, and as he gets more reviews, he spends more time reading it and hence more time on the website.

3. Increases SEO ranking and online exposure

Reviews play a great role in bringing relevance to the business and its website. As there are more reviews, Google ranks you higher as it shows the relevance of your business.

A lot of businesses depend on google search ranking for their survival. Even a customer selects the top sites when he searches about the product. 

Your ranking on google highly depends on the reviews. As there are more reviews, you will get a better ranking on Google, and as there are positive reviews, your ranking will get higher. 

Hence, businesses need to gain more reviews and more positive reviews. Because if you are at lower-ranking or at later pages on google, it is highly unlikely that customers will reach you.

4. Improves click-through rate of your website

Businesses spend a lot on their SEO strategies and plans. Google ranking plays a vital role for businesses and they highly focus on getting the higher ranking to reach their potential customers. 

Google reviews are an excellent way to improve your ranking and click rate of your website. As people write more reviews about your business or product, google provides a higher ranking, which eventually helps you increase your website’s click-through rate.

5. Helps to convert the customers

The reviews provided by the customer provide great help to attract more customers. As customers posts more positive reviews, it creates a buzz in the market about your product, and as a result, more customers will look to experience the product.

Each potential customer reads the reviews before buying any product, and after reading the positive reviews, it is highly possible that the customer gets convinced and purchases the product. It can help to convert your potential customer into a loyal customer.


Google reviews play a vital role for both customers and businesses. For customers, it provides a brief about the product and business. And also provides some information about the business’s reputation in the market. Whereas, for businesses, reviews help them to get more customers and create brand awareness.

Google reviews have other advantages, as positive reviews help the businesses to get a better google ranking and hence attract customer attention and enhance their market reputation. 

Google review is a great measure to know about the business, it helps to gain trust and gather more customers. These reviews can help your business grow and enchase your brand reputation in the market.

You can even show your reviews on your website using the Google review widget for your website and win your customers’ trust. The widget also makes your website attractive, interactive and engaging for the audiences. 

Go ahead and use Google review for your benefits, get an edge over your competitors, and win the customers’ trust.


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