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A video game made by Balenciaga to debut its collection of next fashion. The fashion house of Balenciaga will unveil its collection of winter/ fall 2021 in a video game for the first time.

Throughout 2020, has grown the relationship between video games and fashion houses, and it even stronger. Instead of the Balenciaga runway show, its FW21 will debut through a video game first time.

On 6 December will release The age of Tomorrow in the game Afterworld. And this game will be set in the year 2023. Billed this game as an allegorical adventure, the theme of the collection of human destiny will explore by the game through projected futures and mythological pasts.

The Game- Afterworld

An unconventional approach is taking by Balenciaga to its collection in winter/ fall 2021. The video game will be known with the name Afterworld and on 6 December this video will be released. Afterworld game in the year 2023 will be set, it is an allegorical adventure.

And the company said to the game players, areas and virtual settings will pass through, tasks complete, and will meet the wearing characters with new label designs. And the game that will be released on 6 December in a web browser will be played.

The trailer of this game is launched, which is well welcomed by the customers of Balenciaga, and gaining fans of the video. At the first time, it is exciting and interesting things for all the stakeholders. So people should watch this video game trailer.

What about this Video Game

Indeed it is an interesting and exciting thing for all people. But still limited the all details of this video game. But according to Women’s Wear Daily, a luxury house told that throughout all video distinct zones, a hero avatar would see the game, that for interactions and tasks motivated the players. So for non-gamers, this description is meaningful for them, but the regular player of video games will say this is just a game. This game, through browser playable, was also confirmed by Balenciaga.

Fashion to Adapt has Forced by Covid-19

The creative director of Balenciaga Demna Gvasalia said that due to Covid-19, there are many limitations in their latest collection in fashion weeks. And their recent collection was unveiled through a short film in the song I Wear My Sunglasses at Night. So he thought that the next collection they will unveil on the video game. So fashion to adapt has forced by Covid-19., this only reason that gives a new idea to brands for their collection.

It is a more ambitious thing than the collection on the video game, and its continuous high fashion trend giving gamers more confidence. The medium of video games well suits the theme of human destiny. And Balenciaga described that. This game that is created may appear as a virtual world. It is the slow return towards a healthier balance between industry and nature.

A Big Year in Fashion for Gaming

Last year it was announced by Louis Vuitton its partnership with the league of legends. And this moment of the partnership was eye-opening for crossover culture. And in this year expand fashion house with video gaming. In the luxury space, a diving watch of $1,600 was made by Gucci to target the players of eSports. And Gucci loaded with playable games in its mobile app.

The biggest moment is most inspiring of this fashion house that releases New Horizons of Animal Crossing. And at the start of this lockdown due to Covid-19 early stages of it was launching. This is the first time players recreated the garment of the real-world in the game. Officially, to put this apparel into video games first time became brand 100 Thieves.

So this year due to Covid-10 has become a big year in fashion for gaming. So not Balenciaga announced its collection through a video game. Indeed Balenciaga collection will get more progress despite their runway show. Even the pandemic has made many other companies launch something that favors the current situation. Primewriting has announced the outclass best blog writing services for the students of the UK and overseas.

How Did Competitors of Balenciaga Launch New Collections?

In the fashion world, a better turn back has taken due to Covid-19 this year. The competitors of Balenciaga also announced some new collections.

The latest collection of Burberry was unveiled in September. Gucci and Twitch asked a Harry Styles artist to help them to their latest collection show off in a small series of seven-episode.

In April, a clothing brand 100-items made, and the collection of these brands available on New Horizons of Animal Crossing. Then last month, YouTube launched Balenciaga its collection of summer in 2021.

Recently, frequent collaboration was done between the fashion house and the video game world. This is a big change in the fashion house and video games. At the start, these both are two separate things. But after a collaboration of fashion house and video games, it is an interesting and exciting thing.

This year on Amazon also some changes did in trends of consumers to attract customers for new fashion trends. And in this year the UK consumers interested in buying fashion in online stores shop. So the people of the UK prefer online shopping for clothing this year due to lockdown.

Innovative Digital Methods

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all sales moved online. So the brands of clothing brands also launched their collections online for their customers. So this online fatigue forced brands, to excite their consumers to develop new ways in a fashion house. In the digital landscape new innovative ways developed by brands to selling customers their products.

How the methods of innovative digital marketing can be used for product selling, but also create an enjoyable and immersive digital experience. The best or excellent example of this digital experience is the new collection of Balenciaga for its summer clothes in 2021.

It is thought that after completely lockdown over, the interaction of this fashion house with video games remains going at the same level. The customer is also engaging more on YouTube due to this pandemic. So this is a logical way for brands to launching clothes collection through a video game to interact with the consumers.

Balenciaga’s new collection in the video is a very exciting thing. Other brands also launched their collection in different ways due to the pandemic. And the interaction of fashion houses and video games is the first time in this world. And after this pandemic, it thought still going these interactions. So this is an interesting thing for Balenciaga to launched its new summer collection in a video game in 2021. Now people also used YouTube more; this is a logical way to interact with the customers.


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