Chest exercises on total gym

If you want to work on your chest muscles, then you should consider performing some chest exercises on total gym which helps to build muscle

You can choose from Bench press, Incline dumbbell press, Machine chest fly, and Close grip pullovers. Each one has its own benefits, so you should try each one out before you decide which one will work best for you.

Top 10 chest exercises on total gym that helps to build muscle

  1. Barbell or Dumbbell Bench Press
  2. Incline Bench Press
  3. Decline Press
  4. Machine Chest Press
  5. Push-Up
  6. Dip
  7. Chest Fly
  8. Dumbbell Pull-Over
  9. Cable crossover
  10. Low pulley crossover


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Chest exercises on total gym

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