Bangalore is known as the “Garden City” because it has a lot of historical and cultural sites along with modern and high-tech ones. When you go to Bangalore, a city in south India, you can see how they both fit together. The pleasant weather makes it a nice place to stay, which makes your trip worthwhile. The city is a traveler’s dream because it has everything from amusement parks to historic buildings. Let’s look at some of the best places for tourists to go in Bangalore that show off the city’s history and pride.

Best Places for Tourists to go in Bangalore

Here are our top Bangalore options for traveling with friends, family or alone. Incorporate them into your vacation plans. For Bangalore travel, make hire a taxi service in Bangalore from Bharat Taxi.

Bangalore Palace

Built in 1887 by Chamaraja Wodeyar, Bangalore Palace was inspired by England’s Windsor Castle. The palace has fortified arches, turrets, Tudor-style architecture, verdant grounds, and intricate wood carvings. The royal family lives there. This Tudor-style building is exemplary. Wodeyars of Mysore built the palace.

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

The Tipu Sultan Fort is one of the most interesting places to visit in Bangalore. It is in a busy market area. The summer palace of Tipu Sultan was called Rashk-e-Jannat. The leader’s actions on the battlefield are well known. The palace has strong columns and themes that show a love of art and culture. The palace shows how Indo-Islamic architecture can look.

 Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens

This botanical garden is one of Bangalore’s (and India’s) most beautiful. Tipu Sultan modified Haider Ali’s garden. The garden has a Crystal Palace-inspired glass house. The 240-acre garden comprises 1800 plant, tree, and herb species.

Nandi Hills

The hills are 60km from the city and a fantastic place to connect with nature. Nandi Hills is a famous couple’s destination in Bangalore. With rivers Arkavathi and Palar emanating from the hill, it was named after the famed Nandi Temple. Its 1478-foot elevation provides a good environment.

Cubbon Park

Richard Sankey built the 300-acre park. This large green park with well-kept grass is noteworthy. The park has monuments of renowned people and is popular with friends in Bangalore.

National Gallery Of Modern Art

History buffs should visit the National Gallery of Modern Art, which has 500 artworks. The collection features Rabindranath Tagore, Jamini Roy, and others.

Ulsoor Lake

The 125-acre lake is in the city’s core. Kempegowda II built the lake, and the Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation provides boating. Bangalore’s attractions include a lakeside walking route.

Government Museum

1886-built museum houses rare collections from several periods. 18 galleries house antique jewellery, Neolithic artefacts, and more. Bangalore’s museum is a must-see.

Vidhana Soudha

Vidhana Soudha is a popular landmark in Bangalore’s Garden City. Jawaharlal Nehru lay its foundation in 1951, and it was finished in 1956. The largest legislative building in India sits near Cubbon Park, so travellers can visit both at once.

Krishna Rajan Market

The bustling local market is a traveller and photographer’s dream. The market sells spices, fresh fruit, and copper products, making it one of Bangalore’s most famous. If you like bright colours, visit this market. Visit early in the morning to see the busy market.

Devanahalli Fort

Mallabairegowa, a Morasu Wokkalu scion, erected the archaeological site. The fort has been under numerous rulers since its founding and is one of Bangalore’s most famous landmarks. This explains the massive bastions and extensive brick fortification. Many prominent Bangalore homestays are near this fort, making it convenient to reach.

Janapada Loka

Janapada Loka, the Kannada folk world, is one of the tourism locations in Bangalore that simulates the country’s traditions and culture. 5,000 folk artists represent the state’s diverse cultures at this establishment. Chitra Kuteera and Loka Mahal are Janapada Loka subdivisions.

Sankey Tank

West Bangalore’s man-made tank is a popular landmark. The tank was created in 1882 after the Great Famine of 1876-78 to solve water scarcity. The peripheral offers a well-lit promenade along with benches for tourists to wander and enjoy the surrounding splendour.

Venkatappa Art Gallery

The gallery was erected to honour Karnataka’s K. Venkatappa. The museum has a large gallery with watercolour collections. The acclaimed exhibit is an archaeological museum with historical items.

Attara Kacheri

Cubbon Park’s entrance features a crimson structure built by Tipu Sultan. State Central Library Building, adjacent Vidhana Soudha, is a top Bangalore attraction. 12th-century stone carvings are the museum’s showpiece.

Wonder La Water Park

Thinking about Wonder La Water Park? Wonderla Bangalore is one of Bangalore’s top amusement parks. This park is great for individuals who want an adrenaline rush in a safe, economical world-class waterpark. This park’s dry rides are the main draw, but it also has over 60 water rides and entertainment.

Commercial Street

Commercial Street is one of the top destinations for shopping and dining in Bangalore. This long boulevard in Bangalore’s Central Business District has modest businesses, thrift stores, and high-end boutiques for budget and luxury shopping. You’ll find branded fashion and local silk sarees here. When you’re done shopping, you can eat street food in Bangalore.

ISKCON Temple, Bangalore

ISKCON Temple in Bangalore is one of India’s most respected Krishna temples. Madhu Pandit Dasa oversees this shrine, which is also a cultural complex. One of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangalore, it’s also known for its social reasons and for helping individuals find spirituality and flourish.

Innovative Film City

Innovative Film City in Bengaluru is a popular Indian theme park in Bidadi, one hour from Bangalore. This 58-acre park is one of the most popular spots to come in Bangalore if you want to enjoy the magic of film up close. This site offers behind-the-scenes excursions and trips to iconic sets, plus shopping, eating, and exploring.

Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

The Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, administered by the Bangalore Association for Science Education (BASE), is a must-see for space aficionados and anyone with a curious mind in Bangalore. This famous attraction is frequented by youngsters, teachers, and astronomy and space enthusiasts due to its engaging and participatory learning methods. Multimedia approaches can teach you how stars form and what black holes are.

Grips Go Karting

Garden City isn’t what it seems. Unknown to many, it’s adventurous. Grips Go Karting offers go-karting in a fun and safe setting. Racing fans can choose a car and try one of Bangalore’s most popular adventure activities for a small charge. There are motorless karts here. Race-Race Gokarting, E-Zone Club, and Patel Karting are also great spots. Bowling and paintball are available.

Shiva Temple

Shiva Temple, one of India’s most stunning Shiva temples, is a popular Bangalore attraction. This temple’s statues of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganapathi draw worshippers from near and far. The Shiva Temple is best visited during festivals like Diwali and Shivratri, when it is filled up with beautiful lights and hosts traditional dance and music.

Bangalore Aquarium

Bangalore Aquarium, located in Cubbon Park, is the country’s second-largest aquarium. This 1983 aquarium features Siamese Fighters, Freshwater Prawns, Catla, Red Tail Shark, Goldfish, and more. This diamond-shaped building includes around 80 tanks where visitors may see eels, horsefish, tiger fish, angelfish, pearl gourami, and moon tail.

HAL Aerospace Museum

Bangalore’s HAL Aerospace Museum is a must-see. This museum was founded to educate the public about HAL, one of Asia’s largest and most important aviation businesses. It’s a popular destination for young minds and those interested in India’s astronomical achievements. It discusses India’s commercial and defence aviation advancements.

Lumbini Gardens

This magnificent park on Bangalore’s Nagawara Lake is dedicated to Lord Budhha. It’s not as famous as other parks in South India, but it’s still one of Bangalore’s greatest tourist spots. It’s wonderful Kid’s park, boating club, fountains, statues, and unique flora lend charm to its tranquil landscape. You’ll adore this green location whether you take a boat ride with bae or a morning walk.

M.G. Road

M.G. Road is a must-see in Bangalore. This place, on one of Bangalore’s busiest highways, is where young people go for entertainment and commerce. This shopping hub is ideal for the weekend. Here you can get traditional handicrafts, cutlery, silk sarees, and bone china sets. Many restaurants serve drool-worthy food.

Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park is a popular attraction in Bangalore’s outskirts. This place has diverse vegetation and animals. This 104.27-sq-km National Park is also the country’s first butterfly park, founded in 1971. Reserve Forest features a zoo, forest division, aquarium, and crocodile farm.

UB City Mall

UB City Mall has high-end goods and luxury shopping. This 13-acre mall is in Bangalore’s Central Business District. This mall offers high-end shopping and food to keep us entertained and happy. This mall features Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Burberry, Jimmy Choo, Estee Lauder, and Canali. It’s Bangalore’s top shopping spot.

Play Arena

Play Arena is far from Bangalore’s centre, but it’s a popular attraction. This place is great for adults and kids. Play Arena has sports and arcade games to keep you engaged. This venue offers table tennis, go-karting-bowling, archery, and arcade video games.

St. Mary’s Basilica

St. Mary’s Basilica is another Bangalore attraction. This 1882 Basilica is Bangalore’s oldest church. This is the best mediaeval building. This church’s towering exterior, glass windows, and serene feelings are impressive. This church may transport you to colonial times. September liturgies and feasts gather citywide worshippers.



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