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Would you like to pursue sports in college and you don’t have money? Worry not. You can get different athletic sports scholarships to continue developing your talent.

Some academic essays provide details on how to get sports scholarships throughout the year.

In this article, you will learn more about sports scholarships for high schools and colleges.

What you don’t know about sports scholarships

In the United States, there are over 138000 athletic scholarships from the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). This seems to be plenty, but it’s not.

Out of over 1 million boys who play soccer professionally, only 19500 boys get soccer scholarships. And out of more than 600000 girls who professionally participate in high school athletics, only 4500 girls acquire scholarships for that sport.

The scholarships’ numbers and conditions differ drastically based on the sport type and NCAA’s division. You will find that some sports have more scholarships than others.

But this doesn’t mean that if more scholarships are given, it is easy to get one. As a student, you have to consider a number of factors to win a sports scholarship.

Some of these factors include:

  • The applicant’s number for sports
  • The number of scholarships
  • The team roster’s size
  • The amount of financing
  • The scholarship’s academic requirements

In the United States, an average athletic scholarship goes up to $10400. Athletics scholarships that provide total funding are soccer, women’s volleyball, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball.

Without including men’s basketball and soccer, the scholarship decreases to $8700 on average. The NCAA tries as much as it can to give out the scholarship slots in the most beneficial way.

For instance, each soccer coach gets ten scholarships, but they don’t distribute the funds to ten students in most cases. What the coaches do is that they share the money among 15 students to entice more athletes. As a result, the scholarship money drops significantly.

What are the best sorts to win a scholarship?

In the United States, there are over 40 programs that provide athletic scholarships. Some custom essays on sports scholarships are great resources on where you can win a sports scholarship.

Sports scholarships are divided into either female or male. This means that if a gentleman gets a scholarship for wrestling, a lady representative will not get it no matter how good she is. And the opposite is true.

The highest scholarships among men include hockey, lacrosse, and baseball. For women, the most quantitative and popular sports scholarships are soccer, hockey, and lacrosse.

It is good to note that there is a major difference between sports that offer many scholarships and sports where players can easily win a scholarship. Here you will learn more about sports that you can get a scholarship easily and the determining factors.

The easiest sports to win a scholarship

How do you know the sports to select to have a better opportunity of winning a scholarship? It would help if you did thorough research on which sports you can pursue in high school athletes and have a chance to get a scholarship in college slots.

The following are some of the sports that you can easily win a scholarship, especially for men:


This is one of the most famous national sports in the United States. Many teen and high school movies feature baseball players who want to excite a coach to win a scholarship.

Getting a scholarship in baseball is easy compared to other sports. For instance, over 12% of all baseball players in high school proceed to college, and among these players, more than 35% get scholarships. This number is relatively higher than other sports.


Lacrosse is another athletic sport where you can acquire a scholarship without much struggle. This is among the popular sports in America.

Statistics show that more than 110000 players play lacrosse in high school while over 15000 play this game in college. Over 13% of all high school players move on to the next level.

In Division 1 only, over 1000 scholarships are given to men out of 3300 players. This means that more than 30% of all students have an opportunity of winning a scholarship.

Hockey sports

Hockey is an international sport, and many teens love this sport. Over 10% of all high school students proceed to college. Though very competitive, hockey still offers a considerable number of scholarships than other sports.

The recent statistics show that in Division 1, there are over 1800 men who play this sport. Over 1000 players get hockey scholarships. But these include even international players and students from junior leagues and club teams who fight for college spots.

Key takeaways

There are numerous sports scholarships for students. But getting a scholarship for some sports such as soccer is a bit challenging despite being a good player.

If you want a scholarship, it is good to know the sports that you can easily win a scholarship. The number of students who need these scholarships is very high, especially in Division 1.


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