A cozy sip of coffee makes any trip so much better, especially when you are on the Central Coast of New South Wales.

Filled with coastal drives that surely fill everyone’s eyes with splendor, Central Coast is a must-visit for tourists traveling in Australia. The region boasts its fantastic views that won’t let you go home with a frown. 

What’s lovelier is that the Central Coast knows how to make not only the heart happy but also the tummy overjoyed! From Aussie brekkies like no other to lunches and dinners worth-remembering, the food culture across the Central Coast is really marching on, making locals prouder and amazing foreigners any time of day! 

Without a doubt, the Central Coast in New South Wales is already a cloud nine for foodies! And what’s even more exciting for coffee lovers is the region’s possession of nicely made coffee from different manufacturers, suppliers and homemade creators. You can heighten your experience of the Central Coast’s snuggly atmosphere and picturesque sceneries with a beautiful visit to some of its friendliest cafes! 

If you are spending your traveling within, staying near, or relishing your weekend getaways in NSW and want to have a lovely coffee time, check out these 4 coffee shops recommended for you to enjoy. You would never want to miss them there, so keep reading!


1 – CAFE PENNOZ (Tuggerah)

Cafe Pennoz Tuggerah - Central Coast
Photo credit: Cafe Pennoz Tuggerah Facebook

You might have to wait a little longer at times, but know that the wait will always be worth it in Cafe Pennoz

Situated in Tuggerah, Cafe Pennoz may be slightly out of the way, but intentionally driving or riding to it won’t be regretful! Their sandwiches are lushly made, veering you away from the typical food cooked with preservatives and processed ingredients. When it comes to freshness, Cafe Pennoz knows what to do! 

Being in a business park in a speedily progressing sub-urb of the region, this cafe is also close to a Central Coast accommodation. So if you are lodging nearby, you can take a hassle-free walk or ride to Cafe Pennoz. It has convenient seating and is accessible for wheelchairs too. You can dine in or grab your grubs for a takeaway.  

Early breakfasts, right-on-time lunches and even spontaneous brunches are perfect in Cafe Pennoz! Aside from tasty sandwiches, they also sell sumptuous burgers, delicious cakes and toothsome pastries that match their special coffees, teas, milkshakes and juices! Presented prettily, foods and drinks in this cafe will make you hesitant to munch and sip on them. 

Cafe Pennoz Central Coast
Photo credit: True Local

Others on their menu include Toasted Muesli, Cajun Chicken Stack, Barramundi, Grilled Salmon and Breaky Bruschetta. It’s so heartwarming to find out about their health-friendly options like the Gourmet Veggie Burger. The Kid’s Meals keep the youngsters busily chomping while the adults are spending a fun chit chat. The omelettes in this cafe are famous for their light, soft and luscious delight! Don’t forget their beverages including lattes, espressos, hot chocolates and cappuccinos. The list goes on!

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Cafe Pennoz Tuggerah Central Coast
Photo credit: Cafe Pennoz Tuggerah Facebook

There’s never a poor-quality dining and coffee experience in Cafe Pennoz!



Three Donkeys Central Coast
Photo credit: Three Donkeys Facebook

Housing nutritious food and laid-back ambience, Three Donkeys Wholefood Cafe is a favorite stop when you are in the beachside town of Wamberal.  

The surroundings are ideal for refreshing coffee dates. With service that makes sure there’s no flaw, Three Donkeys Wholefood Cafe will keep you wanting for more! It highlights the beauty of a good and wholesome lifestyle. First-rate coffee and homemade wholefood treats are part of this cafe’s main fortes. 

Three Donkeys Wholefood Cafe Central Coast
Photo credit: TripAdvisor

It has a wide collection of speciality coffees, exquisite teas and hot drinks, thirst-quenching cold press juices and smoothies, and flavorful milkshakes. Enjoy their tarts and cakes that will end your sweet cravings! You can choose from raw vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free and organic products as well.

Three Donkeys Wholefood Cafe was fashionably remodelled with antique vibes and farm-style interiors; there are plants being sold also, and it’s a great way to take home souvenirs. You may ask for their Three Donkeys Homewares where they sell locally grown flowers, home fragrance items, clothes, accessories, books and more interesting products you will surely adore!

Three Donkeys Central Coast
Photo credit: Three Donkeys Facebook

The cafe cares about local suppliers and local community groups, so the owners also contribute through donations from the cafe proceeds. Whether you are just stopping by randomly, going on adventures in Wamberal or really wanting to do something to help charities in NSW, Three Donkeys Wholefood Cafe is a friend you can count on!


3 – FAHRENHEIT CAFÉ (East Gosford)

Fahrenheit Cafe Central Coast
Photo credit: Fahrenheit Cafe Facebook

Fat Poppy coffees are oh-so-popular in this charming coffee shop in East Gosford. Fahrenheit Café is the name!

Since its establishment in 2015, Fahrenheit Café has been making coffee superfans so excited and glad for their yummy and voguish fat poppy coffees. Pleased customers have said that it has the best ones in the area! 

Moreover, you will be favorably shocked at how its staff craft coffees precisely as you ask them to! Its congenial service is worthy of commendations. With warm welcoming to guests of all kinds, they may even let you stay for a little bit beyond their opening hours if you request. They are so busy, yet still so kind at the same time! Quite a rare find!

Fahrenheit Cafe Central Coast
Photo credit: TripAdvisor

The cafe’s indoor area is relaxed, and the outdoor space is calm. The fresh breeze makes the place more intimate and restful! If you come with a private vehicle, there is a wide parking ground, so you don’t need to worry about having to stay in a nearby Central Coast accommodation to visit it. It will be better to just live in the moment, but there’s free WiFi offered in the coffee shop for your quick online searches and updates.

Fahrenheit Café’s American-themed all-day breakfast and all-day lunch menus won’t make you miss a palatable bite! Check out their Brisk-Wich Brisket Burger, Herbivore Brekkie Board, Lioness Roll and French Toasts among its colorful menus. Gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian choices are available for the health nuts or if you just feel like wanting to match the healthful cafe scene. 

Fahrenheit Cafe Central Coast
Photo credit: Australia 247

The food and drink servings are fantastic and so generous, just right for their price! The big portions are [unintentionally] encouraging you to happily share them with your companions over merry conversations. The cafe’s flavors are totally superb!

Fahrenheit Café will send you home with a blissful tummy and a bright smile!


4 – LIKE MINDS (Avoca Beach)

Like Minds
Photo credit: Foursquare

Not only about filling in your belly tanks but also building creative communities, the Like Minds is a coffee shop that sets the bar quite high. 

Like Minds is a popular go-to cafe for many locals, for people from neighboring lands and for those traveling in the comely Avoca Beach. Its menu is full of fabulously appetizing food and drink selections. The coffee tickles your taste buds and peps up good vibes! When you are around Avoca Beach and seeking for some very satisfying coffee visits, Like Minds is the way!

The modern cafe itself is focused on sustainability and community building. With the beach’s grand sights plus the incredible art installations the cafe acquires from homegrown artists, your coffees and pastries gratify you ten times more! Furthermore, there is an outdoor area with a space for a vegetable garden; it splashes more freshness to the scene! Fur babies are allowed in the outdoor spot too. There’s nothing better than a quiet and serene coffee time with views of sparkling beach waters.

Like Minds
Photo credit: Pinterest

Popping in a visit in Like Minds, you are also able to take part in their efforts to keep the Earth safe and clean. As much as they can, they reduce packaging materials to lessen trash. 

The owners of Like Minds made the coffee shop, thinking of it as another wing of their abode. You will realize it naturally as the place feels just so homely, encouraging people to have comfortable and warm talks whatever the time is! 



Absolutely, the Central Coast is one spectacular area to visit in New South Wales! There’s so much more to experience in it than you know. Adding to the astounding views are the delectable food and drinks that its local coffee shops offer. 

The ones mentioned above are just some of the numerous options you have on the Central Coast. Don’t hesitate to explore more of them, and have an unforgettable cup of coffee like none else in Australia! Their coffee creations offer certain delight that will keep you coming back for more. They are not “just coffee”, they are specially brewed in NSW.



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