Sadness is one of the human emotions that everyone experiences at certain points in life. You naturally feel sad when something heartbreaking happens or something opposite to what you want to happen happens. With sadness comes pain, frustration or dismay. You feel down and dispirited, and you are generally not feeling on the inside. There are different levels of sadness, yet they all change the way you feel, think, see and move from the inside out. 

Let’s just talk about what happens to you and your outlook when you are sad. More often than not, you are not yourself or your complete self when you are gloomy. There are things that you miss, skip or fail to do because you are too sad to mind them; among those many things is taking good care of yourself. 

Some people’s physical appearances turn lousy and sickly. Others tend to forget their usual routines because their heads are occupied by their upset emotions to remember what they are like, on a daily or regular basis. Reality-wise, there are huge tendencies that you change, NOT for the better, when you are heavy-hearted and grief-stricken. Your health gets badly affected too, and that’s sad and bad. 

No matter your dejecting emotions, may you keep in mind to look after yourself, and help yourself get back up. It’s okay to let yourself acknowledge, accept and feel your sadness ‘til you overcome it, but do not stay there forever. You have to pay attention to your well-being as well. With that, here are 7 self-care tips to exercise when you feel sad – to whatever degree it may be. 

1 – Write down what you feel.

sad - writing

When emotions of sadness hit you, there are times when you cannot function properly. Your head is either blank and numb or full and chaotic. This can lead you to lose interest and energy on things you are usually excited and passionate about. On another note, it can cause you to be confused and lost while doing your responsibilities. Whatever it is, you need your thoughts set on the table and organized by yourself.

Get a piece of paper and a pen, or open a virtual notepad. Gather your thoughts. Pull yourself together. Write down what you feel. Jot your worries down. You are speaking to yourself as you write. If it’s hard for you to verbally talk to yourself and figure out what’s up with you, written words can help you big time. What makes it very effective is that you are able to list your emotions in detail, thus, you get to understand them better. If you have a problem, it’s also a good chance to find or create a solution to it.   

2 – Do your favorite hobbies. 

sad - hobbies

Hobbies are activities that you love doing. You do not exactly have to be good at them. The important thing is they make you feel good, happy and fulfilled. Of course, they should not be harmful to your health and to other people too. They are supposed to be wholesome and worthwhile.

When you are feeling sad, take a break from school, work and anything that stresses you out. Make time to do your favorite hobbies! Step into your comfort zone this time! Have your heart comforted by recreations that turn your frown upside down and your woes into cheers. 

3 – Watch motivational videos or listen to motivational talks.

sad - motivational videos

Some people do not think this works, but watching motivational videos and listening to motivational talks can do a lot! When you feel sad and down, there are words that you already know, but when it comes from other people, they hit differently. Especially when you hear them during moments of sadness, they create a stronger impact on you. 

Your time will not be wasted if you help yourself be relieved by watching and listening to speakers who aim to lift people’s spirits, boost confidence and encourage delight! Even if the effect looks small at first, it’s not really small. At a certain moment in the middle of your gloom, you will remember something from that motivational video or podcast, and it will help you get through. 

4 – Eat food that makes your tummy happy.


You know about stress-eating, right? Well, that’s not what you will have to do here because it’s not always the best thing to do. Rather, you can simply eat that food that makes your tummy happy. Don’t eat too much but just the right amount that will satisfy you and alleviate your upset. 

Food just has that power to brighten up one’s day. Especially if they are your favorite foods, your mood will come to life!

5 – Make your body active.


When you are feeling sad, it manifests outwardly. Your body also loses enthusiasm and vigor. You are not in good vibes to get up from the bed and to step out of your house. Even when you are outside, you do not feel like socializing with people. Sadness also stifles your  physical body from moving, and that also is one of the things you should overcome!

Make your body active.  Don’t keep lying down or sitting down on your magnetizing bed or couch. Stretch out. Stand up. Walk around. Grab the exercise equipment. Work out. Sweat off. Jog. Run. Clean the house, or wash the car. Anything that shakes physical inactivity off of your lazy and sad body, do it! 

6 – Connect with people who cheer you up.


Time with yourself is very important. Nonetheless, when you feel lonely and unwell, you might also need other people’s shoulders to lean your head on. Connect with people who cheer you up. They could be your family, loved ones, friends or significant other. As long as they are trustworthy and helpful, an honest, non-judgemental conversation with them can aid you to lay down heavy burdens from your chest. Be with people who make you feel good – of course, while keeping you from any kind of danger.  

7 – Rest your mind and heart.

sad - rest

Being sad is tiring. Staying sad is exhausting. It literally drains liveliness out of you. It does not make you feel ‘you’. Even when you are simply sitting down, you feel extremely weary. You feel spent already even when the day has just started. 

You have to rest. It’s easier said than done, but try your best to rest. Rest your mind and heart. While you do the above-mentioned tips, relax. Avoid overthinking. Overcome it. Acknowledge your emotions. Feel them, but move, and do something to shove them off. Ease off. You’re tired, but you’re not defeated. You will get well soon. Real soon.



Sadness is a normal emotion that’s not foreign, but it’s strong and powerful, that more often than not, it can be overwhelming. While other people may spruce themselves up even more to hide or combat their sadness, most people tend to neglect taking care of themselves when they are feeling lonely. When the second-mentioned happens, it can result in different outcomes, which are all unhealthy and unwanted.  

Even in the middle of those cheerless emotions, you can love yourself more. It’s a time when you need yourself more to brighten up and be stronger than those strong emotions that you come face to face with! 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She also writes for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an excellent source of the ultimate fitness equipment collections in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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