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Gone are the days when studying abroad was considered a special and rare achievement. There were fewer opportunities thus the limited ones were caught by all the special ones. But now the circumstances are different. Many countries offer attractive scholarships and programs for students, that could be semester-based or the whole degree. But what about the soft-hearted parents who worry about the well being and safety of their kids living far away in other country or subcontinent. Well, no need to get stressed or worried thanks to modern technology.

If your kid is planning to take a semester abroad, but you don’t think it is a good idea then stop thinking like that. Let them make their own choices and explore the world but make sure you know about that world more than they let you know. With all the monitoring software and spy apps, users can even listen and watch the target person in real-time. One of the best parental control app the OgyMogy offer hundred of features that can keep an eye on your kid’s activities for you. The best thing about this app is that it provides complete remote control over the target device. So whether the kid is in the next room or in another country as long as he or she has got access to the internet, the monitoring software will do the work efficiently.

Know About Their New Boarding Condition:

OgyMogy offers a camera bug feature that allows the user to use the front and rear camera of the teenager. Now you can see the surroundings of your kid to know about their new living conditions and style. Don’t rely on the net images or video files and watch the real conditions with the camera bug feature of the OgyMogy.

Say Virtual Hi To The New Friends:

Users can now listen to the real talk and random discussion of their kids by using the listen to surround feature of the OgyMogy spy app. The Mic bug feature will let the user listen to every sound, chats of your teen. Thus you can know about their new company and their hobbies and interest.

Monitor Their Whereabouts:

If you are worried that without your supervision your teenager might get dragged in to late night parties or any other trouble, no need to worry.OgyMogy parental control app can help you with that. The location tracking feature of the OgyMogy spy app can let you know about the real-time location of your kid at any given time. So know about their whereabouts and any secret hideouts or meeting places by using the GPS tracking feature of the OgyMogy spy app.

Mark A Safe Area:

OgyMogy allows the user to mark a virtual safe area on the google map for the teenager. Thus whenever the kid will try to leave the marked safe area, OgyMogy will notify you right away, Instead of worrying about their movements, make sure to mark a safe and restricted zone on google map for them to assure their safety.

Know About Their Daily Routines:

Have access to the image gallery of your kid’s smartphone and know about their daily routines.  Check the captured, shared, and downloaded image file and make sure your kid is not involved in any kind of adult content or weird material.

Check Out Their Browsing History:

Internet search bar history tells a lot about what’s going on with the target. Keep an eye on the teen’s browsing history and know about the visited site content. Assure they are not into any kind of violent or triggering material.

OgyMogy is not only an Android monitoring app but it also offers other useful features as well as mobile tracking employee monitoring and others.

It offers separate Mac and Windows spy app versions for respective users and android monitoring software to monitor the target person through the smartphone. OgyMogy spy app has a user-friendly interface. One important thing to mention here is that you need to physically access the target device i.e your teen gadget first time at the time of installation. Other than that no need to physically access the device as the user will have proper remote control of that.


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