cape air airlines phone number
cape air airlines phone number

Cape Air Flights is the largest airline based in Massachusetts, and one of the smallest airlines in the United States with only 11 planes. They fly to some 70 destinations throughout New England, the Mid-Atlantic and the Caribbean from Boston’s Logan International Airport and their corporate headquarters are in Hyannis, Massachusetts on Cape air phone number. The airline has about 400 employees and operates about 2,500 flights per year to 100 locations that it serves in 14 states and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, The Bahamas and Bermuda.

Speak to an Cape Air Customer Service agent

Calling during peak hours can cause long wait times, but calling on a less busy day could mean you’ll have to stay on hold for a long time. Instead of risking getting put on hold forever, call Cape Air Reservations Number directly at 800-CAPE AIR (+1-888-801-0869) to speak with an agent about any questions or concerns you may have. If there’s no answer, leave a message so an agent can return your call at a convenient time! Need help finding a better deal? Check out our fare finder to compare airfares from other airlines in real time. You might just find a cheaper way to fly!

Book Cape Air Flights instantly

Cape Air Reservations offers airport service at a variety of airports across New England, but you can’t book your flight instantly. Customers must call Cape Air Customer Care Number center to get their tickets. So if you want to save time, skip Cape Air Phone Number and just book online through their Cape Air Website. If there is any chance of your plans changing, or if you want a third party (like an agent) involved in your booking process, give Cape Air Contact Number a call. It may save you some frustration further down the line when there are changes to be made. Call for convenience—or use another method for Booking Cape Air Flights instantly.

Download the app

Cape Air Planes has made it incredibly easy to purchase a ticket. You can book online or on your phone using their Fly Cape Air app (available on both iOS and Android). If you want to talk to someone immediately, there’s also a phone number you can call. Cape Flying says they’re available 24/7/365, but we tested that at 11pm on a Saturday night – ringing for around 30 seconds before we were greeted by an automated message telling us that all agents were busy. If you can manage to wait until Monday morning then you should be able to get through with relative ease.

Cape Air Check In Online

When you call a Phone Number for Cape Air, you will likely be on hold for a long time—in fact, it’s not uncommon to wait 20 minutes or more. Instead of waiting, why not Online Check In Cape Air? Not only will you save yourself time but you’ll also be able to book your flight immediately. Plus, if your plans change at all after booking your flight online, it’s easier to update your information when it’s in an easily accessible location (you don’t want to scramble around trying to find something that’s already written down). Some airlines (like Southwest) are even smart enough to automatically change any contact info on their end after a customer updates their information through an online channel.

Print your Cape Air Boarding Pass

In order to avoid long waits at baggage claim, Cape Cod Flights recommends printing your boarding pass at home and arriving at the airport no later than one hour before departure. However, there are times when you must use the Cape Air Checkin counter. If you’re traveling internationally, if you need a special assist, or if your travel plans change during the process of printing your pass. If any of these occur to you while traveling on Cape Air Reservations Phone Number, call 1-800-CAPE AIR (+1-888-801-0869) as soon as possible for assistance.

Digital kiosks in airports

Cape Air Flight Reservations recently announced that they will be installing digital kiosks in airports to help customers Book Cape Air Flights without having to wait on hold. Our business travel customers are increasingly looking for ways to do everything online, said Matt Zinn, Cape air flight status CEO. The kiosks let them purchase a ticket, print it out or have it emailed to them instantly. We’re expecting these digital kiosks to increase bookings—which is why we wanted our Cape Air phone number on every one. It might save you from having to wait at all!

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Have you ever called Cape Cod Flights only to wait on hold for a long time? If so, you’re not alone. Customers have had that experience far too often when trying to get in touch with Cape Air Customer Service Number. When I was looking up Cape Air Customer Service Phone Number, I didn’t know what to expect because my call wouldn’t be from a new Cape Air Reservations but because of an airline credit promised by United Airlines. So instead of waiting around on hold, I found their social media contact information and sent them a tweet about my problem. To my surprise, it worked! They responded within minutes telling me they were sending me an e-mail with information about how to take care of everything… so I ended up being able to skip calling all together!


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