PEMF Devices

PEMF Devices

Stress in our daily life wears pemf devices out our internal organs, including our heart. Since heart disease is one of the top causes of death, it is reasonable for us to do everything we can to protect our cardiovascular health. Stress causes us to fly or fight, and it keeps the adrenaline pumping through our systems, causing our organs to wear off. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) can help reduce the damage done and keep our heart healthy by reducing the daily stress our body experiences and encouraging our cells to heal faster.

PEMF Therapy delivers low-intensity electrical charges to the cells of the body. The magnetic field is used to safely and quickly carry both electric currents into the body to penetrate the cell barrier. Once in the cell, the electric current draws the cell’s metabolism. This facilitates quick repair and improves overall health by eliminating toxins and absorbing fresh nutrients.

This is done using a control box that transmits electrical frequencies to applications with copper windings. This creates an electromagnetic field around the applications, these frequencies work in the same way pemf devices as electric acupuncture. This FDA-approved non-invasive treatment stimulates cells to create a healing environment for the body. However, it is not a cure in itself. It only helps the body to make better use of its natural healing system.

It was shown to reverse signs of aging of the cardiovascular system. In 1999, a clinical study was conducted in Russia to examine the nature of the anti-magnetic function in 66 elderly patients with the pathology of the cardiovascular system. Heart and blood vessels together These patients suffer from high blood pressure and ischemic heart disease. Patients received magnetic therapy, which resulted in improved circulatory function, decay and pumping of the heart, myocardial response, and central thermodynamics, reducing the biological age of the system. Heart and blood vessels

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy offers different results than conventional treatment and analgesics. Traditional treatment relieves symptoms. But in the long term, symptoms can get worse by suppressing the immune system, allowing the body to get the nutrients it needs over time. However, this did not happen with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. The results obtained from pulsed electromagnetic field therapy vary depending on the dose of PEMF and the severity of the cardiovascular disease.

Negative side effects from pulsed electromagnetic therapy are few. Tingling sensations have been reported due to increased blood flow. Some patients reported nausea and headache due to the detoxification of the bloodstream. Muscles can be sore when the cells “Physically trained” with the therapy, no deaths associated with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy have been reported. People using a pacemaker or other similar electrical device or who have received an organ transplant are not encouraged to undergo PEMF therapy.

Electromagnetic fields for your health – the future of medicine!

Electromagnetic Field Stimulation (PEMF) is being discussed by Dr. Oz and several officials, and PEMF has been called the future of medicine since the 1970s. Many scientific journals, mostly in Europe, have reported the benefits of magnetic fields. Pulsed power for various conditions and finally a new era of energy medicine begins in North America:

What is PEMF?

We know from science that everything is energy and all energy is electromagnetic. Science has proven that 70 trillion cells in our bodies communicate through electromagnetic frequencies. Life cannot exist without electromagnetic activity.PEMF is a pulsating electromagnetic field using frequencies within the biological window of human cell frequency. When we are exposed to health-promoting beneficial frequencies, electrical and chemical processes in tissues are pemf devices stimulated.PEMF is designed to support cellular energy and improve cell health and function. A healthy body can only begin with healthy cells. In the picture, imagine unhealthy cells that look like raisins and stick together. Healthy cells, like grapes, flow freely, have a large membrane surface that allows the absorption of nutrients, oxygen, and water while removing toxins and waste. When cell function is optimal, the body does its best – repair and heal itself.

Unlike conventional drugs that only manage symptoms and manage the disease, PEMFs target many of the current conditions at the root cause – at the cellular level! This is important because when we deal with conditions with PEMF, the results can be time-consuming and not immediate. But it is an accumulation and an increase

Why is PEMF working?

In conclusion, PEMF transmits natural impulses similar to the Earth’s magnetic field to every cell, and that our cells emit resonance to increase cell performance. This occurs while lying on the whole mat, emitting natural frequencies through a waveform called sawtooth, similar to that of human cells. For best cell function, an 8-minute session is recommended twice a day. This optimal cell function is maintained for up to 6 hours after each session, oxygen is increased and blood circulation improves. The PEMF system also serves as a balanced and controlled system that improves overall well-being and is very effective as a preventive measure.

Local pain or local health problems are resolved with a pad or probe consisting of square waves. These frequencies are designed to reduce inflammation and pain and increase oxygen. Unlike painkillers, which mask PEMF symptoms, PEMF affects the cause of symptoms. In this respect, PEMF has a real chance of creating lasting positive change.

Is PEMF accepted?

The FDA has approved PEMF for the treatment of untreatable fractures, the treatment of abdominal depression, certain types of brain tumors, and more. These approvals are related to specific frequencies and are not PEMF devices for the home. Not specific in the current market Sleep disorders, depression, lack of energy, erectile dysfunction, playing sports and other injuries, fractures, neck pain, mood swings, and more.

The full-body system has been available in the United States for over a decade and is used in Europe by tens of thousands of people, not only But only for those who care about their health But also for world-class athletes for increased stamina, better performance, and faster recovery.

A word about dangerous electromagnetic fields!

Life and everything we know is about frequency and can be both helpful and harmful depending on their frequency. All frequencies have some degree of impact on humans, and there is growing evidence that “electrosmoks” pose a real threat because they weaken cellular metabolism, unnatural EMF from electrical wiring and equipment. Such as wires, communication towers, computers, Wi-Fi, TVs, cell phones, microwaves, and so on, it depletes our energy and makes us sick. This is also known as “dirty electricity”, mainly referring to the biological window frequency of the human cell frequency. It becomes true that these harmful frequencies that are part of our daily life are the cause of many diseases and the best prevention is to limit exposure.

Back to the free, good Quenty!

Dangerous frequencies are all around us and hard to get away with at all. In addition to the health benefits of the PEMF devices mentioned, we can also increase the balanced and beneficial frequencies to reduce the negative effects of the “Electrosmoke” using a PEMF device for home use.

A little personal experience!

I would like to share my personal experiences with the PEMF system, suffering from real health problems ranging from severe back pain, headache, IBS, shoulder injury, and more. I have had the PEMF system for the past 7 years. I understand how the PEMF system works, but I am using it anyway. I’m just starting to feel better! There was more energy, slept much better, and in pemf devices for a short time, my aches subsided and eventually disappeared. My whole life has changed and after 7 years of using this system, I never want to be without it again. The thousands of people I have helped with PEMF devices have felt the same way.

I believe PEMF will become a bigger part of mainstream medicine in North America, and the writing is on the wall. With increasing awareness, a thorough study proving efficacy and the critical need to reduce PEMF addiction is a healthy, natural, and effective solution to an ongoing healthcare crisis.


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