Carom Billiards Masako Katsura


Carom Billiards Masako Katsura was a Japanese billiards player who paved the way for women in the male-dominated world of carom billiards and three-cushion billiards. Born on November 11, 1913, in Tokyo, Japan, Katsura made history as the first woman to win a world championship in billiards. Her incredible talent and skill in billiards earned her the nickname “The First Lady of Billiards” and continues to inspire female players today.

Early Life and Career: 

Katsura was introduced to billiards at a young age by her father, a billiards enthusiast. She quickly developed a passion for the game and began to hone her skills. In 1931, she entered her first billiards tournament and won, beating out several male players. She continued to compete and improve, eventually becoming the top female player in Japan.

World Championship Win:

In 1950, Katsura traveled to the United States to compete in the World Three-Cushion Championship. She faced off against some of the best male players in the world and shocked everyone by winning the championship. Katsura’s win was a significant milestone for women in billiards and helped to break down barriers for female players in the sport.


Katsura’s success inspired many female players to take up billiards and strive for excellence. She continued to compete in tournaments throughout her career and was known for her precision and skill. Katsura passed away on April 9, 1995, but her legacy lives in billiards. Today, many female players are competing at the highest levels of the sport, thanks in part to Katsura’s groundbreaking achievements.

Carom Billiards masako katsura

Carom billiards masako katsura: Carom billiards and three-cushion billiards are two forms of billiards that require precision, skill, and strategy. In carom billiards, players use a cue ball to hit two other balls, scoring points by making the cue ball rebound off the other two balls and caroming back to the player’s cue. In three-cushion billiards, players score points by hitting the cue ball into the other two balls and making contact with three cushions before hitting the final ball.


Masako Katsura was a trailblazer in billiards, paving the way for female players to compete at the highest levels of the sport. Her talent and skill in carom billiards and three-cushion billiards inspired a generation of female players and helped to break down gender barriers in the sport. Today, Katsura’s legacy lives on, and her contributions to billiards will never be forgotten.



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