Carpet Colour Trends For Spring 2021


Carpet Colour Trends For Spring 2021

Carpet colour trends for a spring can vary greatly depending on the season. It is during spring time that the first sprays of snow appear which gives a dramatic impact on the carpet colour trends. As the weather gets warmer the carpet colour trends for spring become much more relaxed. With more muted palettes, earthy hues such as brown, beige and white are seen in most carpeted homes.

Spring also sees the start of the school year. Many homeowners are anxious to change the style and layout of their home from their last summer’s decor to that of a more contemporary look. Parents with small children will be looking for child-friendly designs that will suit their young taste. In terms of furniture and accent pieces, solid wood furniture with minimal soft furnishings such as rugs and pillows is ideal. Spring also sees the return of many more floral and fruit-based colour schemes.

Whilst it may seem like the carpet is losing its vibrancy, this is actually a good thing. As we transition from warm, bright weather to cooler, calmer seasons, the colours of our carpeting need to adapt to the changing light. Carpet colour trends for spring to help to ensure that this doesn’t happen too quickly. Whilst darker colours are generally more seasonal, springtime colours such as orange, yellow and red are still very much in fashion.

The type of material that was used to create the carpet is another element that helps to determine how the carpet will evolve. As most carpets nowadays are made from either polyester or nylon they are often more prone to colour change than those made from natural fibres. Polyester carpets are known for their bright, vivid colours whilst nylon carpets tend to retain their more neutral tones. As an example of this, velour is now a popular choice for flooring than ever before. Springtime colours are usually associated with velour and although many people still buy warm, earthy tones for the spring/summer months, nature’s lightness of velour is perfect for helping you to achieve that feeling of brightness and airiness that you need for spring/summer.

Color-blocking is another aspect that you have to be aware of when it comes to carpet colours. Although a trend that fades out over time, some colour blocking can be very noticeable in the coming months. Black is probably one of the most well-known colour blocking styles but look out for other darker hues such as burgundy and chocolate. These darker carpet colours tend not only to stand out more, but they also tend to reflect light better. This means that it is less likely that any pattern on your carpet will show through as the colours are so contrasting.

Pastel colours are always in fashion but you should be especially conscious about them in the spring. Soft pastel tones help to create that wonderful springtime environment that we all strive for in our homes. They look great on carpet but are especially suited to the softer, fewer traffic areas of your home like the hallways or foyers.

The warmth that pastels help to give is also the well-taken advantage of by the many springtime varieties of carpet. Turquoise, gold and burgundy are some of the most popular colours for the season and they help to add to the warm and inviting atmosphere that you want to create in your home. Look out for rugs and carpets that come with a satin finish to them as this often helps to add depth and dimension to the room. These carpets tend to be warmer too and because they are made from a different file than the other types, they are a great match for these warmer areas of your home. You may also want to invest in a rug that features looped edging, something that is unusual but looks great.

It is important to remember that carpet trends do change from time to time. What was considered to be a unisex colour just a few years ago may now be considered Bollywood or rocker carpet colours. Take a look around and you will soon realize that there are all sorts of new carpet colours and styles to suit your tastes. Make sure that you choose one that fits in with the general feel of your home, as the colour of your carpet should be a reflection of your overall style and decor.


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