Can an intimate session replace exercises?

Can an Intimate Session Replace Exercises?

For a long time it is believed that an intimate session gives as many benefits as an intense physical activity. Medical experts are of view that an...
Best Diabetes Specialist


A few enormous mediation contemplates have demonstrated that serious glucose the executives in diabetic patients can forestall micro-vascular complications.1,2 Furthermore, investigation of cost viability in these examinations...
Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Serum And Its Benefits – Khadi Men

More people have turned to keeping fit at home during this pandemic and taking care of themselves, be it healthy food or supplementary vitamins and minerals. So, today...

What is Sukhasana Yoga Posture And its Health Benefit?

Sukhasana is the simplest posture to begin yoga. It is made up of two words Sukha and asana. As its name suggests, by doing this yoga one...
yoga fitness center

Best Tips To Choose Yoga Fitness Center

A yoga fitness center provides you space and time to practice your yoga skills without any fuss. However, there are so many yoga fitness centers these days...
vinyasa yoga for weight loss

Lose Weight With Vinyasa Yoga Practice

Everyone these days is working super hard to lose weight and have a slimmer waistline. Some work extra hard in the gym while others diet their way...

How to find happiness despite problems

One day or another, during our life, we are confronted with existential questions and questionings. The trials, the unfortunate events, the various irritants that arise on our...

What to expect from TMJ services?

Did you know that a joint joins your jaws to your skull, and that joint is called a TMJ or temporomandibular joint? The TMJ disorder or TMD...
Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Things to Know Before Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Yoga is a natural way for you to not just detoxify your body and mind but also to dive deeper into your spiritual side. The different yoga...
yoga holidays

What Is The Importance Of Taking Yoga Holidays?

Aren't you just done living a busy life, with family and work commitments? Don't you feel like you've had enough and it's time for a break? If...