Steam Spray Gun

Household “Safeguard”-Portable USB Rechargeable Sprayer

Dinning Room Portable USB rechargeable sprayer is household "safeguard". Kitchens and dining rooms are now our "epidemic" base. We need to clean the table and kitchen countertops before...
auto air filter

What are the dangers of long-term exposure to second-hand smoke?

Secondhand smoke causes many health hazards, including increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and respiratory diseases in adults, exacerbating asthma in children, causing pneumonia, otitis media,...
Atomization Disinfection Fogger

How Serious Is Indoor Air Pollution

"Indoor" mainly refers to the living room. Indoor air pollution refers to indoor environmental pollution behaviors that cause harmful substances in indoor air to exceed the standard...
WiFi Fire Smoke Alarm

Smart Fire Alarm Sensor Wireless

Type No: E Size: 105*105*51mm Voltage: DC3V Alarm: sound-light Sensor: infrared photoelectric sensor Applicable area: 50m² Sensor time: 3 seconds Installing location: ceiling Battery life: 3...
Detector Fire Alarm

How to Escape from Fire?(2)

Not in danger, not greedy for property Keep your home safe from fires and other harm by installing a photoelectric smoke alarm detector. If you are in danger, you...

Rhinoplasty in India | Rhinoplasty Cost in India

Nose plays a key role in making your face attractive. Rhinoplasty in India, which is also called a nose job, enhances the facial harmony making your nose...

Roof Repair in Friendswood, TX: Ensuring Your Home’s Protection

Maintaining a sturdy roof is paramount for homeowners, especially in regions like Friendswood, TX, where weather patterns can be unpredictable and occasionally severe. When faced with roof...