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The Central Drug standard Control Organization doesn’t play around. As it mostly deals with “drugs” and when these are concerned, people’s lives are on the line, CDSCO takes stringent measures to thoroughly assess each brand.

In this article, we are going to look into some of things that you should be aware about getting CDSCO certificate; especially when it’s concerned with importing cosmetics.

CDSCO Certificate process isn’t an easy one

While the process of CDSCO certification has been made completely online, it hasn’t been made easy.

  1. One wrong detail can boot you out of the application process.
  2. One rejection can potentially kill your chances to again apply for the same license,
  3. And one lax in product registration guidelines by CDSCO can put you in a precarious position.

Which is why, you need to look beyond the application filing process for CDSCO registration. you need to understand that each and every stride requires the aid of a CDSCO consultant. It’s these experts that make sure that:

  1. Every detail you put it precise and as per the required guidelines.
  2. Every document attached is properly authenticated, authorized and signed beforehand.
  3. Every error is fixed in the application in case the CDSCO rejects it.

CDSCO Certificate isn’t only meant for oral drugs

One of the greatest misconceptions that many hold about CDSCO is that CDSCO import license is only meant for oral drugs. However, a short visit to the official website would completely remove those misconceptions. CDSCO certificate is meant for:

  1. Drugs
  2. Medical Devices of all kinds
  3. Cosmetics
  4. Biologics
  5. Clinical Trials
  6. Stem Cell and Cell-based products

One can say that CDSCO online registration applicable on the entire tools required by the health sector.

CDSCO Certificate consultants are not many

CDSCO certificate for importing the drugs or any of the products that are mentioned above requires you to get a help.

It’s often in the form of legal consultations that unfortunately, not many can give you in the current market. The CDSCO registration consultants provide not just simple registration services.

  1. They also conduct follow-up with the department in case there are some changes that should be made in CDSCO online application.
  2. They provide you the correct CDSCO applications forms as per your licensing needs.
  3. They also provide post registration services – using their expertise in the medical sector to provide you the details you’ve never asked for.

However, to get the full-range of above said services, you need to consult with experts who can provide you with the same.

Unfortunately, there are not many of them and those are active can’t be trusted. So, here are few tips to help you file the right service provider:

  1. Do some research yourself before asking for the details.
  2. Ask about the price. If the price is too high, ask them to justify it.
  3. Search and compare between multiple consultation providers.

It’s only through comparison, reliance on the right information and the capacity to observe even the minute details that you can find the right consultants.


The process of getting registration from Central Drug Standard Control Organization goes beyond filing a simple CDSCO form. The process is not only valid on oral drugs. And, those who can provide you true consultations services are few and to assess them, you have to know quite a bit about CDSCO yourself.

It’s not a task that you should take lightly and that’s why, it’s not easy. So, here is our offer – our CDSCO consultants are on standby; ask them anything.

So, if you are indeed looking for a CDSCO license to import cosmetic products in india, you might also be interested in our other services. All of them are concerned with business licenses of varying kinds.

All of them are niche registration services suited for the individuals who not only want to start a business, but want to become the next unicorn.

They include everything from CDSCO registration to BEE certification. WPC certification, VNO License and more. So, if you’re looking for more, open the door and let the consultants in to aid you.


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