Make Your Playground Safe For Children: Surfaces.

A vital part of every playground’s area layout is the selection of safe surfaces. Dozens of Safety Surfacing are available on the market, and you could lay these out under as well as around the playground.

Many factors influence the selection of play area safety-surfacing compound:

1. The short-term as well as long-term budgets

2. Annual servicing and upkeep

3. Age of the playground equipment’s consumers

4. Surface material accessibility

5. Variants in colour offered by type

6. Essential fall heights and use areas

7. Ideal environment appearance and also experience

Each playground facility has different surfacing alternatives, regardless of the style, texture, or design of your play area. But, it’s not like all surface components are similar. Certain materials, such as sand, coarse gravel, tarmac, cement, grass, or earth, must never be on a playground.

Always go for materials that offer suitable contact attenuation or impact absorption. This ensures the protection of children while they’re playing. So now you understand what not to place under the equipment. Let’s have a glance at which materials are most suited for play areas.

Note that you do need to select only one! Varying surface elements in a single play area is an excellent method to divide play zones. It also offers visual appeal and also gives distinct sensory experiences.

Here Are a Few Surfacing Materials That You Can Use to Make Your Playground Safer:

Engineered Wood Fiber

Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) is the most cost-effective surface material. Engineered wood fibre combines size-regulated softwood and hardwood. It isn’t toxic and also has no paint, chemical products, or additives. EWF has very little bark and is also free of twigs, leaf residue, and other organic substances. It is also known as play area bark.

This natural surfacing selection requires regular upkeep and frequent topping-off over its lifespan. Continuous maintenance aids in the preservation of the material depth. It helps in maintaining this choice in compliance with required criteria. It’s very fast as well as convenient to install. Provided they follow installation directions, voluntary labour could also install it. It also offers a cooler base in comparison to other loose-fill solutions.

Loose-Fill Rubber

Recycled rubber surface has the finest impact-absorbing qualities among all loose-fill alternatives. This is a rubber chunk flooring material composed of recycled tyre rubber, and this allows it to be an ecologically responsible solution. Recycled loose-fill rubber is commonly referred to as rubber mulch.

Compared to loose-fill wood, it might be more cost-effective in the long term. Since it does not decay, it requires less upkeep, top-offs and replacing. Another significant advantage? Due to the colour options offered, it is exceptional for loose-fill covering. It offers an aesthetically pleasing play area surface.

Rubber Tiles

Rubber tiles offer a smooth surface with excellent impact resistance. They also demand minimal upkeep and provide easy access. They are available in a variety of thicknesses, and this aids in satisfying essential fall heights.

The colour options let you combine colours to make interesting designs as well as patterns. Rubber tiles are more expensive. However, the option to replace individual broken pieces instead of the entire playground floor is a significant advantage.

PIP Rubber

PIP is one of the finest attenuating materials for accessibility and lifespan. It has two parts. This includes a cleaned, reused rubber bottom layer and the rubber granules on top.

These produce a 12″ strong wear layer. The upper surface comes in a variety of colours. You may combine and also blend these to create graphic elements, forms, and styles.

Synthetic Turf

Do you seek the appearance and feel of natural grass minus the burden of upkeep? You should definitely go for artificial turf. The turf is appropriate for ground areas. Turf normally comprises a top layer, the original turf fibre. This resembles grass, and the bottom is a cushioning layer.

The layout of playgrounds is gradually being rethought to make them friendlier and more accessible to kids of varying ages and skill levels and the adults who care for them. Not only is playing an enjoyable activity, but it is also however critical to the growth and progress of children. It is also essential for properly developing both the physique and the brain throughout childhood.

Because of this, we have sought the assistance of specialists in the field of developmental psychology to assist us in exploring new routes that make it possible for all kids to fully engage in a play collectively.


Our approach focuses on making play facilities and games available to kids of all capabilities, including those with bodily limitations. Additionally, it aids those who could have cognitive difficulties or physical disorders, as well as problems with their vision or hearing. We can provide additional information regarding the School Playground Equipment that would best suit your budget and play equipment.


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