Common features of a vape pen starter kit

Vape starter kit

Vape starter kits are boxes or bundles that contain a vape pen and all elements you need to start vaping. They have a good reputation for being compact, elegant, portable, and delivering large clouds of vapor.

Vape pen starter kits are cylindrical, which allows you to pick any type of e-liquid you want from the many options available (open system vape kit). They have a pen-like design which makes it easy to hold them in your hand for a long time.

Components of vape pen starter kit.

Vape pens are made up of three major accessories

  1. A rechargeable battery
  2. An atomizer/ coil
  3. Mouthpiece  

Common features of a vape pen starter kit.

If you are looking for a vape pen starter kit that will meet all your vaping needs, you need to consider several features/ qualities that usually come with vape pen starter kits.  These qualities include:

  1. Variable power/ wattage – vape pen starter kits usually feature button controls or smartphone applications that you can use to control the wattage/ power utilized by the heating coil. Setting the wattage so high will produce large vapor clouds that are at times harsh and less flavorful. Setting the wattage low can produce a more flavorful but less potent flavor.

Your ideal vape pen starter kit should have a good range of variable wattage power. Each vape has his/ her preference of vapor, thus the wider the variable wattage range the better the vape pen starter kit.

  1. Adjustable airflow – a good vape pen starter kit should feature an adjustable airflow system. This system allows for further control or customization of your inhales.
  2. The number of coils included in the kit – vape pen starter kits will require you to change their coils regularly. If not changed, they will start creating vapor with a “burnt” taste which can be harsh to your throat. 

The time that one coil lasts depends on the type of user. If you use your vape pen starter kit regularly/ heavily, the coil is likely to last for a shorter time.

Thus a vape pen starter kit should come with at least two coils.

  1. Battery capacity – most vape pen starter kits are portable devices. Therefore having one with a battery capacity that can last for all your daily vape experience is an added advantage. A battery with a capacity of over 2000 mAh is just perfect.

Some vape pen starter kits come with inbuilt batteries that are very user friendly for first-time users. Also, you can find a vape pen starter kit whose package includes a certain type of e-liquid. 

What is the price of a vape pen starter kit?

The cost of buying a vape pen starter kit greatly varies depending on the brand. The quality, specifications, and features in different vape pen starter kits usually vary, which contributes to the variation in price.

In most cases, the law,” you get what you pay for” applies that is a more expensive vape pen starter kit will give you better performance, durability, and convenience. However, some brands produce vape pen starter kits that are cheap and of high quality.

You can also get a high-quality vape pen starter kit that has all the features you need, at a low price. Some vape stores, both online and physical, offer good deals or huge discounts for their vape pen starter kits during specific periods.

How to find the best vape pen starter kit?

You can find so many vape pen starter kit with many similar features in the market. Thus, finding the best vape pen starter is tough. Also if you are a beginner, you may not fully understand to detail the offering of each vape pen starter kit.

Checking out reviews is the best way to identify the best vape pen starter kit. To do this you need to first visit a store and read the description of each vape pen starter kit. You should then shortlist those with your ideal features.

Most vape pen starter kits have their review online on social medial platforms. You can find either written or video reviews. 

You should check the verified reviews of each vape pen starter kit in your shortlist. The vape pen starter kit whose review impresses you the most could be your ideal one.


You should not just buy the most affordable vape pen starter kit you find especially if you are just starting your vaping journey. Do your research and find a vape pen starter kit that will give you value for money.


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