Crunchyroll Watch Party

Crunchyroll watch party have a completely new appearance that is geared for Twitch live streams as of today. Crunchyroll is the largest anime provider in the Americas, with programming available less than 24 hours after it is released in Japan. Crunchyroll, like YouTube, allows viewers to watch much of its content without requiring an account or membership, making it a fantastic choice for your watch party regardless of the size of your stream.

Watch Parties on Crunchyroll Have a New Look!

The latest  Crunchyroll party update improves Crunchyroll’s watch party experience to match that of Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+. The Crunchyroll video player, in particular, has extended to take up as much area as possible in the window.

In addition, the Crunchyroll website now has a dark style to better match the Twitch chat and stream during your watch parties.

Simply tune into a Twitch stream whenever they are conducting a  Crunchyroll watch party, or host your own by clicking the Crunchyroll party extension icon to get started with the new appearance.

About Crunchyroll party

Crunchyroll party created with the objective of making Netflix, anime, and movies more accessible to Twitch streamers and viewers while staying within the bounds of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Led by a diverse team, Crunchyroll party empowers growth by bringing content from Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Crunchyroll, and YouTube to Twitch live streams, enabling new ways to interact and form relationships from inside the Twitch community.

With your closest pals, binge the best anime on Crunchyroll or watch Netflix with your favorite Twitch streamer. Crunchyroll party is the only way to host live Twitch Netflix watch parties.

Watch Parties via Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll subscribers can still participate in watch parties. However, as the tsunami of watch parties continues to sweep the globe, it may become a reality in the future. This feature is available on all other streaming sites, and Crunchyroll is more than likely interested in following suit.

Do you believe Crunchyroll will offer a watch party option? When do you believe the announcement will make? Please feel free to participate in the debate in the section below.

Finally, here’s how to host a Crunchyroll viewing party.

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The next best thing to being at an official watch party

Crunchyroll does stream official parties online, which does not replace the ease of watch parties. In February, for example, we held our annual Anime Awards. This event chosen by Crunchyroll to televised.

The live stream was available on Crunchyroll’s homepage as well as the official Anime Awards website. The event also aired on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, including a live broadcast in Spanish.

Is it possible to host an official Crunchyroll viewing party?

Several streaming services, like Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, and others, have begun offering viewing parties. This has sparked speculation about when other streaming services may follow suit. Crunchyroll fans, of course, have the same question. 

So, is there a way to establish a Crunchyroll watch party? Unfortunately, at least for the time being, the platform does not provide this choice.


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