Choosing the custom-made draperies over the ready-made draperies is much more than just matching the fabric with the wall of your dining room or bedrooms. There are many advantages of choosing custom-made draperies over ready-made draperies.


  • Selection – Fabric indeed has a visual impact on your room, enhancing and complementing the décor. The custom-made draperies by grace in Pacific Palisades give you an option to choose a wide range of fabrics for your draperies. However, with ready-made draperies, the choices are restricted. Also, companies usually use prevalent fabrics to design draperies. In case you have any specific fabric in your mind, you will have to have words with a professional for custom-made draperies.


  • Tailor fit – Ready-made draperies may fall short. In short, it is very hard to find out the right fit. Drapery panels look great when they start from the ceiling and clear the floor by half an inch or less. Ready-made draperies come in two standard lengths, 84 inches and 96 inches. So, choices are limited. If you compromise and choose too short drapes, then it is a clear sign of store brought draperies. The custom-made draperies allow you to get the right fit draperies.


  • Heft – Ready-made companies often use the cheapest and thinnest cotton for the lining. The right lining is vital to hang the drapes nicely. With custom drapes, the designers make sure they use high-quality and thick cotton for the lining area.


  • Fullness – The perfect fit drapery is the one that has an ample width and length. The drapery must cover the wall or a specific portion of it. Likewise, drapes must perfectly cover the window when closed, even though you don’t prefer to close the window fully.


  • Details– An ideal custom drapes have three key elements: a lead fabric, an accent fabric, and trim. However, the ready-made draperies have two elements. When working with a professional interior designer for custom draperies, ensure the designer uses all three elements to make the draperies look elegant and durable. Interior designers will take care of small detailing and make your draperies appear great when installed.


  • Quality – The mass-produced draperies will never have designs nicer than custom draperies. Also, ready-made draperies have narrow and machine stitching. However, the custom drapes always have deeper hems at the sides and bottom of the drapes. In short, custom draperies are a better option.


Custom-made draperies enable you to get what exactly you want. When you approach the designer for the custom-made drapes, the company sends its consultants or interior designers to meet you with a wide range of fabric sample options, patterns, texture, and colors. Plus, they take proper measurements of the window to design the perfect fit draperies.




Undoubtedly, when you work with the professionals for custom-draperies for your window, the finished product will be made with special attention to detail. Hence, get in touch with a professional interior designer for the impeccable custom made draperies or custom indoor window shutters in Pacific Palisades.



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