The United Arab Emirates is the land where business concepts flourish, and startups, make a name for themselves. New-age business people – all looking for a home for their business in the Emirates. Although, you must have a legal commercial license in Dubai to begin your business or venture in the UAE, whether it is a mainland or a free zone. This also assigns your company under the legal regime of the commercial companies act of the United Arab Emirates. If you are interested and looking to get such a license then you need to communicate with the Start Any Business UAE professionals who will help you to obtain the same.

The professional business license and commercial business license are granted by the Department of Economic Development. The government of the UAE set a target to grow the nation into a major business center, so you would receive ample legal support and assistance from them. Hence, this blog differentiates the two licenses for you to understand the kind of business license you require to secure for your business.

What is a Commercial License in Dubai 

If you set a target to sell tangible products, you will have to obtain a commercial license in Dubai. The scope of activity can be anything from selling goods, general trading, real estate, electronic estate, and more. The overseas business people can have the legal ownership of 49% of overall stakes under a business license. The proprietorship of the rest 51% posses a UAE local sponsor or the local service agent. The stakeholders have limited funds and liabilities as they partner with a UAE citizen to build a Limited Liability Company.

Benefits of Getting a Commercial License in Dubai

The benefits you can receive by getting a commercial license are mentioned below –

  • Enjoy a tax-free atmosphere and free from capital repatriation
  • Renewal of business license without any audit report
  • Legal allowance to hold the ten various business activities under the similar business license
  • Trusted involvement with the Dubai Department of Economic Development
  • Opportunity to involve in different international business activities

The Process to Getting a Commercial License in Dubai 

The mainland companies require to apply for a business license with the Department of Economic Development. For a formation of a company in the free zone, the relevant free zone authority manages the process of business licensing. To apply for a commercial license in Dubai, choose the category of your business from the list given by the DED of Dubai or free zone authority. Legalize the business framework, which comprises the list of stakeholders and the jurisdiction under which you wish to conduct your business.

Finalize the name of your trade for your enterprise complying with the guidelines which are specified by the government. Wait for initial approval from the relevant authority. If all are presented documents are accurate, then you can receive your business license within 3 days in Dubai. If there are any problems or errors with the paperwork, the procedure may expand to some weeks. To establish the business license in one attempt, appoint the business setup professionals in Dubai.

Documents Required to Getting a Commercial License in Dubai 

The essential documents that you will have to prepared for obtaining a commercial license in Dubai are includes –

  • Application form
  • Passport copies of every stakeholder connected with your business legally
  • Business plan and activity description in detailed
  • Reference financial statements of minimum of two years
  • NOC letter from the partner
  • Letter of intent
  • Share capital details

What is a Professional License in Dubai 

To start a professional business in Dubai, you will have to obtain a professional license in Dubai. A professional license permits 100 percent business ownership for overseas business people, allowing them the benefits of a sole proprietorship. Although, this is essential to hire a UAE citizen who acts as a local service agent to fulfill the judicial formalities. The agent doesn’t need any direct engagement in the company, alongside charging a certain annual charge for the service provided. They would haven’t equity and are also not liable to make payment for the company’s liability. You have to request the DED to obtain a professional license as it manages all the functions related to the professional license.

Benefits of Getting a Professional License in Dubai 

The advantages you can get on a professional license in Dubai are –

  • 100% overseas business ownership
  • Business is authorized to apply for UAE visas for staff members, translation services, getting labor quotas, etc.
  • Best for professionals, MNCs, and SMEs because it helps them incorporate bank account opening.
  • Simple and protective business performance below the governance of the Department of Economic Development.
  • No extra taxes on your corporate and personal incomes
  • Renewal of the business license is simple and complete at a nominal expense.

The Process of Getting a Professional License in Dubai

To apply for a professional business license in Dubai, submit a detailed description of the conductions performed in your company. You will require a UAE local service agent or a UAE local partner who would assist you in obtaining the business license without posses any legal liability in your business venture. Receive the initial acceptance from the Department of Economic Development when you applied for the professional business license in Dubai.

You should also reserve an appropriate name of your company and then send all necessary paperwork to the Department of Economic Development for approval. The best business setup consultants in Dubai will assist you to secure such a business license by taking care of all the documentation process and relevant paperwork. They will complete this process as soon as possible without any delay.

Documents Required to Getting a Professional License in Dubai 

The documents required to obtaining a professional business license are given below –

  • Application to get a professional license
  • Passport copies of all the partners and the owner
  • Local partner’s naturalization book copies
  • NOC letter from the international partners if the expat is on a work visa already.
  • Primary approval by the competent official, based on the kind of business conduction to be operated.
  • EJARI registration, certificate of name registration, and rental agreement.

Establishing a legal business license in Dubai is easy than ever when you get in touch with the Start Any Business UAE consultants. Our team of skilled professionals has prolific domain experience and gives you round-the-clock service.




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