Difference between ego and self-esteem

Difference between ego and self-esteem

Many times we hear people saying that ‘he or she has an ego problem’, and many times we often hear people saying that ‘he or she could not perceive a work due to his or her low self-esteem’.

We always need to remember that there is a line between ego and self-esteem. Even the least self self-esteem can ruin your life. And, having an ego can put you in an emotional crisis.

Hence, there is a need to maintain both things in order to bring a confident approach to our daily routine.

For this, we need to understand the difference between ego and self-esteem.

  • Self-admiration

A person with a high ego will always think that he or she is better than others and whatever work he or she does is perfect and also thinks that he or she is perfect in every aspect. Hence, if he or she is not able to do work due to some of the flaws in the person then there are chances that the person may get depressed.

The person with accurate self-esteem will always be aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses. That means the person will not value himself or herself better than others or he or she will think that he or she is incapable of others. Due to the acceptance of the weaknesses in the person, he or she is able to find out the solution easily.

  • Thinking about yourself and others

A person with a high ego will always think about himself or herself. The person expects that all the eyes should be on him or her and he or she should be the center of attraction. If this does not happen or if the person gets ignored by the people then the person gets angry. The person always thinks about himself or herself and never thinks about the problems of others.

A person with accurate self-esteem will think about himself or herself but at the same time, he or she would also be concerned about the problems of others and also try to empathize with their problems. This is the reason that people like these are accepted by most people and people like this never get lonely.

  • Sticking to your own beliefs

The person with a high ego will always think that the things they believe are always correct and also never try to understand the thoughts of the other person. This feeling of high ego restricts a person from empathizing with others. Such a person will always fall into an argument with others and will never have good relationships with people.

A person with healthy self-esteem always has his or her own beliefs but he or she will also try to understand other people’s thoughts and empathize with their problems. These people have healthy relationships with other people.

  • Facing criticism

The people having an ego problem can never face criticism in a positive approach. As they always try to hide their weakness and portray themselves as another person. Every criticism they face they think is an attack on their virtual personality which they think of themselves.

The person with healthy self-esteem is aware of their weakness and has accepted them. Hence, if they face criticism, they always take it in a positive way and try to improve themselves. They never get defensive or offensive when they face criticism because they have already accepted their weaknesses.

  • Pursuing a work

The people with high ego will always pursue a work if and only if they find their profit in it. Such people never tend to help others and always think about their profit. The approach of working of the egoistic people is always dependent upon the profit which they get from the work.

People with healthy self-esteem will always think about the betterment of skills and their growth. The people with self-esteem will always work to gain experience,  excel in knowledge, personal growth and most importantly helping others as they understand the problems of others.

  • Aspects of inequality

The people with high ego always think that they are better than other people in the aspect of intelligence, beauty, etc. These people always think that they are above the whole world. These people also think that they are greater than others and always tend to disrespect others.

People with self-esteem always think that no one is above others and always think that each person has some strengths and weaknesses that make him or her different from others. Hence, such people never get depressed as they do not expect anything from others.

  • Sharing

The people with ego will always tend to have a problem in sharing their things or knowledge in the feeling that they are superior to others in an account of the knowledge they have and if they try to share their things or knowledge with others they will no longer remain better than others.

But the people with healthy self-esteem will never have a problem in sharing their things or knowledge with others as they treat and believe that every person is different and no one is better than anyone. They do not have a problem in sharing as they do not think that they are superior to others due to the things or knowledge they have.

  • Managing relationships

People with egos are very bad at managing relationships. They always care about the people which they need and always care about the people who will be profitable for them. They always expect that the other should take care of them.

People with self-esteem will always think about others and they are very good at managing relationships. As they value each and every person with whom they are in relation. Hence their relationships are healthier than others.


The above-mentioned points are the differences between the ego and self-esteem in different situations. The psychologist gold coast mentioned that no human being is perfect but in order to be perfect it is very important to learn and adopt new things, which you will be only able to do if you have healthy self-esteem, not a high ego.


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