Discover Distance & Online MBA as a Better Choice for Higher Studies
Discover Distance & Online MBA as a Better Choice for Higher Studies

In a world full of regular learning and superstitious candidates who believe in seeking knowledge through regular classes only, there are some top universities that even provide distance & online education programs with even much better or I would say the high quality of education to all its aspirants and break all the superstitious barrier of only one way of education. 

Earlier there were two official ways of seeking education i.e. Regular programs and Distance & Online education, and if we talk about gaining knowledge then there are infinite ways. NMIMS is known as one of the top universities to offer management programs, which has its headquarters in Mumbai and another regional center in 9 states. This university has earned this top position by working on the needs of candidates and the modern era or I would say by an understanding of exactly the requirements of21st century people.

 Now that the time is of New Normal! They actually need a new and latest technology-based learning experience and NMIMS has played its card so well to be 1st on this run. Talking about the programs offered by NMIMS distance & online education then we all know that the university is known all over the globe known for its Distance & Online MBA/PGDM programs. 

Earlier the university was offering a PGDM program on distance & online mode but with the latest amendments and guidelines by UGC that a university can either go for MBA or PGDM program only and not both. So NMIMS University is now going to offer an MBA program be it regular or a Distance & online mode of education. From now onwards all in the name of a postgraduate management degree, it will offer an MBA degree program which is a 2-year postgraduate degree consisting of four semesters of six months each. 

Distance & online MBA program covers its complete syllabus in those 2-years of the time span that is designed in a way from basics to advanced level including projects, assignments, practical, industry expert lectures, guest lectures, workshops and many more other required working areas for distance & online MBA seeking candidates. 

Why distance & Online MBA?

People do ask why an MBA degree is one of the best degrees and why most of the students opt for this program when it comes to talk about higher education. We see students from the background of technical education such as BCA, Btech mostly choose distance & online MBA as their higher degree and also the students of other courses such as BA, BCOM, BSC, BBA, etc. do distance & online MBA programs.

So the question arises why most of them choose distance & online MBA as their higher studies, so the answer is that it works on both your management as well as business skills which is one of the most asked factors in the job market. Also there are a lot of higher and well known positions in MNCs and industries for the candidates that have done MBA program as its higher studies. 

discover distance or online mba courses

Also, we have many job types and openings for the candidates who have done distance & online MBA, so one will surely have more job options. Here you can have a look at job opportunities by doing an MBA degree in distance & online mode. 

  • Account Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Management Consultant

The gist of detailed information of the program distance & online MBA from NMIMS

Initially, let us know the meaning of distance & online MBA, so it is a master’s degree in business administration and is a 2-year postgraduate degree for the aspirants who wished to make their career in finances, accounting, management, or to start their own business. It is a curriculum that inculcates the understanding of business skills as well as management skills.

Distance & online MBA allows one to take classes anytime and at any time so it’s very favorable and accommodating at the same time for working professionals. This inculcates extra experience and expertise in one’s career as well as personal path. It is a UGC-AICTE authorized program so it is a legitimate degree, and the distance education program is approved by Distance Education Bureau (DEB) which displays.

Have a look at the subjects to be studied during the complete MBA program from distance & online mode. 

Semester 1

  • Principle and Practice of   Management
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Management Economics
  • Business Law
  • Management Accounting

Semester 2

  • Production/Operation Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Information System

Semester 3

  • Specialization 1
  • Specialization 2
  • Specialization 3
  • Elective 1
  • Elective 2
  • Elective 3

Semester 4

  • Specialization 4
  • Specialization 5
  • Project 
  • Elective 4
  • Elective 5
  • Elective 6

Distance & online MBA also has various specializations in which one can opt for the one they are most interested in. NMIMS also offers specialized MBA programs to its aspirants. Here you have the list of specialized MBA programs for your reference. 

  • MBA In Finance Management
  • MBA In Accounting Management
  • MBA In Sales and Marketing Management
  • MBA In Human Resource Management
  • MBA In International Business Management
  • MBA In IT and system Management
  • MBA In Retail Management Management
  • MBA In Operations Management
  • MBA In Import & Export Management
  • MBA In Healthcare and Hospital Management
  • MBA In general Management Management
  • MBA In Logistics and Supply Chain Management Management
  • MBA In Corporate Management Management
  • MBA In Agriculture Business Management Management

But before applying for any course one will have to be eligible for the same. So here we have eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

MBA online/distance courses, you need to fulfill certain eligibility requirements. whereas there is no entrance examination for the courses that are on distance & online mode of education.

However, the procedure for admission to this course varies depending on the organization or college. In the 2-year online MBA distance learning course, we have noted some general eligibility criteria. Have a look at the following points

You should have graduated from a recognized college with a Bachelor’s degree. It is more desired if you have some career experience to do the program with experience in hand. 

Benefits of distance & Online MBA

Affordable fee structure

One of the most important advantages of the Distance MBA that it is a program under an affordable fee structure. Since the fees for a regular MBA course are between 4-15 lakhs, while the fees for an MBA distance course are between Rs 50,000 and Rs 2 lakhs. So yes it is affordable as well as the beneficiary. 

Time Flexibility

Distance & online MBA is entirely different in which you can take classes anytime and anywhere with this program, it can allow you to render successful time management in your everyday lifestyle. As you have enough time for other activities, this course helps to preserve time versatility.

Revised Curriculum

The Distance MBA program is a management course that consists of the recently revised curriculum with the current technological reform as its distance program, including subjects and syllabus that are specific to the practical industry.

Recognized degree

Distance & online MBA degree is UGC-DEB approved so it is a valid program and has its value in the job market for all the aspirants who has done or wants to do MBA program. 

With this complete details blog, we tried to summarize the program of distance & online MBA and why it is a better choice when it’s come to talk about higher studies.


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