Discover the DIY Restaurant Hood Repair Tips

Restaurant hood repair West Palm Beach

Your exhaust hood system is a significant part of your restaurant, which needs to be working all the time. In order to ensure it works properly with no interruption, it must be serviced and repaired regularly. Without this, you increase the risk of costly repair and replacements. Also, you increase downtime for your eatery, which can be even more costly in the end.

The hood is a key component of the entire ventilation system that removes grease, smoke, gases, oil, heat, moisture, and kitchen odors out of the restaurant. It maintains the kitchen area’s air quality and keeps the environment pleasant to work for your staff and customers visiting your restaurant.

A hood system is an important piece of equipment. So, it must be maintained. But the point is how to get done restaurant hood repair in West Palm Beach

Here are signs your hood needs repair:-

  • Noisy motor– If the exhaust fan motor makes annoying noise while running, it may have some blower wheel housing issues. If it is not fixed immediately, the motor bearings and other parts can wear out. In that case, you may have to replace the motor. 
  • Bulb failure– Most hood systems nowadays are equipped with a light bulb to provide lighting while cooking at the range. If you notice the bulb failed to provide proper lighting, it is time to repair the hood.
  • Excessive smoke in the kitchen area– The restaurant hood keeps the smoke out of the kitchen area. If you find excessive smoke in your kitchen, it directly means that your exhaust system is not working properly. Maybe, exhaust fan has been failed, or the grease filter is clogged with excessive grease.
  • Lingering odors– Exhaust hood immediately removes kitchen odors and makes the kitchen environment pleasant to work in. However, if you find kitchen odors lingering in the kitchen area, the exhaust fan is not working properly.

If you find any of these signs, your restaurant hood needs repair and maintenance immediately. If you are willing to repair your hood system, then keep on reading to learn about do it yourself tips to repair the hood system.

Tips to repair the restaurant hood

Check the power source – Often, when the kitchen range hood does not turn on, maybe there is some issue with the power source. The first thing you have to do is check the circuit breaker and ensure it is not tripped. If the hood system has a fuse, change it. Also, make sure the range is plugged into the power outlet properly. You can use a multi-meter to check the power outlet is getting power. Likewise, use a multi-meter to make sure the exhaust fan motor. If the multi-meter does not get a reading, you will need to replace the fan motor.

Clean the vent hood filter– If your hood system is not removing smoke, moisture, heat, fumes, steam out of the kitchen, it is time to conduct a thorough cleaning of your hood filter. Also, check the duct with a flashlight to ensure it is not blocked with the grease. If it has grease buildup, remove the filter and clean it in hot water. You should also check the fan motor and blades to ensure these are not bogged down by grease buildup.

Replace the light bulbs– If the light bulb does not turn on, replace it quickly. But before you should check the light switch with your multi-meter to make sure it is functioning properly. Sometimes, there is an issue with the control board. In that case, you may need to call a professional for repair.

Ensure the fan blades are balanced– If the fan blades are balanced, the exhaust fan can cause excessive vibration. And when it happens, the entire rooftop starts to shake, causing screws and bolts to loosen. All this reduces the efficiency of the exhaust fan. Regularly check the exhaust for excessive vibration and also make sure the blades are cleaned on both sides. Even a small amount of grease can cause blade imbalance.  

Keep the exhaust fan motor lubricated– To ensure your exhaust fan motor works smoothly, you should keep the fan bearings, motor, and fan shaft well-lubricated.


These are DIY repair tips for the exhaust hood system. However, many people don’t have time to repair the hood system. In such cases, getting professional hood repair services seems the best alternative. Professionals having broad experience in repairing the hood system are the people to choose to get done repairing and wood oven exhaust cleaning.


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