DIY Home Projects – Window Blinds and Window Treatments

DIY Home Projects – Window Blinds and Window Treatments
DIY Home Projects – Window Blinds and Window Treatments

DIY Home Projects – Window Blinds and Window Treatments

Window blinds and window treatments have been a staple item in every household for decades.  There are dozens of choices to pick from when you are considering how to dress your windows, but one of the best choices is to choose window blinds.  While you may be wondering why you shouldn’t choose one of the other kinds of window treatments the answer is simple, blinds tend to hold their value a lot more effectively than any other window dressing you can have.  No matter what kind of blinds you have they will regulate the light into your home, provided added insulation, and can be altered to any style and décor you can imagine. BRAVECTO COUPONS FOR CATS MEDICINE

Once you have chosen window blinds for your home you may not know which step to take next.  Before you go out shopping you should consider what kind of blinds would suit your home the best.  The two main choices are between wood and vinyl.  This is not as easy of a choice as it might seem, there are many advantages and disadvantages to both.

window-blinds-and-window-treatment sMany homeowners prefer wood blinds simply because it has a more natural and warm feeling to it when it’s in your home.  It feels more comfortable and welcoming to a lot of people and for these people wood will be their best choice.  In addition to this wood window blinds can easily be matched to any décor because they all have a natural color.  Even if you cannot find a color that matches your preferences they can be stained or painted to any color you wish.  The drawback to wood blinds is that they need to be regularly maintained and treated with care or they can warp or discolor.  Because of this they tend to be a more expensive options for window treatments than other choices.

Vinyl blinds can be found in very high quality and should be considered by anyone looking for window treatments.  When you go shopping for vinyl blinds you should ask a lot of questions to be sure that you are not buying bottom of the barrel products.  In general, low quality vinyl blinds will be very pliable and bend easily; higher quality blinds will not be as flexible.  One of their biggest assets is that vinyl will not warp or peel after sun exposure and need very little maintenance.  One of the bigger drawbacks of vinyl blinds is that your choice in color can be rather limited.  Most often the only color available will be white and there may not be much else to choose from. How to Crack SSC CHSL Exam 2021 in First Attempt?

The final decision for what window blinds to choose has to come down to what you think would look best in your home.  You can weigh the pros and cons all day, but ultimately you need to decide what fits your style the best.  If you don’t want to worrying about maintaining your blinds then vinyl might be best, if you want a natural look then wood is definitely right for you.  Do a little research and ask some questions and you’ll have the best window treatments possible.

DIY Window Treatments

Designing a home is a lot of work and there are a multitude of things to think about and consider. In this mountain of work it is not uncommon for a lot of people to forget thinking about the window treatments. By keeping a few things in mind regarding your windows and home design then you can avoid some common problems and save yourself some money fixing those problems.

One of the most common problems that people have with their windows is they fail to leave enough space for decorative window casings like shutters or wooden blinds. There should always be at least 2 and a half inches of space. If you are using a double or triple window within one window opening then you might want to place a trim strip vertically between each window. Don’t forget to include the size of this strip when you are measuring the window for depth. If you are designing a space for a sliding glass door, it is very common to forget that the handle needs to be measured for too. The depth of the opening should be deep enough that the handle does not protrude beyond it. Normally this will be about 4 inches of extra depth.

When you are designing your window treatments keep in mind that there are several different styles to choose from. You can choose circular, arched, angled, or eyebrow arched. All of them would be beautiful choices for you home though some of the styles, like arched, might be very restricting design wise.

If you are dealing with French doors for your home then you need to remember that the doors most often swing into your home. This could cause some trouble if you pick a valance that will be in the way when the doors try to open. One way to avoid this is to use a valance that is mounted to the door, or change the direction that the doors will open. Also, when you are thinking of blinds or shades for the window don’t forget that you will need to account for the handles and locks. DIY Home Projects – Window Blinds and Window Treatments

Another thing that is often overlooked with window treatments is the actual placement of the window. If there is a baseboard that borders the opening of the window this will be an obstacle when trying to get the perfect window treatment. Especially if you want to use drapes, this can be a restriction. The drapes may not be able to be pulled back in a pleasing manner or the edge of the window may protrude past the drapes. Try to make sure you have the same amount of even space on all sides of the window to lessen any problems.

When placing the window itself you need to leave some space between the top of the window frame and the ceiling in order to place brackets. At least 2 inches is required to make sure that your brackets will place easily. If installing a wood header then make sure it extends all the way to the ceiling and that any heavy window treatment is mounted to the wood. If you are using sheetrock as a header then molly or toggle bolts will provide the best mounting surface for any window treatment.



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