Does Vitamin D Deficiency Cause ED?

Vitamin D Deficiency

Some heart patients and other males with lifestyle diseases were found to have low vitamin D. Since heart diseases cause erection issues, medical experts were of the view that perhaps vitamin D deficiency is also behind erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction happens when males find it difficult to get an erection on arousal. Even if some erection takes place it is not sufficient to last to allow a male to complete intimate sessions.  Vitamin D is an important vitamin that participates in 300 metabolic functions in the body. There are other factors behind erection difficulties, and deficiency in sunlight vitamin can also be one of them. It has been proved by medical experts.

Vitamin D behind erection process

Some males have non obstructive coronary disease that restricts the blood flow towards the heart and from the heart. The problem is not due to any blockage in blood vessels due to cholesterol blockage, but there is contraction in blood vessels which causes the blood to stop or get reduced.  Doctors suggest that vitamin D may improve the endothelial function.  They believe that with sunlight vitamin, they can facilitate the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels and facilitates the blood flow by creating additional space in blood vessels.  Generic Cialis 60 mg also stimulates the nitric oxide by suppressing enzyme that contracts the blood vessels.  With relaxation the blood vessels are dilated, thus blood flow gets more space to move smoothly.

Role of vitamin D in insulin sensitivity

It is medically proven that diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction. Constant diabetic conditions damage the blood vessels. The damaged blood vessels cannot supply the needed blood flow to the male organ, thus leading to erection difficulties. It is also proved beyond doubt that diabetics are more likely to get erection issues later in life than the non diabetic males.

Now doctors have found that when sunlight vitamin was given to diabetic makes as supplement, they showed improved insulin sensitivity and decreased response of insulin to glucose.  The males on supplementation showed improvement in insulin secretion.

Thus, it was mentioned that either through sunlight exposure or supplementation, the sunlight vitamin could improve insulin secretion, check the damage caused by diabetes to blood vessels and improve erection.

Lowering blood pressure in seniors

Like diabetes, hypertension is another lifestyle disease behind erection difficulties in males. Constant high blood pressure is a threat to blood vessels and any weakness in blood vessels due to high pressure results in reduced blood flow towards the male organ, thus leading to erection issues in males.

Seniors who were given sun exposure for 6 weeks showed improvement in intake of vitamin intake and reduced blood pressure levels. Thus by reducing blood pressure, sunlight vitamin can prevent erection issues from rising its ugly head.

Thus, it has been revealed by studies that some lifestyle diseases have links with low vitamin D levels. These lifestyle diseases also cause erection problems in males. There are other problems behind erection issues in males such as mental and neurology issues, but lifestyle issues are gaining upper hand due to sedentary lifestyle, intake of junk food and lack of exercises. And in all these cases, vitamin D through natural ways of sun exposure or supplements, improved the condition and reduced the intensity of the erection degree.

Beware of supplements to boost sunlight vitamin

Vitamin D supplements are absorbed by the body using magnesium. The lower levels of magnesium reduce relaxation in blood vessels, which is essential for erection. Magnesium relaxes blood vessels who facilitate blood flow in the male organ. Magnesium deficiency could cause higher blood pressure levels and faster heart rates. A male facing issue of chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety or headaches should consult medical doctors, as these could be signs of magnesium deficiency. The generic Viagra 150 mg can overcome severe erection issues by sidestepping the problem, but permanent cure comes from diagnosis and treatment plan. In this case, it could be to increase vitamin D intake.


It has been proved in clinical studies that deficiency of vitamin D can cause some medical issues and these issues in turn are linked with erectile dysfunction. Yes, deficiency can lead to erection problems in males with lifestyle issues. But further research is needed to ensure that sunlight vitamin can be an effective alternative to medicines for boosting erection.


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