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The AUTODOME IP family of mobile CCTV cameras can locate a person (on the move) quickly and accurately. It can do so, even at a distance, allowing users to track people of interest as they move; regardless of speed, and much more. Observe beyond the field of view of a fixed camera.

These CCTV cameras provide the level of zoom necessary to identify objects or people at great distances.

Video security functions can be predictive if an adequate interpretation of the video data is made, this results in new and better benefits that add value to companies, beyond the simple feeling of security.

Thanks to the factory-integrated video analytics in all AUTODOME IP CCTV cameras, they have the ability to generate relevant data for different types of uses, for example to enforce traffic regulations, since they detect vehicles that are traveling in the wrong direction, or for the management of smart and efficient parking lots, since they provide occupancy data (number of vehicles entering or leaving a parking lot).

With the most complete portfolio of PTZ CCTV cameras in the AUTODOME IP line, video security has evolved to offer more than just images. They also offer very useful information to help you react before security events occur.

Essential Video Analytics

The 5100i series AUTODOME IP CCTV cameras offer Essential Video Analytics as standard, this allows the cameras to understand what they are seeing and immediately warn of any potential threats; They also do an agile collection of evidence, from hours of stored video.

When they are in a static position, they can provide relevant and usable statistics, such as the number of people entering a certain area, analyze behavior or help enforce health and safety regulations, by sending alerts, for example, of blockages of an emergency exit.

It is necessary to bear in mind that the BOSCH video analytics and the metadata generated by them are compatible and fully integrable with the most recognized VMS systems on the market.

AUTO DOME IP CCTV Camera starlight 5100i


The most recent launch of the Starlight Line in the AUTODOME CCTV camera range is the new AUTODOME IP starlight 5100i.

This CCTV camera is introduced to the market to meet the increasingly high and demanding image quality requirements for outdoor use cases.

For this reason it is equipped with a 1 / 1.8 ”sensor that offers a resolution of 4MP, 20x optical zoom and 133dB in HDR.

Additionally, the camera now features motion-optimized dynamic range compensation technology, known as HDR X, which can generate even better dynamic range than traditional HDR, as it can detail moving objects in challenging lighting scenes. and displays them without blurriness or visual effects.

This is ideal for a PTZ CCTV camera. The low light performance offered by this camera is excellent thanks to starlight technology (color images up to 0.010lx).


IP starlight 5100i IP starlight 5100i IR
For outdoor For outdoor
1 / 1.8” CMOS camera sensor 1 / 1.8” CMOS camera sensor
4 MP resolution 4 MP resolution
133 dB (HDR X) 133 dB (HDR X)
starlight (Color: 0,0107 lux. Mono: 0,0016 lux) starlight (Color: 0,0107 lux. Mono: 0,0016 lux)
20x optical zoom 30x optical zoom
IP66 and IK10 IP66 and IK10
  320m IR illumination / 60m white light
  Wiper and rain sensor

This new series is complemented by the version equipped with infrared illumination and white light.

The AUTODOME IP starlight 5100i IR offers relevant images in complete darkness with long distance detection of up to 320m (with IR light), 60m (with white light) and 30x zoom capability.

Non-infrared camera models use a coated bubble, which has been further improved to increase performance over the predecessor generation.

The camera is designed, and more than prepared, for arduous work in outdoor environments, since it includes an automatic windshield wiper with rain sensor to maintain clear images in wet conditions, and it is heated, for this reason it has an IP66 rating and resistance to weathering. vandalism with IK10 housing.

All AUTODOME IP CCTV cameras offer intelligent dynamic noise reduction and intelligent streaming, combined with H.265 video compression.

Depending on the content of the scene, this mix of technologies reduces the bit rate by up to 80%, which keeps video data manageable and substantially reduces network strain and storage requirements without compromising the quality of the video. video.

Facing the cybersecurity challenge

The entire AUTODOME IP portfolio of mobile cameras offers improved levels of security, since they integrate a built-in crypto processor type TPM (Trusted Platform Module) that ensures operation under the most demanding information security standards.

Special measures are required to ensure the highest level of security for access to devices and for data transport. In the initial setup, the camera can only be accessed through secure channels, it is necessary to set a service level password to access the camera functions.

Access to the web browser and viewing client can be protected using HTTPS or other secure protocols that support the leading-edge TLS 1.2 protocol, with updated cipher suites including AES encryption, with 256-bit keys.

No software can be installed on the camera and only authenticated firmware can be uploaded. A three-level password protection, with security recommendations, allows you to customize access to devices.

Network and device access can be protected using 802.1x network authentication with the EAP / TLS protocol.

Protection against malicious attacks is fully ensured by the logon firewall, Trusted Platform Module (TPM), and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) support.

Advanced certificate manipulation offers the following:

  • Ability to automatically create unique and self-signed certificates whenever needed
  • Client and server certificates for authentication tasks
  • Client certificates to verify authenticity
  • Certificates with encrypted private keys

Better understanding HDR-X technology

High Dynamic Range HDR X is a new technology that combines unique sensor functionality and advanced algorithms.

It is a great step forward in capturing high-quality video of moving objects in scenes with high complexity in their chromatic conformation.

It also enables HDR images at lower light levels where traditional HDR technologies are not functional.

This is possible because the optimized HDR X – Motion mode takes two different readings of an exposure to capture details in both the highlights and shadows of the scene, rather than combining multiple exposures, as standard HDR technologies do.

Combining multiple exposures reduces sharpness and creates unwanted image effects on moving subjects. HDR-X solves these problems by delivering a sharp image with improved dynamic range.

In case an even higher dynamic range is required, HDR X – Optimized DR or HDR X – Extreme DR will boost performance to an absolute maximum by adding another quick exposure. This combines the benefits of HDR X – Motion optimized and traditional HDR.

Enhanced lighting, infrared, and white light capabilities

The camera has built-in illuminators, one long-lasting infrared (IR) and one LED, for white light.

The illuminator allows objects to be viewed even in total darkness, ensuring high-quality images regardless of lighting conditions. It also allows the detection of objects at a maximum distance of 320 m (1049 ft) with infrared (850nm) and 60 m (196 ft) with white light.

The following table identifies the application for each type of LED:

App type of illuminator
Short range illumination 850nm Wide Beam IR LEDs
Long range illumination 850nm narrow beam IR LEDs
Identification and deterrence White light LED, 60 m

As ambient light diminishes in the scene, the camera switches to monochrome mode and automatically activates the infrared LEDs on the illuminator.

Infrared AUTO mode can dynamically direct the infrared beam to match the coverage and intensity of illumination with the camera’s field of view.

The intensity of the beam is controlled automatically or manually, depending on the user’s preferences. Decreasing the intensity reduces overexposure.

For short range lighting, the wide-angle infrared LED will be strengthened to cover the whole scene

As the zoom ratio of the camera lens increases, the narrow angle of the IR LED intensity will increase.

The camera has a focus mode to allow the infrared illuminator to illuminate the center of the camera’s field of view.

The white light mode allows operators to capture detailed images of the scene in color.

Operators can turn the white light LEDs on and off as needed, especially for use as a deterrent effect.

They also have the option of setting the automatic white light mode timeout. After this mode times out, the illuminator will operate in IR mode.

Operators can disable the white light function permanently or by sectors to avoid activation in situations where white light could create danger, for example by distracting a driver on a highway.

Secure your work during the consulting and specification stages

Definition of the coverage range of the AUTODOME IP starlight 5100i IR

Definition according to the EN-62676-4 standard based on the distance to the object of interest that the camera monitors.

DORI indicates Detection, Observation, Recognition or Identification parameters based on a resulting usable image measured in pixels / meter.

Network protocols:

IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, RTP/RTCP, IGMP V2/V3, ICMP, ICMPv6, RTSP, FTP, ARP, DHCP, APIPA (Auto-IP, link local Address), NTP (SNTP), SNMP (V1, V3, MIB-II), 802.1x, DNS, DNSv6, DDNS (,,, SMTP, iSCSI, UPnP (SSDP), Diff Serv (QoS), LLDP, SOAP, Dropbox™, CHAP, Digest Authentication.

Encryption protocols



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