Moving Day

Are you looking for any moving day tips to make it an easier and smoother process for you? Well, you have reached the right place. Not only will you get good moving day tips at this blog, but also the common mistakes that you must avoid.

Packing and moving the entire household goods is not an easy task. This is a tiresome process that requires lots of energy and also means to pack and transport the belongings.

Also, it required professionals help in packing and moving the goods. Without the professional’s assistance, you won’t be able to transport your goods in good and damage-free condition.

But, even though you hire professional packers and movers service at best packers and movers charges and rates, the household move requires your involvement as well. Movers will do their part, and you will be responsible for yours. So, here is the list of the things that you are supposed to do before the moving day and on the moving day to have a safe and smooth relocation experience.

Things to do on the moving day

Quick run-through

Check all the closets or cupboards, cabinets, drawers,and outlets one last time before moving out of the house. This will ensure you are not leaving anything behind. If you find anything then pack it in an empty box that you have kept especially for this occasion.

Carry an essential bag

Not only after reaching your new house, but you will require so many things during traveling to your new house. So, it’s good to carry an essential bag with you. This bag should carry all the essentials like toiletries, towels, clothes, medicines, water bottles, snacks, etc. Carry the bag with you while traveling and not with your other belongings that will be transported by the mover.

Make sure the boxes are labeled

Before the movers will load the goods onto the vehicle or truck, ensure all the boxes are labeled properly. If not then try to label them before loading or else you will face problems while loading, unloading, and even while unpacking the boxes. You cannot match the boxes with your inventory list at the time of loading and unloading. So, check once carefully and make sure all the boxes are properly labeled.

Check meter

If you stay in a rented property then take a quick picture of the meter before moving out so that you will not end up paying the next tenant’s electricity or water bill.

Take the keys of the new house

Often we forget the small things in a hurry. So, try not to forget the keys of your new house and keep it in a good place.

Mistakes to avoid

Here are the common mistakes that people do on the moving day. If you want to have a safer and smoother moving experience then avoid the following mistakes:-

Leaving packing for the last-minute

There are a few things that you will be using till the last day of the move. Packing them is completely fine but, do not leave serious packing for the last day of the move.

Staying up too late at night

Moving day is itself a stressful day, getting better sleep the night before the move will make you better-equipped to handle it.

Being rude to your mover

You may be tensed or worried about the move, but your movers are equally putting the effort for your move just like you. Let them do their work properly and calmly, you should not be too rude on your mover. Instead, offer them water and snacks. Speak to them respectfully, and most importantly remember that they are also human beings who are helping you in a big movement of your life.

Pre-moving day checklist

Remind your mover

Call your mover to remind them of the date of the move and confirm the booking. Because you would have booked your movers one or two months before the move. So, it is important to remind them about your booking date.

Pack an essential bag

The bag that will help you to survive the first night or a few days in your house without opening the boxes should be pack one day before the moving day so that you can take it along with you on a moving day.

Packing and labeling boxes

Check all the packed boxes, if anything was missed to label then label them immediately. Also, pack the rest of the goods that will be moved.

Doing the important things and avoid doing common mistakes will lead to a successful relocation. This means you will have a safe and smooth moving experience without any damages.

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