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Every day on social media, we connect from millions of people to billions of ideas. At this scale, small problems turn into large challenges—but we get inspired knowing that each line of code is not just code, but also a building block that helps people discover, save and do things they love.

Over the past year, marketers are connected with audiences on Pinterest through beautiful and innovative creations that drove amazing results by providing people inspiring and useful ideas, from simple ways to make dinner easier to a campaign that encouraged people to think differently about women in the workplace.

Pinterest is all about visuals

Yes, it may seem a bit counter-intuitive to provide great images when you want people to read. Great visuals, though, are the way to entice Pinners to click through your blog post.

Your marketing calendar should incorporate daily Pins. (By the way, Pins are posts in Pinterest-speak.) And you should be posting at optimal times. That way, you will reach your audience when they’re online and using the platform.

This will differ from brand to brand on social media, so track your Pinterest stats to know what days and times are best for your brand to publish content. Then, use a Pinterest scheduler so your Pins are published at those peak times to reach peak engagement.

Pinterest has 200 million fresh monthly users, performing 2 BILLION researches per month. That level of a project makes Pinterest an exploration engine in its own title. Google needs to give people the search outcomes they want from a Google search.

So, you are inclined to see Pinterest boards and Pins appear high up in Google search ends. This means that your Pinterest efforts will spread your content far beyond the platform itself.

People’s Pinterest Problem

Obviously, not everyone has enough leisure to open the Pinterest tab, again and again, to post and organize and, here we have a certain “No” for heavier and commercial use. Well, it is no more trouble, Social Champ allows you to schedule your all social media posts in the easiest way with a number of unique and efficient features.

One of the effective social media, Pinterest also needs management and organization throughout the timeline for a better result and to catch a higher number of viewers or audiences. Using the Coschedule social media scheduling tool can also be helpful to arrange your pins and posts on your timeline easily without any mess.

Well managing the scheduling and organizing is really a big thing to do in a busy routine. You can check out the Coschedule alternatives according to your workflow.

But more than this, we would like to share a guide with you to organize your Pinterest to make it more attractive not just for everyone out there but concerned people and helps to create an effective result. Pinterest boards are probably a scattered mess of recipes, ideas, crafts to do, blog posts you love, etc. But, how an organized Pinterest account can make all the difference in your following and traffic!

Pinterest is only as good as the way it’s arranged. If anyone goes to a Pinterest account and feels inundated and overwhelmed with thousands of pins on ten or twenty boards, would quickly click off.

Make it Simple for People to Pin Your Blog Posts with Quality Visuals

It’s always nice when your fans do some of your marketing for you! And people are likely already pinning your content. What people might notice though is that they are not thrilled with the images you have chosen. Maybe they are too short (they should be at least 600x900px) or there is no description.

You can fix a lot of that by doing a few simple things. Because most bloggers prefer the look of a landscape-style image layout on their blog posts, it is easy to skip the nice tall Pinterest-welcoming images. “Don’t! It is absolutely worth it to go back to any blog post that is still relevant and give it a ‘Pinnable’ image.”


a necessary thing to do, Pinterest is all about good images or info-graphic that appeals to people from scratch to read your blog. A good and proper thing in its setting can generate a rich outcome and reach on the blog. Don’t pin anything that does not have at least somewhat a persuasive image.

Instead, create a quick graphic on any designing app or graphics editors like “PicMonkey” and “Canva” before you pin it if you have an online resource you love that does not have a pin-worthy image. Here is a complete, about it

  • 600×900 pixels or longer of professional quality
  • Should be easy to read (even on mobile)
  • Featuring a text overlay that gives Pinners an idea of what the source article will give them
  • Lifestyle images – allowing the person to see themselves in your Pin
  • Generally warm in tone, moderately bright, and do not feature faces.
  • Write a description and pick aboard.
  • Open up Pinterest and hit the + button next to your avatar, click ‘UPLOAD’ a pin and choose the image.
  • Subtly branded with a small logo or website URL. Once the pin is uploaded, you can edit it (with the little pencil) and paste the source URL of the post you want to feature.

Even if it isn’t your content, you want people to be drawn to your Pinterest boards. The more beautiful they are, the more likely they are to follow you on social media and ultimately pin your content.

Keep Your Board Updated, As Per the Topic

Greater content, powerful the result. It requires some policy on your (the board developers) part to add value to your blog. Pinterest produces a style for you to develop your authority on different topics. Create boards around your blog topics. Because people can surely get drawn into the visual land of pinning, it is simple to forget that it’s still designed for influence, resource, and benefit.

As we already have established that you should NOT make a board called ‘MY BLOG POSTS’ because that is simply a repeat of your blog navigation. Instead, write down words that encapsulate your blog topics. Look at your categories and tags, and then begin creating boards based on those topics.

Here we have some suggestions for the board as per topic:

  • Vacation destinations (If you go to Disney a lot, create a board that can have Disney tips as well as your behind-the-scenes trip reports from your blog)
  • TV Shows (Are you on a show and write about it? Create a board called The Bachelor and add your recaps, plus all the news you find on the web that is related).
  • Animals (If you write about your dog’s antics, create a board called “Shit my dog gets into” and post funny memes of other dogs, along with your posts).
  • Relationships (Marriage, friendship, the in-laws, neighbors, colleagues, the PTA, etc.)
  • Create boards based on the type of humor (sarcasm, rants, classic jokes, etc.) for a good humor blog
  • Something about parenting fails (school projects, discipline, clothing, etc.) or on kid activities for families (you can organize it by season or holiday and link up blog posts that reference those activities)
  • It can also be on new projects or hobbies (gardening, food, social justice, etc.)

But the main thing here is first to select the subject or topic you want to write on but it is more important to stay focused and create around it!

Don’t Bound It with Limited Titles

Creating a board called ‘My Blog Posts’ or something like that to give it a limitation of yourself is not a good idea at all. If people want a snapshot of your blog, they should just…GO TO YOUR BLOG. This does not provide any more worth to your Pinterest admirers to have all your posts (which are probably on varied topics) all bunched together.

Interacting and Recognition of Fellow Bloggers

Are you a big tweeter? Do you have faithful and loyal commenters? Create a board with the profiles of people you don’t ever want to miss on Twitter. If you write Twitter recaps, include those on this board as well!  Create a board with the blog profiles of the people who are always giving you a digital high five or a big following on G+. A ‘Google+’ influencer board and pinning the G+ posts can be helpful here.

For this, create boards that promote networking and recognition of fellow bloggers and bookmark other boards that you love.

In Conclusion

Using Pinterest for your blog is a great way to promote on social media to a wide audience and reach maximum people to boost your presence on Pinterest. While implementing best practices does take time, none of them is difficult. In fact, you’ve already done the hard part by creating great content but here has the best tip to make it more proficient. Along with the above, using secret boards for ideas in development, marking up to release, until it has at least 5 pins and usage of keywords can be a better move for it.


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