Empowering Sellers of an Online Marketplace for Better Results


Sellers or vendors are pillars of any multi-vendor marketplace platform. The online store owners focus more on developing perfect multi-vendor marketplace software and will invest more to bring traffic to their site. But the real success of your multi-vendor marketplace platform relies on how successful you attract sellers and retain them. You need to understand the pain points that sellers have and your multi vendor marketplace platform should be a solution for their pain points. 

What are the pain points of sellers? (with Solutions)

  • Need of Hassle-free Seller Registration Process

Most sellers are new to online platforms and they still find difficulty in understanding the process on how things are carried out and how effective their business is going to be by joining in a multi vendor marketplace platform. So it is very essential to have a hassle-free seller registration process. The steps involved in the registration should be easily communicable to sellers and they should be able to fill in the details without much difficulty. Keep in mind that sellers are non-technical people and build your multi vendor marketplace platform to suit their understanding level.

  • Difficulties in managing the stocks

A seller should maintain his inventory and should always keep the track in form. He should not run out of stock and he should check the stock level and should fill the stock whenever needed. This is quite possible when he is doing business with one multi vendor marketplace platform. But if he has enrolled with several multi vendor marketplace platforms then this process is going to be very hectic for the seller to maintain. He may get confused when he is supposed to enter the stock manually in all platforms. In this case, your multi vendor marketplace platform can support him by allowing the seller to integrate with third-party software and he can integrate the inventory of all the stores at one point and can have a comfortable way of maintaining the stock effectively.

  • Struggle on brand recognition

The seller puts more effort to establish his brand name among the customers. Customers enter the multi vendor marketplace platform only because of the reputation the multi vendor marketplace platform has in the market. No one will notice which seller they are buying the product and will fail to recognize their brand. This is where your multi vendor marketplace platform should work by allowing the seller to have his brand recognized by customers easily. For this you can allow the seller to have his brand image in his shop page. He should be given a separate ‘About’ section where he can portrait about his business. You can also have a link in the product page that gets directed to the seller’s shop page. These functions will get his brand recognized by customers and he will show interest to work with your multi vendor marketplace software.

  • Challenges to leverage business

Every startup seller will struggle to enter the market and sell their products to customers. They will always have trust issues with the multi vendor marketplace software they work with. Initially they will perform low and they need additional support from the multi vendor marketplace platform so that they can leverage their sales. You need to lend your hand in bringing up the seller and his sales. From your side you can provide a fast loading webpage that will reduce the cart abandonment rate. You should be more liberally in allotting the number of products to be displayed by the seller. This will facilitate the seller to increase his performance and get good returns.

  • Return/refund policy

Any multi vendor marketplace platform will suffer loss when there is an increase in return and refund. This will impact the seller also. Customers will easily ask for a refund and will return the product. In this case, your multi vendor marketplace platform should have a strict return/refund policy that will make the customer think twice before returning a product. On every return you can make buyers pay an additional charge. Otherwise you can even have no return policy. This will reduce the burden to the admin as well as the seller. This feature will make the seller stay with your multi vendor marketplace platform and do his business.

  • Delivery / last-mile delivery policy

Most of cases, the delivery part is the admin scope and the admin of the multi vendor marketplace platform should arrange for the delivery. You need to integrate with a genuine shipping and logistic company and should ensure the products are delivered on-time to the customer. Many multi vendor marketplace platforms lose their reputation due to poor delivery. This will affect the seller’s business too. Allow your customers to have real-time tracking of their ordered products. Increase your credibility and let sellers enjoy the benefits.

Why zielcommerce online marketplace for excellent results

Zielcommerce is the most trusted multi vendor marketplace platform and holds a good record of performance. The software owns many exclusive features for sellers that will gain their attention. You can easily increase the performance of sellers with zielcommerce and can retain your sellers by providing the needed attention. Sellers will find your multi vendor marketplace platform to be a readymade solution for all their pain points.

Seller attracting features of this multi vendor marketplace platform

  • Simplified listing management that will facilitate the seller to list his products in an efficient order.
  • Exclusive dashboard for analyzing buyer’s behavior that will help the seller to enhance the product quality and product availability.
  • Provided multiple promotion options through which sellers can promote their brand and product.
  • Robust inventory tracking and notification feature that ensures sellers never run out of stock.
  • Proper alert and notifications on each order.


Never miss even a single opportunity to impress your sellers. Always take measures to satisfy them and make them retain with your multi vendor ecommerce platform. Try to increase the count of sellers in your platform that will let you have more products and will also get you more customers to your multi vendor marketplace platform


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