It is hard to imagine any other garment or dress that has the beauty and the sophistication of a saree. The saree happens to be a very significant cultural heritage that has been passed on from mother to daughter over the generations and it stands in front of us today in its modern avatar. The best place to find sarees is online with any of the reputable eCommerce websites where you will find a lot of variety at affordable prices.

Another reason to shop for sarees online is the significant cashbacks you will be eligible for. By cashback, we mean that when you buy the saree, you will get a percentage of the amount it costs which will be paid back to you. It is like a reward or an incentive for the customer and particularly useful if you have a lot of shopping to do.

The best deals online shopping today feature Amazon India deals as well as Flipkart deals where there are good cashback offers when you buy a saree. A saree can be styled in many different ways like lehenga saree, front pallo saree, twisted pallo saree, dhoti saree, saree with pants, saree gown, wrap around the neck, saree with a belt, and many others.

Online saree buying guide

There are many different types of sarees and this is a definitive guide for the various styles that you can find and purchase online.

  • Embroidered saree: An embroidered saree is going to sport traditional or modern motifs on its face and happens to be one of the most favored saree styles for the Indian woman to wear at festivals, parties, and weddings. Embroidered sarees have stitches that are quite faultless, a rich array of colors, embellishments of an intricate nature, and sequins that will have you looking for more. Brides to be will want to get their hands on this type of saree at all costs! Get your hands on the best-embroidered sarees with Amazon Offers as well as Flipkart deals.
  • Plain saree: When you are looking for a saree that is both minimalistic as well as elegant, you cannot go wrong with a plain saree. The plain saree is a very versatile garment and you can both dress up or down with it. Adding a plain blouse gives it a casual feel while brocade, tasseled, and sequins on the blouse give it the party look. Pick up a plain saree with the best deals online shopping today.
  • Bandhani Saree: This saree originates from Gujarat and Rajasthan and is one of the most popular sarees that you can find. Featuring the tie and dye style, you can go for statement pieces in red, blue, yellow, green as well as black. Count on a bandhani saree if you are looking for something auspicious to wear during the festive season.
  • Banarasi Saree: Women are bewitched by the banarasi saree. Fascinating with its colors, designs, and patterns, the Banaras saree is famous for bringing out Indian tradition, values, and ethos. This saree is a classic statement and you cannot go wrong with it. Brides love it for the rich and cultured look it imparts to them on their wedding day.
  • Chikankari saree: This saree has been around for many decades and the shape and design have evolved with the changing times. Featuring traditional embroidery from the Lucknow region, there are many different styles to choose from like cotton chikankari, Kota chikankari, chanderi Chikankari, and pure georgette chikankari.
  • Zari embroidered saree: This saree style features very intricate work on the body with gold and silver threads. The embroidered zari saree gives a rich and royal feel. Go with a zari saree if you are confident that you can carry off the look.
  • Mirror embroidered saree: This saree style is also known as Sisha embroidery and is a traditional art form featuring small mirrors fixed all over the saree or in a particular region. Sasha sarees elevate the beauty of the garment and are said to protect the wearer from the evil eye.
  • Zardosi saree: Zardosi happens to be a style of saree where elaborate embroidery is done on the cloth with the usage of seeds, beads, pearls, or golden threads, and is available on materials like velvet, silk, and satin. This style is very popular with brides who use it to achieve a stunning look on their wedding day. Being traditional and easy to carry, it is apparent why they are so popular.
  • Sequins embroidered saree: Sequin embroidered sarees impart a 3d effect onto the fabric and find favor with classy and highbrow designers. The sequin work gives a gaudy and flashy look and embellishes the fabric’s beauty. Go for the peacock or the flower motif for extra style points. If you are attending a party or a wedding, this is the saree that will be turning heads all the way.
  • Resham embroidered saree: Resham is Hindi for silk and features patterns on the garment surface which is similar to the zardosi style. A lot of wearers like heavy, metallic silver and gold work on the saree while there are others who are comfortable with embroideries that are subtle. This is a very colorful saree and can be worn on multiple occasions with style and panache.
  • Aari Tari saree: This style comes to us from the Rajasthan region and features traditional metal embroidery that was a favorite with priests as well as royalty. This is an expensive saree and you will find this design on fabrics like chiffon, silk, georgette, raw silk, and crepe.
  • Ready pleated saree: A hot favorite with women who are uncomfortable with draping the saree, this is a draped version of saree that can be worn with the same readiness as western outfits. Pre-stitched pleats and ready draped also impart the classic look to the wearer of this saree.

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