Every entrepreneur knows that online business has great scope in future and they have already started to shift their business online. Entrepreneurs spend their money in developing the best ecommerce platform for their business. But building the best ecommerce platform alone can never bring customers to your platform. You need to take necessary steps to attract customers and make them visit your shopping cart software. Without focusing on this aspect there is no point in building a shopping cart software. Let us find out the factors that can easily attract the customers to your ecommerce platform.

Perfect UI & UX

The UI and UX play a crucial role in the growth of any ecommerce platform. A beautiful store has the capacity to attract customers. So the design you have for your ecommerce platform is very important and there should not be any compromise in the user-interface. First impression that you give to your customers should be the best one and so you need to obviously spend more attention on the UI & UX. The ecommerce software should be completely mobile responsive as major users of the ecommerce platform are mobile users and you cannot ignore this major group. If a customer gets irritated with the interface and the design of your ecommerce platform then immediately he will leave your website. You can never make them come again to your site and can never impress them again. So it is very important to utilize your opportunity wisely and acquire more new customers to your ecommerce platform.

Free and competitive shipping options

You should understand that there are numerous competitors available online and they have their own marketing strategy to grab the attention of customers. In this competitive market, customers expect more offers and discounts from your end. People come for online shopping mainly to save money as they can get products for cheaper prices. But the amount they try to save will be spent for shipping. In this case, you can provide your customers free shipping options that will gain the attention of the buyers and this will make them visit your ecommerce software again and again and you can get some good business too. For this you need to have a rapport with a genuine shipping logistics who can deliver you the products with the best shipping price. By giving this option you can stand alone from other ecommerce platforms.

Increase search visibility

People keep their trust on companies that are easily visible online. They have gained a habit of searching things online and then deciding to buy the product. People will enter the search engine and will type the keyword. The search engine will list out the sites that contain relevant information. Here people will select the top three sites and from those sites they will get required information and will leave the site. So it is very important to get your ecommerce platform to be listed in the top pages of the search. To make this possible, you need to develop an SEO friendly ecommerce software that can easily get ranked and can be displayed in the top pages. Software developers will already know about this concept and they will definitely build an ecommerce website with essential SEO tools and will let your ecommerce platform be promoted easily.

Run sales campaign

Building an ecommerce website is simple and easy as there are many skilled developers available. With the help of a perfect responsive design your platform can become the best shopping cart platform in the market. But you need to increase the traffic to your ecommerce website only then you can get good sales. Increasing traffic cannot happen automatically. You need to put more effort on getting the traffic to your ecommerce software. For this you need to run paid campaigns in your social media pages by focusing your target audience. Your audience will come to know about the brand and product through the campaign and they will visit your page as they have the need. You should have enough knowledge on running a paid campaign. Initially you can get help from digital marketing agencies and then you can do it yourself. Plan your budget and run the campaign effectively and get good results.

Make use of social media

Social media is one of the main reasons for the growth of online marketplace platforms. People get easily connected through social media platforms and things go viral easily. Since millions of users are active always you can easily get your branding and visibility. You can analyze your target audience and you can easily find out in which platform your audiences are highly available. For eg. If your audiences are professionals then you need to focus on the LinkedIn platform. If your audiences are youngsters then you should focus on instagram and twitter. Facebook contains a major group of online users and you can easily pitch any product on Facebook. When you categorize your target audience then you can just invest on a particular social media platform and you can save more.

Have genuine loyalty programs

Customer retention is the most challenging one when it comes to any business. You can acquire new customers through many innovative marketing strategies but retaining them with your business is quite difficult. So you need to attract them by providing a genuine loyalty program so that they can make use of the loyalty points on their next purchase and can earn more. Through word-of-mouth you can get more new customers and this can increase your sales and revenue of your ecommerce platform. Check with your competitors and know how they have framed their discounts and offers. You need to give a counter-attack to your competitors and get hold of your customers throughout your business journey.


Apart from all the above-mentioned tips, always focus on the quality of your product or your services. This is the main aspect that can really help your ecommerce platform to be the best ecommerce platform in the market. The quality you deliver will get you higher reach and you can acquire more new customers to your ecommerce software.


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