This kind of license is issued to people who are in commercial business. A commercial license is more specialized in nature and covers a limited number of products. So, if you are interested and looking to get a commercial license in Dubai then you can communicate with the Start Any Business UAE consultants who will definitely provide the right guidance and assistance during the entire process of getting such a license. They are able to complete this process easily, reliably, and successfully in a short possible time. Below we mention a little guide on commercial licenses.

First of all, you will have to understand that the company license is in the UAE. Every onshore business should be licensed in Dubai, whether in a free zone or in key areas. The business license in Dubai will be the identity of the corporation. A company license is a document that certifies the legal position of a company. business licenses are provided to companies to give for the responsibility of their conduction in the sector. This also organizes, protects, and classifies the legal affairs of the firms.

Getting a business license in Dubai is essential if you want to do business legally as a company. the business license will make sure that the company is maintained in accordance with the Commercial Firms Act of the UAE. Moreover, getting a business license in Dubai support you to conduct your business legally and as per the laws of the regulatory officials, as well as bring you many benefits.

What is a Commercial license in Dubai?

A business engaged in the sale and purchase of commodities provides a commercial license in Dubai or the UAE. The businesses can conduct inside and outside of the UAE with a commercial license. Commercial licenses are needed for specialized business activities in Dubai or the UAE in various manners. If you select to do business in the local area then you can apply for a general trading license in Dubai. Similarly, you have to file with the licensing official and file an export and import authorization for any type of export and import business.

For the exchange of the commodities like electronics, appliances, building materials, and machines, the UAE has a variety of business operations and business licenses lists. When starting a company in one of the free zones of Dubai, whether offshore or on the mainland, you should select a special business license. An international owner and expatriates can lawfully own 49% of the overall stakes of a commercial license, with the rest 51% hold a UAE citizen or local service agent.

Activities Comes Under Commercial License in Dubai

Before applying for a commercial license in Dubai, you will have to determine the trading activities that are to be operated under such a license. Prior to establishing a business in Dubai, you have the right understanding or concept of the kind of activity of your business. The business activities related to selling and buying and few service-oriented endeavors are covered by a commercial license in Dubai. The main activities that fall under the commercial license are mentioned below:

  • Logistics
  • Automobiles
  • Import and export
  • Readymade garments
  • Brokerage
  • Computer systems and communication appliances
  • Tourism and Travel
  • Foodstuffs
  • Real estate
  • software
  • Product-oriented sales
  • furniture
  • Rental business
  • Medical and surgical appliances

Once you decided on the business activity that you want to carry, select your business name and register it according to the rules and regulations. Next, present all the necessary documents to the DED of Dubai and the Federal Ministry of Economy of the UAE to receive your commercial license in Dubai.

How to Apply for Commercial License in Dubai

The process for getting a commercial license in Dubai is detailed in the subsequent paragraphs. This may be noted that certain phases are to have proceeded simultaneously. And the order can differ based on the amendments in the process in a timely manner. Careful adherence to formalities is important for the smooth conducting of your business unit. The laws of federal of the land are stringent to prevent illegal activities and unofficial activities of the business.

The first phase is to determine the company name. This can happen that the name you choose has been registered already, that is why an experienced business setup consultants in Dubai can help you to find an appropriate name for your company on your behalf. Then you can go ahead to establish your company under this name. This phase needs a company setup professional who will prepare the MOA and AOA and register your all documents.

Once you set up your company, the next phase is to obtain a commercial business license for your enterprise while paying the required charges. The charges can be differed, based on the variety of business activities comprised in the commercial license for your set up and kind of company. The great number of stakeholders, the higher the charges payable. Similarly, the inclusion of more activities in a commercial license also grown the license cost. Hence, there is no fast and hard answer to how much cost of a commercial license in Dubai or in the UAE. The cost also varies by region, and a business formation professional can assist you to determine the actual expense of acquiring a commercial license for the business activity intended by your proposed company.

Benefits of Having Commercial License in Dubai

Acquiring a commercial license in Dubai is relatively simple as compared to other kinds of business licenses in Dubai. In addition, a commercial license has numerous profits that are

  • It permits a company to sell and buy more than 1 product
  • The business substance can do business in any area in UAE. Hence making optimum utilization of the markets around the nation.
  • The audit is not necessary for commercial license restoration
  • The company may request a professional visa to hire overseas workers.
  • A business entity with a commercial license is sanctioned to carry on overseas commercial trade and activities.
  • The commercial license grants companies to opt for their spot elsewhere in Dubai




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