Overweight women struggle with body image and confidence issues every time they stare at the mirror. They also feel that they are more big-bellied than others. Gradually, these insecurities about femininity and petite-looking body shatter their self-worth.

Here, we introduce the concept of ‘a corset diet’. The corset diet is nothing but crazy and scary, according to health experts. Who had thought that a piece of clothing would be the most convenient supplement for proper intake of nutrition and physical workout?

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The functionality of the corset diet plan has been popularised by none other than Jessica Alba. According to the actress, who is a mother of two children, the process of trimming down your waist by a significant number of inches is sweat-inducing. However, the struggle is worth undertaking.

What is the difference between corseting and dieting?

Let us start with the basics first.

●     What is the definition of corseting?

A corset is a piece of clothing that is also called a steel-boned corset because of the support given by steel boning. It is a shortcut used to create an illusion of a slender, slim waist.

●     What is the definition of dieting?

Dieting is all about the consumption of different types and amounts of food items. In dieting, you need to cut down on the excess intake of calories and burn the fat that eventually leads to weight loss.

Now, do you see any interrelationship between corseting and dieting? No, right? It is because there is no correlation at all. So, why is corseting called a ‘corset diet plan’?

It would have been so easy and convenient if you could burn calories by just tightlacing the corset around your mid-section. It is unpleasant, but it is the reality. All corseting does is create illusions of the trimmed waist.

Why is a corset diet compared to running shoes worn during a marathon?

  • Does wearing a good-quality, expensive pair of running shoes indicate that you will win the race? No. Despite wearing top-notch shoes, you would have to practice, invest time and show dedication to win the race. It is the same thing with wearing corsets.
  • The idea that running shoes can guarantee a win in a marathon isn’t flawless. It can help in body alignment and make running comfortable, that’s all. Similarly, wearing a corset won’t reduce your body weight without any exercise or with an intake of excessive carbs and fats.

What is the never-ending debate about the usefulness of the corset diet plan?

At times, the adequacy of a corset training diet can be an excerpt from a fictional weight loss regimen. Some people believe that waist training doesn’t just make your waist look lean, but also helps in losing weight in the long run.

Let’s find out what different experts have to say about the definition of the corset diet.

1. According to a company from the United Kingdom, corsets cling to your body in a way that creates fullness in the stomach for a long time. It means that you feel less hungry than usual. It can be established that following a corset diet can be a non-surgical way to lose weight by keeping a check on your appetite.

2. According to Alexander Sinclair, a plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, one shouldn’t wear a corset while sleeping. There is also a discussion happening about whether you can wear a different kinds of corsets while exercising. He has advised his patients, hundreds of them, to try wearing a corset for 2-4 hours a day initially. Then, you can extend the time to 10-12 hours a day.

3. Now, the question that arises here is – “why did women in the Victorian era stop using corsets?”

The reason is simple. Corsets are good for short-term usage. Long-term usage of corsets can cause severe damage to the body. For example – damage to internal organs, inability to breathe properly, etc.

4. According to Jyotindra Shah who is a Bariatric physician in New York, the lack of supply of oxygen when you wear the corset can have the three-sixty degree opposite effect on your body weight. It is called metabolic syndrome that will increase your body weight instead of reducing it.

Experts have confirmed that there is no shortcut or magical spell to lose weight with ease. You have to put in consistent efforts. The pros and cons of the corset diet plan need a separate debate platform altogether.

Final words on corset diet weight loss –

Corset diet is a sanctum of illusion. Having a slim body doesn’t mean you are fit and healthy. It only helps in tackling self-body-shaming. To summarise, we would like to remind you that corseting isn’t equivalent to dieting.

So, what do you need to do?

You need to incorporate corseting with proper nutrition and an organized workout regimen. Although we agree that waist training can help you shed additional fat, it is not true that only waist training will do that. Hence, it can’t be the sole apparatus that will keep an eye on your fitness.



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