Flower roller blinds

Curtains are a very important interior detail in every home. They give the house coziness, exclusivity, if necessary – it reduces or enlarges the space, is able to control the entry of light into the house, or even suppress noise! Day curtains are sewn from light, light, matte and transparent fabrics. Flower roller blinds can be, short or long, all the way to the floor, or even lying on them. Night curtains – drapes are sewn from darker colors and denser fabrics.

Advises that may help when choosing the right curtains

First, you need to measure the windows and decide what kind of curtains you want.

To make the room look bigger, hang day and night curtains right next to the ceiling. This is especially important in small spaces.

Hang curtains reaching to the floor. If you are buying already sewn curtains, measure how long you need. It is already better to buy too long and shorten them.

Traditionally, the curtain should be twice or two and a half times wider than the window.

The crumpled curtains look messy. Don’t think they’ll hang out in a few days, don’t be lazy to level before hanging.

Have several curtains, one for summer and one for winter. In winter, choose flower roller blinds in richer colors and heavier fabrics.

Window decor

Window decor is impossible without fasteners, the most important part of which is cornices. In order to hang curtains in the room, cornices are necessary, which can be attached to the ceiling, to the sidewalls, or to the wall above the window in several ways. If the curtains are heavy, stronger cornices or reinforcement are needed.


Attaching the cornice as close to the ceiling as possible visually creates an effect that increases the height of the room, which is especially suitable in apartments with low ceilings. The cornice is attached to the wall with side brackets, which are usually already assembled in stores. However, a long cornice can bend from the weight of the fabric. To prevent this from happening, it is secured in the middle with another bracket.

Semicircular arches may change the layout of flower roller blinds

We are all accustomed to straight-shaped cornices, but now many landlords make the openings in the doors or windows of their homes in the shape of semicircular arches, which requires the purchase of a curved original cornice. Such a cornice can also be decorated with an ordinary rectangular window or a classic door between rooms.


The cornice may have strips with rails for hooks. Such cornices can be attached to the ceiling even if they are equipped with mounting brackets – it will be even more reliable. All you have to do is drill two or three holes in the cornice itself, prepare the sockets for the wood screws in the ceiling and attach the entire construction of the cornice to the ceiling.


If the ceiling of the room is decorated with three-dimensional plasterboard elements, a small space should be left in the ceiling above the window for fixing the cornice. Visually, the flower roller blinds seem to extend from the ceiling, as neither the cornice nor the fastening elements are visible.

Hooks and strings

For free-standing hooks, there are wire string cornices, which are divided into single-wire, double-wire, and triple-wire, depending on which curtains you want to hang at the same time – daytime from tulle fabric, nightclothes from satin fabric, etc.


When choosing cornices, it is important to know that flower roller blinds and drapes, in addition to protection from the sun and outside eyes, also perform an aesthetic function, so they must match the style of the interior of the room, furniture, and wall coverings. To make the curtain convenient and practical to use, the cornice that holds it must be securely attached to the walls or ceiling, with the necessary and sufficient number of hooks.


Now curtain designers and constructors are paying a lot of attention to the functionality of the curtain system in residential and office buildings. Mechanical and even electrically operated systems have been designed that make it easy to fold and unfold flower roller blinds from fabric. They can sometimes even be controlled with remote control.

In this case, however, special attention should be paid to the quality of such relatively expensive models, as the more complex the mechanism, the more likely it is to fail. And in the usual way, i. y. “manually”, it is practically impossible to unfold or fold the curtains of such modern models.


The materials from which cornices are made are found in a wide variety. It is also artificial – a variety of plastics, metals, and wood. The most ecological, of course, is wood, but in terms of durability, it often yields to metal and plastic. The front cornice panel is often decorated by manufacturers with a decorative finish.


Think about combining cornice and flower roller blinds styles?


The choice of cornices is quite wide – it all depends on your taste. If you have furnished the room with antique-style furniture, forged cornices with artificially aged decoration will look beautiful. Bronze, brass, chrome is very suitable for classics.


Wooden cornices are suitable for the kitchen. Quite often, wooden or imitation furniture is chosen for the kitchen, so cornices made of wood fit very well with the whole interior. If the price of a wooden cornice is too high, it is possible to cover the metal cornice with film or special paper imitating various types of wood.


To hang light, thin fabric curtains in the kitchen, a wire base is enough. With the help of a special mechanism, it is always possible to adjust the elasticity of the string wire and it will not bend together with the curtain.


Rings with staples or clips are a classic and very popular way of hanging curtains. The curtains attached to them are easy to pull back and pull. It is also possible to sew loops from curtain fabric, decorative laces and use them to fasten the curtain.


Pleated blinds are a new way of window decoration, but they are rapidly gaining popularity due to their convenience and a large number of variations. These blinds are very convenient to use – they can be folded up to the top of the window, down, or any other place of the window, as well as choose to cover only part of the window.


Folded blinds are compact and take up minimal space. These blinds are a great solution for customers with non-traditional-shaped windows, as pleated blinds come in a variety of variations that are easy to apply where blinds or conventional blinds cannot be installed. In addition, the choice of fabrics is very wide, and some of them can even be washed!

Horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds can be called classic window decor and flower roller blinds. These blinds are not only durable but also extremely functional – you can easily adjust the amount of light entering the room. Conventional aluminum horizontal blinds will perfectly complement a minimalist or urban-style living room. For customers who want to bring special coziness to the room, we offer to choose wooden, luxurious horizontal blinds. Natural shades of wooden blinds will instantly bring warmth and elegance to your site and will never go out of style.


Flower roller blinds can be romanettes are a window decoration method that dates back to the Roman Empire and has remained popular to this day. It’s like a golden mean between a roller blind and a curtain and a great solution for small rooms as it doesn’t obscure a lot of space. Romanettes are loved for their unique design – by pulling the chain, the fabric rises and descends into beautiful folds. This is a common choice in living rooms, giving the room a sense of elegance and luxury. You can choose between light, light-transmitting fabrics and heavier, darkening rooms. Romanettes will not only help protect you from the sun and foreign eyes but will also become an irreplaceable, interesting interior detail on your site.



If you have not yet decided what the interior of your room will be, and curtains are still needed, it is possible to make a temporary cornice at no cost. For this purpose, a pipe of the required diameter and length of light metal can be used. The pipe-cornice is fastened to the walls with screws and washers, which are inserted into the ends of the pipe. To attach to the wall, you need to tighten the nut. It presses the washer against the end of the pipe and at the same time strengthens the support. If it is necessary to remove the pipe, it is sufficient to loosen the nut. When attaching the pipe to the wall, place a metal or plastic plate at the endpoints of the pipe to protect the walls and wallpaper from scratches.

In conclusion

If you want to hang a temporary curtain on the window, it is not necessary to drill the walls or nail the frame to the frame at all. The stationery store sells decorative nails with plastic heads. They can be selected according to the color of the windows. Fasten such two screws at the required height and hang a curtain after hanging a thin cord. Plastic rings can be used. By the way, such curtains can be washed in laundries without removing the rings.

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