Everything You Need to Know Before Investing in a Corset


Before we tell you everything you need to know before buying a corset, let us just understand how a corset works and what exactly is a corset. The Corset is a vest designed in a way to highlight your figure, it is generally worn by women. The vest starts right below the chest and ends on the hips, thus, giving a defined figure to the person wearing it.

Who doesn’t love a chiseled hour-glass figure? Women dream of a figure that can perfectly slide-in in a garment of their choice and give them that required cut to flaunt. But before you get excited and run to buy a corset for yourself, there are a few necessary things you need to know about your body and the kind of corset you are looking for.

All of the details matter a lot if you are keen on buying the best fit for yourself keeping in mind comfort, material, duration of use, money, and most importantly, the kind of shape you are looking for. It is very important to know the requirements of your figure, your idea of a good shape, and ultimately the kind of corset which fits you. Here is how a corset works:

  • ‌Helps tremendously to boost your confidence
  • Helps you to fit in clothes you have long abandoned
  • Helps you to stay dedicated in your journey of re-affirming your health and fitness goals
  • Helps in supporting your back for the right kind of posture

In this article below, we will guide you on what to look for in an ideal and comfortable corset which not only highlights your figure but also helps in curbing those extra layers of fat and at the same time proves to be comfortable and supported even when you are outside working or moving about. Below we have compiled and put together a few easy-to-understand derivations for you to buy yourself the perfect corset.

#5 Tips for finding an ideal corset

1. Take your measurements

The first thing you need to do in order to buy an ideal corset for yourself is to measure your body. It is very important to know the exact numbers of your measurements before you invest in buying a corset. Size issues can be a huge factor in deciding the shape of your body. You do not want to be suffocated by your corset, nor you wish to buy a loosely stitched material for your waist, do you?

To avoid the risk of getting a wrong-size corset, take careful measurements of your hips, your waist, and your bust with a trustworthy measuring instrument. If needed, do take someone’s help while noting down your measurements just to be sure the numbers are accurately noted down. Try and be still while the measurement-taking procedure is on. Otherwise, it might lead to miscalculations.

Keep your numbers ready and noted on paper when you go and buy for yourself the right kind of corset. Please make sure you check properly the guidelines mentioned on the website from where you are buying your corset or the shop. Look for the size-guide they have before you invest in the corset.

Sometimes, we have situations where your measurements might be somewhere in-between two sizes, in such scenarios, it is advised that you move a size up unless some extra information is provided to you about that specific brand. Otherwise, do go for the upper-range of your size.

2. Decide your shape

It is very important for a corset user to decide what kind of shape he or she is looking for. Corsets are designed for various body shapes and we cannot negate the fact that all of us have a unique body or carry an idea of a unique body shape.

To attain this certain desired figure, it is important to decide beforehand what shape you are opting for, only then you can choose your corset accordingly. All of us are blessed with unique bodies and therefore it is important to know which category of ‘unique’ you fall under in terms of figure. Do you have/want an hourglass figure or apple or rectangle or pear? The corset seller will expect you to know exactly what your demands are from a corset. From where exactly you want to curb those extra layers of fat and where exactly would you like it a bit fluffy.

Let us assume that your hips are the region where you carry comparatively more fat than the rest of your body, you will then want a corset that sharpens your hip without oddly creating a somewhat visible bump. Always opt for a corset that will smoothen the desired area and not accidentally enlarges your body shape someplace else. The best brands of corsets keep in mind the requirements of its customer so that they do not have to settle for corset wear that is not ideally crafted for your body shape.

There are primarily two types of corsets: Underbust corsets and Overbust corsets. Underbust corsets can be worn on a daily basis if we were to deal with practicality. Underbust is not heavy corsets like Overbusts and is generally more flexible and comforting than Overbust. They are easy to carry around therefore they can be used on a daily basis.

On Overbust, on the other hand, Overbust corsets are designed in a way that they go with most body types, and everyone can wear an Underbust. But, if your bra cup size happens to DD or even larger than that, maybe you should go for the extra comfort promised by an Overbust. It is ideally considered an “Expert Waist Training Corset”, also known as “Waist Taming”.

3. Decide your support requirement

Always remember that corsets are not just made to flatten those curves of yours or highlight them, more importantly, they are designed to support your waist or your garment and prevent your body from looking flaccid or saggy.

Keeping this in mind, if you plan on attending a party, let’s assume events like a wedding ceremony or someone’s birthday party, where you might be needed to stand or sit for a really long period, you might start to feel a little uncomforting you are wearing a corset which is supremely compressing you. Always opt for a corset that supports your body, rather than strangulating it in the name of fashion.

In other scenarios, where you are planning on meeting friends you did not get an opportunity to visit due to the pandemic,  you might be willing to take that chance of feeling uncomfortable for a short period only to at least know that you are, in all aspects, looking your best possible of all times. It entirely depends on you and how you choose your corset for yourself.

4. Check for the quality

One very important thing to keep in mind before buying a corset is that shape-wears are essentially either made of nylon and spandex, both of which are synthetic fabrics that do not allow air to pass in. This kind of cloth quality serves excellent for people living in colder regions, places where you are required to entrap as much warmth as possible, making it easier for corset users to wear it regularly.

The problem lies with women who are residing in warmer areas with a tropical climate, the corsets will be difficult to wear and it might cause you perpetual sweating and discomfort.

Thank God for the existence of certain brands that design summer corsets too, preferably lighter versions of nylon or latex products which are generally used. All of this effort to specifically design corsets with climate conditions in mind.

So keeping in mind your city’s climate, you can opt for your ideal corset!

5. Medical support

If you did not know this before, a corset has a ton of medical advantages especially the steel boning corset. It helps you to maintain body posture, and not just that, it even helps in healing internal injuries from the past, developing stronger and diversified blood veins. Below you will find a list of a few of the major uses and benefits of wearing corsets for medical reasons.

If you use a corset correctly, it will greatly help in minimizing your pain and prevent it from spreading your back. It will also help tremendously in providing support to your posture. In case you suffered any injuries in the past like fractures or slipped-discs(a common problem among people nowadays) or if you suffer from arthritis or any specific injury related to your spine, then, in that case, these corsets will be of huge help.

If you suffer from problems in your spinal cord or are related to your back, then, the corsets will help you in curbing your back pain as well as provide relaxation to your muscles.

One very important thing is to maintain the right posture and avoid all kinds of strenuous skeletal movements. Wearing your waist trainer or corsets can help sufficiently in decreasing the skeletal tensions, thus, bettering the posture of your back.

One very uncommon and not-so-known knowledge is that corsets can help with headaches and migraines. Yes, you heard it right. Migraine can be a severe issue if not handled carefully, therefore, it has been observed that wearing corsets can actually help in decreasing your problems since the right posture can reduce tension from your shoulders, neck, and ultimately head.

Another good use of corsets can be wearing them to help in reducing the problems of trying to conceal body asymmetries and help you improve from injuries specifically related to skeletal asymmetries or muscular asymmetries.

The “steel-boned” corset serves as lumbar support to avoid lumbar-related injuries, especially which tend to happen during heavy workout sessions or while lifting heavy objects. Even sitting copiously in front of your phone screen or computer can deeply affect the framework of your lumbar. Wearing corsets can prove to be helpful in such scenarios to prevent ugly consequences in the future.

Those women who regularly suffer from horrible menstrual cramps can try and wear corsets and see if it helps in minimizing their pain. It is a known fact that during the menstrual period, women sometimes have temporary relief by lying or crouching themselves in the fetal position. These tactics of reducing pain are old and also not very effective every time. It helps in putting pressure on the reproductive organs which in turn reduces the pace of uterine contractions. Here, corsets might help you in providing support to your pelvic region by applying pressure on the same lower abdominal region and in a more effective way.

Last but not the least, once you are done with picking and choosing that perfect corset of yours, have fun with it but also do not forget to keep your corset clean. It is hard to get a perfect corset for yourself and a great corset does not just give you a more prominent figure; it adds charm and elegance to whatever garment you decide to wear on it. Blessing you with abundant confidence while you carry yourself around. Corsets are the best to wear, and if they are given as gifts, mama mia you can get to see the thrill on the wearer’s face. In all scenarios, it is always a win-win situation!


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