export gmail to mbox

Are you looking for an appropriate way to export Gmail to MBOX? Are you unable to find a solution that meets your requirements? No need to be concerned; our goal is to bring your research trip to a close. Therefore, let us begin our journey to the most wonderful ending.

To be precise, there are two methods for exporting Gmail to MBOX. Yes, there are two distinct techniques for exporting Gmail data to MBOX format, but each has a unique set of capabilities and benefits for consumers.

As a result, we’d like to present them to you one by one. Therefore, have a look at them and choose which is more valuable to you. Thus, let us begin.

Using the Manual Method, Export Gmail to MBOX

The primary approach is the manual method. This technique makes use of Google’s Takeout Feature. Yes, there is a Google Takeout option that allows you to export Gmail to MBOX. Therefore, allow us to demonstrate in detail how you might utilise it to complete your work.

Process to Export Emails from Gmail to MBOX Using Manual Method

  • Go to https://myaccount.google.com to access your Google account.
  • When the Google account welcome page displays, on the left panel, click the “Data & Personalisation” link.
  • Now scroll down to the section labelled “Download, delete, or create a data plan.”
  • Now, from the drop-down option, select “Download your data.”
  • You must now clear all other selections and select only “Mail.”
  • Following that, select the frequency, file type, and size of the export and click Create Export.

Your Gmail account is now stored in the MBOX format.

However, this manual technique has several limitations that you should be aware of.

This approach does not allow for folder selection. Even if you do not like to, you must export the entire folder. Additionally, the export procedure will take hours or days of labour, which the process will notify you once you create the export.

As a result, we have another excellent way for you to circumvent these limitations. Therefore, let’s examine it and ascertain the values it generates for you.

An Automated Approach to Convert Gmail Emails to MBOX

The Gmail data backup tool is capable of circumventing the limitations of the previously mentioned approach. This approach is completely effective for your type of data export; it enables you to batch export Gmail to MBOX while retaining all other attributes.

Additionally, it enables you to specify which folders to export to MBOX. As a result, you will not be compelled to export the complete database. While working with this Gmail email to MBOX export tool, you are completely independent and may work at your own pace and convenience.

Therefore, allow us to discuss the process to export Gmail to MBOX involved in this automated technique. Therefore, have a look at the stages and determine what you must do at each one.

Steps to Convert Emails to Gmail to MBOX Using Automated Technique

  • To begin, you must download and install the Gmail email to MBOX export tool. Now you must start it.
  • Now, click on the Open tab. Then, from the drop-down menu, pick the Add Account option.
  • Enter the credentials for your Gmail account and then click the Add button.
  • You can now notice that all of your Gmail folders have been uploaded to the tool’s Left side.
  • Select the Export tab and then MBOX as desired.
  • Select a location for the generated files and then click the save button.

Your assignment has been completed. This concludes the procedure to export Gmail to MBOX. You will be alerted when the export is complete.

In Conclusion

We’ve provided you with some of the most effective methods to export Gmail to MBOX. You may choose any of them according to your convenience. One is advantageous if you have plenty of time and also wish to export all data without picking a particular folder. Other is preferable if you’re pressed for time and want to convert all data in a matter of seconds, even when picking a specific folder. Therefore, pick prudently.


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