eyebrow transplant- Eyebrow Transplant- Pros and Cons of Hair Transplant

Traditionally, the solution for thin or scanty eyebrows has been to depend on cosmetic products to fill in eyebrow hairs. However, there is an extended interest in a more robust solution: the eyebrow transplant.
A cosmetic or plastic surgeon does an eyebrow transplant with the removal of your hair.

While the method looks straightforward, there are many facts to consider, from cost to risks and side effects. Keep studying to see what to await from an eyebrow transplant and how to decide whether this surgery is best for you.

What is an eyebrow transplant?

An eyebrow transplant is a cosmetic method where hair grafts are given to your brow area. This aim is that new hairs will develop from these grafts, giving a fuller look.

The method

The actual method is related to a popular hair transplant.

Eyebrow hair grafts are taken from hairs over your ears. A surgeon gives not just the single strands but the hair follicles, too. This helps to assure that new hairs can grow in your eyebrows once the initially given ones fall out.
After you are given the usual anesthetic, a surgeon will make small cuts at the follicle donor sites, as well as at the areas of transplantation in your brows. The complete process takes about 2 to 3 hours.

Pros and cons

Real and Thick eyebrow Hair :

Eyebrow hair transplant can give you real and thick hair and thick hair that helps you to keep away sweat from your head and also keep away from your eyes. Thick hair helps you to cover your eyes against dirt and trash. It also helps to guard eyes against insects in many cases.

Look Facial Appearance:

You may have remarked that your facial expressions are important for communication. There is a significant role of eyebrows in your body part. Eyebrow hair transplant represents your eyebrows absolutely, and it gives beautiful facial expressions. With the help of your attractive eyebrows, you can share your feelings with others.
Protectors of eyebrow hair transplants see that the new hairs look real because they are your own. The method may also limit the lack of brow makeup.

However, there are also related downsides to this method. For one, it is expensive. It can also take many months until the new follicles take to see full effects. Lastly, there is a possibility that these new follicles would not create new hairs.

What is the recovery like for an eyebrow transplant?

The recovery time for an eyebrow transplant is almost fast. You will see some scabbing about the brows within the initial few days. It is crucial not to choose at these.
You may want to ignore active exercise for up to 3 weeks following your surgery. Call your specialist if you feel any bleeding, injury, or pus at the site.

You will begin to see the transplanted hairs fall out after a few weeks. This is completely normal. Your new brow hairs should begin to get over the next many months. In the meantime, you may require to trim the grafted hairs to brow length.

Precautions and side effects

One possible risk of an eyebrow hair transplant is that the new hair follicles would not take. In such states, you may have to have the method done again in the future.

There are also risks linked with the surgery itself. Talk to your doctor about eyebrows transplant and the following potential difficulties:

  • extreme bleeding
  • nerve damage
  • swelling
  • bruising
  • infection
  • scarring

Before your eyebrow transplant, your specialist will go over your medical history with you. Be sure to reveal any underlying health states, as well as any medications or additions you currently take.

An eyebrow transplant may not be proper if you have:

  • alopecia area
  • trichotillomania
  • bleeding disorders
  • history of difficulties linked to cosmetic surgery

How much does it cost?

An eyebrow transplant is deemed a nonmedical method. This means it is not typically related to health insurance. Eyebrow transplants are related to other cosmetic methods, including injectables.

The specific price for your eyebrow transplant will vary based on your particular requirements, your provider, and where you exist. On average, this method may cost anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000. Involved in the survey are extra fees linked to the means itself, the surgeon, and the anesthesiologist is required.

One difference to the health insurance rule is if your eyebrow transplant is considered necessary due to hair loss from an event or an underlying medical situation. Such states are less common, though. You would still be liable for any copays and deductibles needed by your insurance plan.
It is also crucial to be aware of potential costs outside of the initial method. For example, if you crave additional implants after the healing phase, you will want to pay for these per your provider’s prices.

Many providers have to pay benefits to help their patients equal the costs of their cosmetic methods. This may come in the kind of special interests, financing, or payment plans. Ask your giver about these benefits before scheduling your eyebrow transplant.

Where should you have this method done?

Eyebrow transplants are done by dermatologic, cosmetic, or plastic surgeons. A surgeon may do the surgery in an outpatient facility or a therapeutic spa.

It is an excellent plan to shop around for the top provider before engaging in the method. Ask the surgeon about their credentials and practice. Ideally, they should also have a selection of work to tell you to get a touch of their abilities.

What Is The Diet For A Hair Transplant Method?

  • A diet requiring vital minerals, vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids may let the cells in the hair follicles fault. A poor diet can also point to further hair loss.
  • Diets rich in iron and zinc give the body the vital minerals to create healthy hair and follicles.
  • Foods rich in protein, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B6 are the best sources of nutrients for developing beneficial, new hair extensions and strong follicles. These hold fatty fish, sweet potatoes, beans, bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, nuts, and vegetables.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption some weeks after your surgery because alcohol can conflict with the anesthetic that you will be provided, producing a mild sedative effect. It may be enough to wait a few days after your surgery to wear off the anesthesia effects finally.

Who Should Avoid Undergoing Hair Transplant?

  • As the method is primarily involved with the scalp skin only, there is no risk to anticipating mothers. So, pregnant women can carefully know hair transplants. 
  • This method is done under the impact of local anesthesia, so it does not directly conflict with the heart’s functioning, etc. But, there are always Perlis to the patients having severe heart attacks, and they should confer with the surgeons before taking the medication.
  • Heavy drinkers and smokers are also not permitted to know the treatment because of inner and outer bleeding risks. If they have to take medication, they have to refrain from drinking and smoking habits a few weeks before the method.


Finally, you should never venture into this eyebrow transplant method with a dishonest provider as a means to save money. This could appear in serious side effects, but you will likely be afflicted with the work and might have to get it done all over repeatedly.


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