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As we all know, father’s day falls on the third Sunday of June. This year it will come on 20th June, and you must have prepared for it, no? Father’s day is not just celebrated in India, but it is a worldwide event celebrated on the same day. You must be having many questions regarding it like father’s day gift ideas or celebration ideas. And it has to be; after all, it is not an Indian tradition but a western culture influencing people. But what’s wrong with appreciating your father’s efforts and showering your love with cake online Gurgaon.

Why Celebrate Father’s Day?

There are many possible reasons to celebrate a day entirely dedicated to fathers, but now as you want to enlighten yourself about father’s day, we hope this piece of writing helps you to clear your doubts. Let us move ahead and look for the reasons why we should celebrate father’s day and what are father’s day gift ideas.

  • In many households, dads are the only breadwinner. They act as the backbone of the family and take care of each and every member of the family.
  • For many kids, the father is an inspirational person for them. They want to be like their dad, solid and successful. But dads put them to be better than what they are.
  • When kids are young, the father gives a supportive shoulder to them. Not just financially but emotionally, also they back them. Therefore, if you notice, kids in their childhood are more emotionally lean towards their dad.
  • In many countries, fathers advocate the family and act as a guardian. Teaches their children to be stable at a particular time, and once they are out of the house, fathers just guard them when needed.
  • From changing tube lights to fencing, fathers are most likely to do it themself. And this is passed to generations. Kids learn from their father what to do and how to do it.

So, these are some extreme reasons to salute dad’s efforts on at least one day. Though we believe every day should be celebrated. But if you are celebrating it one day, then make it worth cherishing.

Facts About Father’s Day

Now, as we are about to celebrate father’s day, let us have a look at some facts that might give you a brief history related to it.

  • Do you know – Father’s day has traditionally been celebrated since the 20th Century.
  • There had been a long fight for it. It has spread from state to state and countries to countries, but it was officially declared in 1972 when President Richard Nixon signed it into the law and made it an official holiday.
  • Many countries in Europe observe father’s day as Saint Joseph’s Day on March 19.
  • The first official Father’s Day by Dodd’s home state, Washington, was celebrated on June 19, 1910.
  • Do you know – A woman named Sonora Smart Dodd started the fight to establish Father’s Day as a national holiday.
  • The history of Father’s Day is not too old but is interesting enough. We need to go back to 1908 when a year before some 362 men died in a coal mining explosion, and to honour them, the church in West Virginia organised an exclusive event to honour fathers.

Don’t you find these facts interesting? Usually, people celebrate every occasion but forget to know the reason behind it. Well, now you know the facts behind fathers day, so you have a good reason to celebrate. Let’s move forward to see how you can celebrate this father’s day.

How to Celebrate Father’s Day?

You and your father both are exceptional. Every father has different needs and perspectives of looking at things. But there is one similarity that every father wants to be respected and appreciated for their efforts made. So let us know how you can make him feel valued and what all you can do to make his day worth remembering.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  • Delectable Cake: Any occasion without cake is incomplete, so get his favourite flavour for father’s day.
  • Personalised Gift: Why not? Father’s Day Gift for Dad the most loveable memory of yours printed on a mug or cushion or a wall clock.
  • Heartwarming Words: Either make a video exhibiting your emotions or a greeting card to say ‘thank you’ to him.
  • Cook a Meal: Note down his favourite food items and cook for him. Be his personal chef for a day.
  • Overtake the Chores: Whatever he does, take those responsibilities for a day and give him a relaxing day.

So you know what all your father must be expecting from you on father’s day. We hope this piece of writing helps you to understand and make your father’s day a memorable event.

Convey ‘Thank You Dad’ in The Most Innovative Manner

We often say thank you to everyone except our parents. We might fail to understand that showing gratitude to parents is equally important. Do you remember the last time you said Thank You to your dad? Well, it might be just words, but it is heartfelt gratitude that you convey to your parents. They do not ask for it, but it is our duty to make them feel appreciated for the work they do.

They put enough effort into making us what we are today, and this calls for a big thank you to them. Even if it is locked down and we cannot go out, with our little gestures like online cake delivery in Ghaziabad for dad or with some sort of gifts, we can say ‘thank you, dad’ in the most creative, heartwarming manner. There are many more ideas that we have for you, but it is you who will have to fulfil them.

It is not a difficult task to say thank you, but it takes some effort to appreciate dad’s presence in life. It takes courage to understand the sacrifices made to bring a smile to our face. It takes a deep understanding to value our dad’s decisions he made for our good life. So, this father’s day, take it as an opportunity to convey your heartfelt gratitude to your dad without saying thank you verbally.

Personalised Indoor Plants

Surround your dad with positive vibes and purified air throughout the day. The best way to say thank you would be to give the personalised house plants to dad. Choose a site from where you can get his name or a message carved on the pot. Add freshness through these house plants in his life and convey your gratitude to him.

A Video Message

This father’s day, appreciate his presence in your life through a video message. Pour out your heart and let him know what you feel for him. It will convey thank you in the most beautiful way. ‘Thanks, Dad, for your years of hard work, understanding and care. Thanks for being there when I needed you the most.’ Make a video message for him this father’s day.

Cook Meal for Him

If you want to win your dad’s heart, cook his favourite meal this father’s day. He would feel loved and appreciated with this gesture. Garnish your food in a restaurant-style and put a thank you card beside. Also, a dessert with a thank you message works fine. So, start learning about his favourite meal today.


A poem is the best way to pour the kind words where you acknowledge his deeds and facilitate his kind, disciplined gestures that made you a successful person in life. Write a simple yet understandable poem for your dad and experience the tears of joy in his eyes. Nothing can be as heartwarming as a poem written just for him.

A Yoga Session

He needs to cool down his mind, especially in lockdown when he is simply sitting at home. Encourage him to be fit and healthy by adding yoga and exercise to his routine. This would convey your way of thank you to him.  As you admire what he does for you, it is time to return the same kind gestures to him. So, make him a fitness freak if he is not. A healthy lifestyle is an excellent gift to give.


If you aim to leave a long-lasting impression on him, then art would be the best way to exhibit your feeling before him. You are much obliged to have him in your life. So, bring out your creative side, make artwork for his room and frame it there. Whenever he sees that he will feel a different level of joy and excitement, he would be a proud dad seeing it.

Wrapping Up

‘Thank you’ is not only a word but a deep emotion that we convey. It is okay if you have failed to appreciate his efforts in the past, but today, take it as a bright chance to make your dad feel peculiar and appreciated for whatever he has done to make your life easy and lavish. Remember that money doesn’t define a father’s efforts, but an easy life you are living does. So, always be thankful for it. Make this father’s day worth remembering for your dad with the most incredible ways of saying ‘Thank you, Papa.’



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