Feeling of respect for women, Essay on respect of women.

Feeling of respect for women
Feeling of respect for women

Feeling of respect for women, Essay on respect of women.

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In the world – the desire of theatrical drama, the strange of human beings. ”

Feeling of respect for women
Feeling of respect for women

After Brahma, the place of the woman who distributes human beings on this ground is paramount. Woman lives in the form of mother, sister, daughter and wife. The person who establishes the relation of human with the society is the woman. But it is unfortunate that by not giving due respect to this world mother, she has tried to keep her subjugated from the beginning. Its honor has the ability to change the whole world. Women are worshiped as Maa-Durga, Maa-Saraswati and Maa-Lakshmi.

Women in Ancient India: –

The position of women in ancient India was good. In the Vedic period, women had a respectable place. Romsa, Lopamudra officials composed the hymns of Rigveda, while Kaikai, Mandodari etc. are known for their bravery and prudence. The ideals of Sita, Anusuiya, Sulochana etc. are accepted even today. The importance of Gandhari, Kunti Drapati of the Mahabharata period cannot be forgotten, women have been worshiped in that period.

In ancient India, women used to take education by following Brahmacharya. After that she got married. 500 years before Isha, it has been learned from the grammar parani that women used to study the Vedas at that time also. They used to compose the sources and were called Brahma Vadini. In ancient India, men and women were treated as equals and given equal respect.

“Yatra naryastu pujyante ramante tatra deity.”

According to the words of Manusmriti: – Where the female caste is respected, their needs and expectations are fulfilled, the deities remain happy at that place, society and family. Where this does not happen and contempt is treated towards them, there is no grace of God and the work done there does not succeed.

Status of Women in Medieval Period:- It came as a curse for medieval women. As a result of the invasion of the Mughals, the story of woman’s compassion began. She had become abla depending on the man.

“Abla Jeevan hi this is your story.

There is milk in the lap and water in the eyes.

Even during the Bhakti period, women could not get proper respect, besides the ideal forms of Sita, Radha, Ji, poets like Kabir, Tulsi etc. have considered women as serpents, devourers and leading to downfall. In Retikam, she had become a toy in the hands of a man.

Place of Women in Ancient India:-

The place of women in ancient India was very important in the society. Women also used to participate in yagyas with men, there was caste in wars, they used to pray. Gradually, the place of women was fixed after that of men and men made arbitrary rules for women and they were inspired to take the help of father, husband and son to live their life. Centuries ago, women had the freedom to choose their husbands.

The father used to organize swayamvar meetings, in which the girl used to describe her husband as per her wish. Such facilities were given because they were educated and they were able to think properly about their good and bad. During the reign of the Mughals, the conditions for acquiring education, art, literature and various other qualities were erased.

Feeling of respect for women: Information

The modern period has been the period of women consciousness and women’s emancipation. Raja Rammohan Roy, Maharishi Dayanand, Mahatma Gandhi etc. made successful efforts to make women dignified. In the words of Kavivar Pant, public mind said

“Free the woman as a human, always worship the woman.
From the ruthless prison of the era, to the mother, friend, beloved.

Feeling of respect for women: Reality

In fact, man and woman are the two wheels of the chariot of life. The unity of woman and man is the ideal of a meaningful human life. Therefore, it is a mistake to consider it a bandani.

Today’s women are running on equal footing with men. Women are becoming Kalpana Chawla by raising the flag on the seventh sky. Kiran is catching criminals posing as Bedi. Aruna Rai and Megha Patkar are battling social injustice. Pratibha Patil is holding the highest position. Today’s woman is doing good work for the Lok Sabha by becoming a vadush. And there are many other women who are respectable. Like Mother Teresa, becoming Lata Mangeshkar is getting Bharat Ratna. Today’s woman is getting respect in every field. And walking shoulder to shoulder with men.

A woman should have an honorable place, a male dominated society should have respect for her, women should not be considered less than themselves. Today March 8 is celebrated as Women’s Day all over the world. The most respected form of a woman on earth is that of a mother, a mother who is considered more than God, then the respect of the mother should not be allowed to diminish. Suppose today’s children do not give much importance to their mother which is wrong. Go to homepage

Responsibility of Reading and Writing

Today’s woman is fulfilling the dual responsibility of reading and writing apart from household chores, doing household chores and job is a right-hand job for a woman. Then why the man does not understand that the woman who gives her whole life for her home, her children and her family.

So respect him and not insult him. Do not embarrass the woman and yourself. Little girls who are the form of Goddess. So accept it as it is. Don’t drop your mindset and act in such a way that later there is no scope for justice and forgiveness, such fallen people will have to change their mindset.

Nowadays such incidents are heard that there is anger and shame towards that person. That in the country where women are worshipped, women are insulted in the same country and all over the world. For this, the government will have to make a strict law so that such a person is afraid before doing anything. Therefore, respect of women should be highest in every region and caste, society and religion.

Importance of education in our country today:- Today, qualified girls of our country are getting higher education by staying abroad. They are skilled doctors, engineers, I.A. s. There are big jobs of officers and police and working in the army. There are also some service areas in which women play a leading role. There are a large number of women in nursing, education, society and community service. Due to the promotion of education,

Women are also playing their special role as a teacher.

Women are taking part in radio, Doordarshan and cinema by moving ahead. Not only do women work as air hostess, now they are also working as pilots. All this is the result of the education and dedication of women. Which is giving them a place in the front line of service to the country. The participation of women is also increasing in the police, from constables to high-ranking posts.

It is being considered that at least 30 percent seats should be reserved for women in government service, elections to the Legislative Assembly and Lok Sabha. The popularity of women as village headmen is increasing.

It is believed that by increasing their percentage in education, women will automatically be able to play a leading role in all types of services in the country. There are many such institutions in our country, which are trying to bring awareness about education and rights among women.

Education and Rights Among Women.

Arya Samaj founded by Swami Dayanand ji has done very little for women awakening. Even today D.A. V. Useful work is being done to educate the girl child through schools. Other institutions and missionary schools are also doing a lot for the education of women. For the last 2-3 decades, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in the form of Shishu Bharti, Bal Bharti, Shiksha Bharati is also taking extensive steps for the education of the girl child.

The participation of Muslims in the population of our country is also 15-16 percent, but as far as women’s education is concerned, it is not being given full attention to them. After the independence of India, the speed with which the emphasis should have been towards education, it could not happen.


In a confused situation, the question of women’s education has also remained confused. Every human being can guess this by looking at the surrounding environment. That women’s education has spread, many girls have started going to school, after studying higher studies, they have also been posted in high positions. But the number of such women is very less.

With the increase in the level of education, the pace of employment opportunities that should have come, did not come. Because of this, the feeling of desperation has started increasing in women like men. She also thinks that what will happen only after reading and writing, when only the vehicle of the planet has to be pulled for the rest of life.

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Woman is getting free from her subjugation and is getting her room and dignity again today. Due to the western influence, the feeling of luxury is definitely great in a section of the society, but the day is not far when she will come on the right path, she will describe her form. In fact, woman is the epitome of humanity.

“You are the idol of humanity – Bhavya – Bhava – Bhushan – Bhandar.
Mercy – Forgiveness – The basis of world love in the form of love.”


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