Find a Good Quality Auto Body Repair Shops Open near Me

Auto Body Repair Shops Open near Me

Auto Body Repair Shops Open near Me

When you need to have an auto body repair shops open near me, you need to ask the right questions to understand how the repair will be done. Here are some common problem areas to pay close attention to:


New Panels – In the case of replacing a body panel, such as the hood, fender, or some other part, a great way some auto body repair shops open near me try to cheat is to omit the primer/sealer. New parts come with a thin black base called an e-coat. For a reason I’m not sure, many stores skip the primer and paint directly over the electronic layer.

It will add about 20 minutes to the dyeing process, but it is very necessary. Skipping this step will result in excessive chippings, you’ve probably seen someone’s year-old paint job covered in chippings, usually with the black electronic layer underneath. This is because someone forgot to prepare the part.

Aftermarket parts often have a poor quality primer applied which must be washed off with paint thinner before the process begins; otherwise, you have the same stone chip problem.

New bumpers/plastic

This is the # 1 failed process in the industry, many auto body repair shops open near me painters are either unaware or don’t want to take the extra steps required to properly prepare plastic bumper covers.

Plastic with primer:

Aftermarket covers are the worst for this, but some OEMs can be bad too. There are recommended tests to ensure good adhesion of the paint to virgin plastic. Many painters think that any bumper that comes with primer can be sanded and painted … not true.

If the store uses water-based water they don’t have to worry, all it takes is a quick adhesion test of the primer with a 2-inch piece of tape. If no primer comes off, sand and paint. However, if the store uses a solvent system, they should apply paint thinner to a rag and test the primer with it.

If a primer is wiped off, the entire bumper should be cleaned until the primer is removed. It is not a fun process, but it is necessary and many people are not bothered by it.

Raw plastics:

This is my favorite way to get a bumper. Raw plastic is highly dependent on chemical adhesion; it must be cleaned very thoroughly. Most paint manufacturers recommend a scouring paste (abrasive) on a scotch pad as the preferred preparation method (in addition to plastic cleaners, soap/water).

I’m so amazed how many people think it’s okay to just scrape a bumper with a dry cloth and paint. Once properly prepared, a plastic primer/adhesion promoter should be applied before applying the topcoat.

In either case, if the procedure is done incorrectly, it will result in peeling and/or peeling paint from the bumper.

Remove trim

It is always best to remove as many edges as possible when painting something. (i.e. door handles, seat belt covers, mirrors … etc). It will keep it from refinishing on your trim, but more importantly, it allows for more thorough sanding, cleaning, and access to paint.

Simply gluing the trim together increases the likelihood that the paint will peel off the taped edge. Some stores will cut costs and tape the trim. If that’s what you want to do, great, hope for the best … always be aware of what you’re paying for.

Color combination / combination

As factory vehicles are now painted, mixing cannot be an optional step. It is mandatory! There are many reasons why stores cannot give you a 100% match with the following panel, here are a few:

Manufacturers use different lines of paint from one plant to another, a little difference in the size of the flakes or the equipment will change the color. The main reason mixing is necessary is that with metallic paints you can take a color and spray it under low pressure and it will darken and high-pressure spray light.

There are many other variables, temperature and humidity can change the tone of the paint. Sounds a bit exaggerated I bet. This auto body repair shops open near me is what happens, the paint hits the panel, and when it dries quickly, the metallics are closer to the top of the paint film, reflecting more light, making it brighter. On the contrary, when it gets wet.

Certification guarantees quality in body shops

It’s normal for auto repair veterans to think they’ve seen it all when it comes to repairing and refinishing collision-damaged cars that come into their stores. That may have been true over the decades, but with a mind-boggling array of new technologies being used in today’s cars, it would be sheer arrogance for any auto technician to think he or she knows everything there is to know about repair and repair . . car repainted.

Some of today’s cars are so complex that self-repairs are simply no longer possible. If that is the case for owners, it means that the technicians we entrust our cars with must have the right skills and knowledge to fix these complex cars.

Many countries have government-recognized agencies that issue certifications to people based on aptitude and ability tests. In the US, the coveted ASE certification is only issued to individuals who have undergone a series of tests and can provide evidence of at least two years of experience in a specific field.

And lest these certifications are thought to be just a diploma factory, the failure rate for entry-level exams is 30%.

Professional body repairers can also receive skill upgrades from other sources. These include training from the manufacturers themselves who want to make sure their certified stores are in order, as well as a chain of repair programs aimed at maintaining consistent repair standards.

Other skills improvement resources can also come from suppliers, such as paint manufacturers, who want to ensure that their products are used correctly to achieve optimal results.

Employers can also demonstrate their commitment to excellence by certifying their own store. There are criteria for this, but being able to display your store and the certification of your headquarters staff gives customers and other visitors the added assurance that the store has the skills to perform the services your business provides.

You show these people that your technicians are one step above the technicians who don’t have these certifications.

It’s a great way to give your customers confidence and peace of mind. By helping you achieve these certifications for your technicians, you will also build more loyalty from them.

Because in the end, dedication and the right work attitude are just as important as a person’s skill in performing a service like auto body repair.


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