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Because there is time to spend more time alone or with the family during quarantine, new activities need to be devised. In order not to be passive or just sitting at home, fishing is perfect. It not only helps to distract, concentrate, relax, but also has a fun time with the family. However, in order to spend quality time fishing, you need to have a basic knowledge. After all, you need to know what kind of fishing rod is right or what kind of spinning rods is right for fish. If you don’t have them, this article will be for you, because in it we will discuss what you need when fishing.

License of fishing

If you are under 16, you should have a fishing license. Well, and so in some areas you are asked to buy a permit in order to fish. So be careful and take an interest before fishing! It pays to know about size and bag limits, permitted fishing methods, and even special regulations for certain species.

A rod, line and reel

At the fishing tackle shop, try a few different fishing rods to make it convenient for you. Don’t take such a fishing rod because it’s popular. Most importantly, it must be comfortable for you.

When getting started, focus on getting just one or two combos that can cover a wide variety of presentations. A decent quality medium action spinning combo spooled with 10 pound monofilament is a great place to start.

Hooks and sinkers

Without a hook you’re not going to catch anything, so get a few different types to cover all your bases. If you’re a bass fisherman, get a couple packs of offset shank worm hooks, in 3/0 or 4/0. You’ll also need some split shot or sliding sinkers to keep your baits down. 

Also, if you only want to catch a certain fish, find out which sacrifice is most suitable for it. Because with one victim, you won’t be able to catch different fish.

Hard baits

Crankbaits, jerkbaits, lipless cranks, and topwaters are all dynamite fish catchers, so you’ll want to have a couple options to tie on when you’re looking for a hard bait bite. Don’t overdo it –  you’ll only need a couple to start out.  Also in different waters, use different heads!

Soft plastics

Often thought of as strictly bass baits, soft plastics are actually downright deadly for anything that swims. Grab a few packs and try them out when you’re not getting bit on other artificials. Tiny tubes and grubs are killer on panfish, ring worms and paddle tails are excellent walleye plastics, and worms, craws, and creatures are top picks for bass. The catch will be really received!

In the end,

In this article, we’ve given some tips on what you need to get started fishing. Have fun and good catches!

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