Food Delivery Driver as a Side Hustle: Is it Worth it?


Our time today is all about convenience. From our movies to clothing to food, nearly almost everything is getting more available with just one touch of a button. A lot of consumers today are demanding things to be delivered to them instantly. This is the reason why delivery services are in high demand, due to the impact of the coronavirus lockdown that is still not over yet. 

If you’re thinking of starting your own delivery service, either you want to do it as a new full-time job or as a side hustle, then this article is for you. If you’re serious about this job, it’s important that you learn some key elements of this type of work before you get started. 

You might be considering starting a delivery service yourself, either as a side hustle or a new full-time job. If so, read on to understand whether it’s worth it and to identify a few key elements you need to know before getting started. We’ll also discuss the benefits of having this job as a side hustle. 

When is the best time to start a full-time or side business? 

With what’s happening to the world due to the pandemic, it may seem like it’s a bad idea to start any business. However, during this crisis opens an opportunity for delivery service as an ideal business idea. People during the lockdown are becoming more dependent on delivery services to get what they need. Everyone is reliant for delivery services, whether it’s a grocery, food, medicine, and many more. The demand is greater today. 

Although we said that a delivery service is a perfect business idea to explore today, it’s still crucial to study, do research, take small steps, and gradually build up your business just like any other business venture. Here are some benefits of being a delivery driver:

1. The work makes you more physically active 

Do you enjoy a job that makes you physically active? Working as a delivery driver is your best bet. As you deliver food or other items, you must go to the store or restaurant to place the order, pick it up and deliver it to the address provided by the customer. This kind of side hustle is on the physical and active side since you always get in and out of your vehicle to complete deliveries. If you aim to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, consider delivering food as a great form of exercise. 

2. You are in control of everything 

The best thing about being a delivery driver is there is no mean boss around you! You are your own boss. Compared to other food-related businesses, food delivery drivers are always on a solo flight and they are not under the control of a boss or other people. You may work at a time you prefer and as much as you want. In other words, you are your own boss! 

In other countries, they have different delivery companies where you can work as a driver and be your own boss while working. So, if you’re working as a regular employee for 8 hours in the office during the day time, you can be a food delivery driver at night or on weekends. 

3. You can earn more money 

Food delivery is one of the best side hustles out there that can help you receive higher pay. What this means is, the more you make deliveries, the more money you earn. There is no limitation on how many customers you should only accommodate. You can accept as many deliveries as you like without limits. 

Also, the great thing about delivering food aside from the salary are the tips you can receive from your customer, which is an extra income. There are so many food delivery businesses out there where you can sign up as a driver. It’s one of the best side jobs to try. 

4. You can enjoy working in flexible hours 

Working as a food delivery driver provides the benefit of working flexible hours. A lot of restaurants operate throughout the night, giving the needs of its customers at all hours, so it would necessitate some delivery drivers to collect and deliver food at night or even midnight. Most restaurants or delivery companies, run a term agreement that’s flexible with its food delivery personnel. 

Delivery drivers are able to create their own work schedules, choosing extra shifts around their other jobs during day time and select the time of day and how many hours they want to work. This is actually ideal if you are looking for extra income of a second job. It’s also amazing for students who want to insert food delivery around their studying schedule.

5. You won’t dread working behind a desk for hours 

Are you tired of being stuck behind a desk for hours in the office? Maybe it’s time that you change your job and work as a food delivery driver. No more sore backside! You’re out there to pick up the food, drive using your app or own navigating skills. So whether you’re using a scooter, motorcycle, or car for the deliveries, you are still able to move around and stay active. 

What are the skills I need to be a great delivery driver? 

Prior to coming up with a final decision to become a delivery driver, there are certain skills that you must possess. Consider your great cycling ability or driving skills. This will depend on the type of transport that you’ll use to deliver the item or food. Of course, most established food delivery services would require a proper and clean driving license before you get accepted to work. In addition, it’s a bonus if you have great safety awareness and being confident. Remember, you are expected to be on the road for long periods, usually at night, or even during rush hours. You need to have those skills for you to be safe on the road. 

Professional time-keeping is also necessary as a delivery driver. Your customers would expect that the food is to be delivered immediately, while it’s still warm and ready to be eaten. You need to meet that expectation since the brand of the restaurant could be at risk if you’re tardy. 

You are also expected to have great route planning skills that are necessary to navigate streets that you’re not familiar with, although technology made it easier for drivers to navigate their directions. Lastly, you must have amazing customer service skills since you are representing a service or company you’re delivering for. 


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