Four Tips to Maintain Tyres in Great Condition

Your car tyres are the important components of your vehicle. Sadly, many people do not care for them properly, leading to severe consequences such as blowouts, flat tyres, cuts, and bulges. These types of damage can seriously affect your car’s overall performance and ruined vital parts, so you will have to pay for expensive repairs. Moreover, they might also put your life in danger, as you will be more prone to road crashes. If you wish to maintain your car 225 40 r18 tyres roadworthy and safe for longer, you have to make sure that your set of tyres are well-maintained all the time. Following are some easy tips you should follow to better maintain your tyres and keep them in top condition all year round.

1. Check your tyres air pressure often.

tyre’s air pressure

Tyre air pressure has a considerable effect on your vehicle’s handling, braking, mileage, and steering. If your tyres are over or under-inflated, your fuel consumption will increase and your tyres will be more prone to tear and wear. In the worst case, when your tyre are poorly inflated, it can lead to blowouts and ultimately cause accidents or other damage to your vehicle.

If you want your tyre to last longer, you need to avoid putting your passengers and yourself in danger. That is why it is so important to check the pressure on all your tyres at least once a month, including your spare tyre. We also recommend checking the air pressure before any long trips or when your vehicle needs to carry more weight than usual.

You can easily check your tyres pressure at any local gas station or you can buy your pressure gauge. Keep in mind that you need to wait until your tyre is cold (usually two hours after being used) to guarantee you get an accurate measure. Your owner’s manual contains suggestions on the ideal pressure for your car and type of tyres.

2. Check for any type of damage or unusual wear

Check for any type of damage or unusual wear

It is necessary to do physical inspections of your tyres and keep an eye out for signs of damage and wear. This includes bulges, cuts or any other objects that can puncture your tyres. As soon as you discover any problem, you must consult with your mechanic and fix whatever is necessary. Sometimes, your tyres online will have to be replaced entirely by a new set. If your tyre gets punctured when you are driving, you need to substitute it with the spare one until you reach a garage or repair shop.

3. Make sure that your tyres have enough tread

The tread has a direct effect not just on the overall performance and handling of your vehicle, but also on its safety, particularly in bad weather conditions. In the UK, the tread depth required is 1.6 millimetres, so you need to make sure it never goes below this threshold. If the tread of your tyre is below this limit, you will have to replace them right away. Remember, driving with tyres under this threshold is illegal and extremely dangerous. Having the proper depth is vital to ensuring safety and good control of your car.

4. Never overload your vehicle

Overloading your vehicle is more dangerous than you think. A car that carries more weight than it should, will eventually suffer unnecessary wear and excessive heat, which can lead to tyre blowouts or road accidents. Fortunately, most tyres have a label signaling your tyre load-capacity.

Will all the above-mentioned tips and easy ways to maintain the condition of tyres. You can enhance your driving experience as well as save a lot of money that could have been spent on servicing or changing tyres due to improper inspection. If the tyre of your vehicle need expert handling or are beyond your understanding, it is best to drive down to a trusted garage for repairs and solutions. With the latest equipment and skilled technicians, you can rest assured of the service done by the garage


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