Free Chrome Extensions for SEO Specialist

Welcome to the Free Chrome Extensions for SEO Specilist, guide

Are you an SEO expert? It is a hard job of research as an SEO specialist. You have to spend a lot of time on your research when you are using fewer tools. But can we act smartly as an SEO specialist?

Most commonly, the best tools for SEO are paid. But still, you can act smartly by using some Free Chrome Extensions to work smartly as an SEO expert.

Free Chrome Extensions for SEO Specialist
Free Chrome Extensions for SEO Specialist

Hello, everyone, this is Saqib Ramzan, a blogger, and SEO Ninja, currently blogging at TechyNoobs. Today, on this great platform of SEOsaktiI am going to provide you with knowledge of some of the Free Chrome Extension. You must keep these extensions in your browser if you are doing blogging or working as an SEO expert for others.

Without Further Let’s get dive into the topic,

Wondering what are Chrome Extensions? Don’t worry, let’s have a look over the definition of the Chrome Extensions:

Chrome Extensions:

Chrome Extensions are the ADDS On to the Chrome Browser, the Most Trusted Browser for The Google Search Engine, which add to the functionality of the Chrome Browser.

Still confused, How they help you in doing SEO? Don’t worry, we have the answer.

Can we use Chrome Extensions for SEO? 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) totally based on the research. The better you at doing an SEO audit, the more you are experienced in SEO. The simple answer to your question is: Chrome Extensions provide you with rich results and other functionalities of a website.

With the help of this data, you can easily do the job of Keyword research, competition check, and other tasks of SEO.

Not only for the SEO specialist, but these extensions can also help you out if you are a blogger.

Hopefully, you are clear now,

Now dive into the list of Chrome Extensions that are free to use but make worth it.

SEO Quake:

SEO quake, the most reliable and the trusted chrome extension, works for the audit and rich result display in your browser. It is the extension that can reduce many of your efforts.

The worthy tasks that can be performed by this extension are listed below:

  • Provide information about the structure of any of the displaying web Page.
  • Provide guidance about the page, whether it is SEO optimized or not.
  • Can check with the Keyword density, which keyword is used the more.
  • Can check out the age of the domain, directly remaining on the search tab, without opening the site.

Link Checker:

Link Checker is another Important extension to chrome for SEO experts. This link is worthy when you are building backlinks or finding broken links.

The list of tasks that can be performed with link checker are listed below;

  • Check the number of links on the page.
  • Point out the links that are broken or damaged.

With the help of this extension, you can easily, check out the broken links on sites such as Wikipedia and can build your own link there.

Keyword Surfer:

Keyword surfer is the best extension for keyword research without going into the premium tools. It helps you out in finding the keywords with low keyword density just like Ahrefs with low keyword difficulty.

The list of qualities of keyword surfer is given below:

  • Provide the best keywords, with search volume by USA and UK.
  • The keyword density option in it works the same as the keyword difficulty in Ahrefs.
  • Provide with the topic ideas, when you are doing normal surfing.

Some other Chrome Extensions for SEO specialist:

Some of the other chrome extensions for SEO specialist are listed below:

  • Detailed SEO extension
  • Domain Age Checker
  • Moz Bar
  • Word Count Plus
  • Uber Suggest
  • Power Treasures
  • Grammarly
  • Zenmate VPN

End Point:

Hopefully, when you get the idea of using these extensions, you can do much without any of the premium tools for SEO. I tried to provide you with the best chrome extensions for SEO specialists. However, if there any of the extension is not mentioned here, you can list that hereby mentioning in the comment section.

Moreover, if you want more useful SEO tips, keep visiting the SEO Sakti.

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