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We are surrounded by a plethora of SharePoint mobile app in today’s world. These applications have a significant impact on our way of life. We used to send letters through the mail, but now we have email applications that are easily accessible from our phones. In the past, we couldn’t see our loved ones who lived far away. Today, however, we have apps that allow us to make video calls. We used to read newspapers in newspapers, but now we read news on our phones. Our reliance on paper money is dwindling, and we are increasingly relying on digital money and Wallets to make purchases. We can complete almost all of our daily tasks with a single click from the comfort of our own homes using a mobile application. One of the most dynamic and innovative industries is SharePoint mobile application development.

Motion and location sensor

Every mobile marketplace now has location sensors that detect device motion and location. Which employs a variety of positioning techniques to provide accurate data about the environment and provide you with an exact distance measurement to your desired location. Not only that, but technology has advanced to the point where these map applications can now provide the quickest and most direct route to your desired location.

These location apps detect your behaviour and location patterns and download the route from your current location to your final destination automatically. When you lose network connectivity, this will come in handy. Games, vehicle navigation, Geo tagging, and fitness apps all benefit from location sensing. We can locate our device and share our current location with others using these locations and motion-sensing apps. These location apps communicate with space satellites directly.

5G network technology

This is the most exciting 5th generation wireless technology innovation (5G). 5G has a maximum speed of 20 gigabits per second, which is significantly faster than previous wireless technology (4G). This technology revolutionises mobile apps, making them faster and more effective. We can complete tasks such as streaming videos, especially in high-resolution videos, downloading heavy mobile games, and uploading large data files in just a few seconds with the help of 5G. And this engages people in mobile app development. In the latest phone of Apple, they introduced its 1st 5g capable technology phone, which clearly shows the most expected mobile SharePoint Development apps trend of 5G. However, this doesn’t restrict app developers from working within limits because 5G technology is something that will complete your needs in a short time without facing any problems.

Beacon technology

This technology is absolutely the future of mobile applications. Beacon is a new location-based technology with wireless transmitters that use low-energy Bluetooth technology to send signals to nearby smart devices. Beacon technology is also battery efficient. This technology has some small Bluetooth chips and sensors unite into devices with Bluetooth low energy that helps in communicating information and provides accurate and exact location. Its works like it you want to buy something specific but don’t know where that thing is exactly available. So, this technology shows the nearby stores which are selling your desire product. The best part of beacon technology it can spread signals, and it covers a broader area.


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