Google’s December 2020 Core Update


Google’s search algorithm keeps changing all year long, but they roll out core updates one or more times a year. So far, there have been three core updates in 2020 – one in January, one in May, and one in December of this year.

Let’s talk about the December 3, 2020 core update. The search community was not widely aware of this update when Google announced this update on Twitter.

How will SEO services affect with December 3 core update? This article discusses the effects of the December 3 core update on SEO efforts. Continue reading if you to learn more.


Why Google Keeps Improving its Search Algorithm

On December 3, 2020, Google Search Liaison (@searchliaison) tweeted:

Later today, we are releasing a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. It is called the December 2020 Core Update. Our guidance about such updates remains as we’ve covered before. Please see this blog post for more about that:

In the past, the Google Search team was not used to announce algorithm updates, but they have been doing this for the past two years. This is a good decision by the Google Search team, and people in the search community has appreciated this decision. At least, they admit that they have done something.

Most core updates target website content and how websites link to each other. For content, quality is the king. Backlinks should be organic and authentic. SEO service providers and SEO professionals should learn from these core updates because they directly affect millions of websites.


Background of December 3, 2020, Core Update

There have been two core updates before this core update this year: one in January and one in May. Different people responded to this update differently. Some people welcomed this improvement, and some cursed Google for betraying once again.

Not much is known about this core update because Google just referred to an August 2019 blog post they published on There are many reasons people hate core updates. One of the main reasons is that core updates hit some websites hard.

But not all websites get hit. These updates even benefit many websites. You will see the ranking improvement for many websites when core updates roll out. One thing is clear: this core update will bring a huge change in the search world. That is why it is known as the core update.


Exploring Google Search Algorithm December 3 Core Update

It is not necessary that most websites will be hit by this core update. Google is actually trying to improve search engine rankings of websites, and Google does not want to change the rankings of websites. Google can manually remove some websites from its index if that website is not in line with the policies of Google or a website that is deceiving people online.

In the last core update, Google paid more attention to on-page content. This update also revolves around on-page content. Adding depth to a page or post can help in search engine rankings. Doing so can help with search engine rankings. Creating quality content is the most important thing to do in the current scenario.

This update has rolled out, and it will take time to take effect and crawl all over the web once again. There are trillions of pages and posts on the internet, and it is not possible to crawl and index all at once. Spiders and robots from Google take some time to crawl websites. In some cases, they can take weeks to crawl a website.


The Bottom Line – Last Word About December 3 Core Update

You have read how the December 3 core update on the search algorithm of Google will affect the search engine rankings of websites. In the end, we can say that SEO service providers should learn from this core update.

If you want to be the first to know the announcements from the Google Search team, you should follow their Twitter account: @searchliaison.

To learn more about the recent core updates from Google, you should read more articles online. For better analysis and understanding, you can hire the SEO services of an individual or an agency.

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