For a common working person like you carrying out the daily jobs along with a routine life is actually a very hard nut to crack. The convenience of a car in such a time is most welcome. But what if your vehicle has already seen the good old days and is ready to give away any time? And what if you are not ready to invest in a new one just yet? What you can do is, turn your old-timer into a new baby which can provide you the convenience and luxury (almost) that you desire.

Tips to Turn Your Old Car Into an Almost New One Within a Budget!

Basically, you can try the tactics to turn the old vehicle into a new one only if your car is worth the effort. If it is too tattered and totally worn out and can’t even move from its place without an hour’s struggle, then it is better to give it away in a scrap yard in Wellington via Streamline Auto Buyers. They will buy this old and worn out (almost dead) car from you and in exchange for it you get hard cash. But if your vehicle isn’t that dilapidated and can run for a few more years, then you can try these DIY tricks and inexpensive methods listed below to make it a hero for you:

  • Lubricate the engine, clutch, and brake — You can’t rely upon the services of your car if the main engine isn’t working smoothly. If your car is really old, most probably there would be lot of corrosion in the engine’s parts. And even your brake and clutch would be totally jammed. We suggest you get good engine oil and lubricate its parts properly.
  • Clean the interiors and try beautifying them a bit — Maybe your car is ready to work like a new one now, but what about its interiors that make it look almost like a piece of trash? Now, let’s try to get this transformed as well. You can start with cleaning the interior space of your car thoroughly. Change the mats, vacuum the seats properly, if possible, go for interior washing of your vehicle and see your car sparkle like new. And if you have some savings, just laminate the upholstery to make it presentable.
  • The DIY efforts for exterior beauty — The exterior look and paint of your car is a telltale story of it being decades old. So, bring a nice shade of car paint and show your painting skills on it. Don’t forget to clean the beast and use wax to fill in the dents and scratched area before you start with this procedure. Your gleaming, newly colored vehicle definitely won’t seem to be an old one.

 After these 3 important steps, your car shall almost get a facelift. If you want more, you can change its tires and replace them. Now enjoy the daily convenience of traveling in your own personal car that may be a little old but is at least comfortable and pretty. 


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