Tea Pod

Green tea is used by many people who believe it is beneficial to their health. This tea has been incorporated into their ceremonies and prayers.

This has already begun in Japan, Korea, and China. Many professionals in this nation researched how this tea may be used to improve one’s health. Green tea has been discovered to contain epigallotechin (ECCG). This ECCG serves two important purposes. The anti-inflammatory is the first type, and it protects the body against allergies and other illnesses. The antioxidant function, on the other hand, aids the body’s resistance to hazardous pollutants.

This idea began with a little filter bag tied with a string, which was then soaked in warm water. Keurig cups were introduced because to advancements in technology and science. Green tea k cups have made it easier to consume the tea. This is a plastic cup that has been foil-wrapped and sealed.

The simple function of green kind of tea to health remains the same, with the exception that you may be able to drink the tea immediately.

The following are some of the benefits that have been identified as essential:

This decreases cholesterol levels in the body, particularly LDL, or “bad” cholesterol.

It aids in the circulation of blood. It keeps clots from forming in the arteries by preventing clumping, blocking, and clotting.

Cancer, diabetes, breast cancer, lung cancer, and a variety of other disorders and diseases benefit greatly from them.


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