Herbal medicine for depression and anxiety are becoming increasingly popular as sufferers seek an alternative to traditional treatment. Depression, or what is commonly known as the blues, is a very real problem for many people. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence out there to suggest that herbal remedies may actually help treat this condition. Herbal treatments for depression may include a combination of vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids and other nutrients, amino acids, and herbs like St.

John’s Wort, Passion Flower and Valerian. You may have already tried some of these remedies and found no success, but if you are suffering from insomnia, a lack of energy or depression you may see results after using one or more of these herbal remedies for depression. In addition to helping you cope with the symptoms of these conditions, you may also find that these remedies to improve your quality of life.

Depression, or what is commonly referred to as depression, affects millions of Americans each year. While some people suffer from mild depression, many have serious episodes of it. The symptoms of depression include irritability, fatigue, stomach pain, anxiety, difficulty concentrating and losing interest in activities they used to enjoy. Herbal medicine for depression and anxiety can actually help you overcome some of the more severe symptoms of depression. It is important that you find a treatment option for your depression that works well for you because medication can be dangerous and can disrupt your sleep patterns and affect your health long term.

Used to promote relaxation:

There are many herbal medicine for depression. The most common herbs for treating insomnia are Valerian and Chamomile. These ingredients can be used to promote relaxation and to promote sleep. Valerian is most effective for people who experience anxiety and insomnia. Chamomile is effective for mild to moderate depression. Although Chamomile is not as effective as Valerian and is recommended primarily as a calming and soothing tea, it can be used in combination with Valerian to treat mild to moderate depression.

Another form of herbal medicine for depression is Valerian root extract. This herb is most commonly used in conjunction with another herbal remedy called St. John’s Wort. Both St. John’s Wort and Valerian root extract can be very effective in relieving symptoms of insomnia. However, Valerian root extract is believed to be even more effective. When combined with St. John’s Wort it is said to be almost as effective in treating severe forms of depression.

Other natural remedies for insomnia include lemon balm and Valerian root. Lemon balm can be made into tinctures and then drunk hot on a hot cup of tea. Sometimes the juice is added to a delicious cup of hot chocolate for a very flavorful treat. If this option is not appealing to you then lemon balm can also be used in the treatment of common colds & herbal medicine for depression because it has a warming effect on the body.

treatment of depression

Valerian root and chamomile tea are both used in the treatment of anxiety and insomnia. Valerian root is best used in combination with herbal remedies such as ginkgo biloba and hoarhound. These herbal remedies work to promote better sleep, drowsiness during the day, and the reduction of anxiety and depression symptoms. They are also helpful when used for weight loss because they help regulate blood sugar.

Chamomile tea has also been used to treat insomnia and depression. It can be used by individuals as a beverage or taken in pill form. Chamomile can be made into teas that can be drank with hot milk or ice tea. Herbalists caution however that too much chamomile may cause nausea and a feeling of sickness.

The natural remedies for insomnia and depression are very effective for combating the symptoms of these disorders. These remedies are especially helpful because they do not contain any negative side effects. Herbal medicine for depression can also be taken in conjunction with other forms of treatment for depression and anxiety. If an herbal remedy does not work, then additional treatments may need to be explored. It is important to discuss these treatments with your doctor.


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